Top 10 Best GoPro Microphones of 2020

Most individuals who invest in a GoPro do so for the electronic camera’s video recording capabilities, not for their sound recording functions. For this reason, it frequently takes place that the cam’s integrated microphone is below the standard you can expect from a routine cam.

For this reason, many individuals prefer to attach a stand-alone microphone to their GoPro cams to boost their audio recording capabilities. Let us find out the 10 best GoPro microphones money can buy with this in mind.

Best GoPro Microphone — Reviews

1. MXL MM-165GP Mics Lavalier Microphone

Best GoPro

XML MM-165GP makes a list as one of the best GoPro microphones out there, and understandably so. Besides being omnidirectional, it includes a clip and a basic low-profile. The microphone is geared up with an essential foam windscreen matched by another fuzzy windshield to boost sound protection. With this, it can cut down noise, whatever the circumstance. What’s more, aside from getting 5-foot cable television, it works without an adapter.

2. PANNOVO Microphone with Adapter

GoPro Microphone

PANNOVO is yet a GoPro electronic camera adaptable microphone that eradicates the need for mounting. It comes geared up with a gold plug to boost conductivity, a 3.5 mm standard plug, accompanying storage, screw, and buckle used in linking to the camera, and no battery.

For quality recording, it utilizes Electret technology, and when you need to counteract wind noise, its two windshields ensure it has minimal interruptions. Finally, even though with Wi-Fi turned on, you can not use the video camera; this is a beautiful choice for anybody utilizing a stabilizer or a tripod.

3. Rode VMGO On-Camera Microphone

Best GoPro Microphone

Rode VMGO is a sturdily created cardioids microphone developed to deal with contemporary video cameras and mobile devices. It is a premium directional type of best GoPro microphone that uses clear and natural noise. It runs utilizing a 9V battery and features windshields that cancel out wind noise and noise distortion while offering professional noises.

However, with this mic utilizing a 3.5 mm basic jack, it is not straight compatible with GoPro cameras and, for that reason, needs a USB connection. And although it is mentioned as pricey, the features and quality it provides are worth the investment.

4. Fantaseal Stereo Mic Kit


Fantasea makes a list and is surprisingly a standard stereo microphone. Besides installing to your electronic camera’s side, it boasts a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a mini-USB to add to it. It is also not only windproof but is likewise equipped with windscreens on either side.

It is suitable for GoPro electronic cameras except Hero 5 and permits you to include stereo recording (audio) to videos besides helping reduce unwanted noise. This dual-channel stereo microphone, although spoiled by issues of unwanted fixed, is among the finest readily available microphones.

5. Miracle Sound Omnidirectional Microphone

Best GoPro Microphones

Contrary to the previous entry, Miracle Sound is precisely designed to work with GoPro electronic cameras, generally Hero 3, 3+ and 4 designs. It is geared up with an Electret condenser for a timely short-term response, not to mention an accompanying adapter. It offers outstanding bass without the added noise and is excellent when recording loud noises and live music. This simple to use microphone has high sensitivity and needs no batteries. Despite having problems with its accompanying adapter malfunctioning, these are isolated cases for an otherwise exceptional best GoPro microphone.

6. Alemon Clip-on Omnidirectional Best GoPro Microphone

GoPro Microphones

Including a hands-free and clip-on design, this Omni-directional microphone makes a list with extraordinary features. A lemon Clip-on microphone is the source of better sound quality than standard in-built microphones. Besides being trustworthy, it is also essential to use and conveniently cost-effective.

It includes a standard mini-USB plug (which removes dependence in adapters) and a consequent robust metal clip. What’s more, it works well with GoPro video cameras except Hero 5. It has a considerably short 55-inch long cord and works without using batteries.

7. Saramonic G-Mic Microphone

Best GoPro Microphones

Saramonic is a standard stereo mic that mounts on your camera’s side on plug-in into its mini-USB port. Not just does it need no adapter to link to the GoPro cam, it is likewise relatively light-weight and needs no batteries. This mic is ideal for all modern-day GoPro type of electronic cameras except the Hero 5-which is the only significant downside with the best GoPro microphone and has a frequency range of35Hz– 20 KHz.

It works perfectly for anybody that does not require a clip-on. Despite not matching other Omni-directional microphones’ sound quality, it is still an excellent, easy to utilize, and inexpensive option.

8. Movo GM100 Omnidirectional Best GoPro Microphone


Clip-on microphones have dominated the list, and the 2nd positioned model likewise falls in the same pool. Move GM 100 comes with a special mini-USB adapter and a 3.5 mm standard headphone jack. It is easy to utilize because it only needs you to clip it on your clothes after straight plug-in the adapter to your camera.

It is suitable for GoPro cameras, with the sole exception being the Hero 5 besides also permitting sound cancellation thanks to its wind muffs and windshield. The best GoPro microphone uses no battery and comes with an accompanying 1-year producer service warranty to make it among the best quality selects the marketplace offers.

9. AxcessAbles ODM-2 Microphone Kit

GoPro Microphones

ODM-2 is a regular Omni-directional microphone with a frequency series of between 35Hz and 20 kHz with excellent sound quality. It supports Hero 4, Hero 3, and Hero 3+ and is well adjusted for GoPro mount tripod. It likewise includes a frame that connects to the cam (GoPro) where the microphone is positioned above this camera.

Furthermore, it can be plugged into power devoid of an adapter. This microphone has several disadvantages, including its big frame that prevents portability and an uninviting layout. Nevertheless, this is more suited for people having a mount or tripod and is necessary to use and obstructs unnecessary noise.

10. Premium Omni-directional Lavalier Lapel Mic

Best GoPro Microphones

An Omni-directional microphone, Premium clip-on microphone makes a list with a typically easy (plug and play) design and an inexpensive cost to support. This best GoPro microphone works individually on an adapter due to its mini-USB connection enabling direct plugging to the electronic camera. It boasts a concrete building and construction, strong clip, and considerably long (157-inch) cord. And although it has no apparent drawbacks, it jeopardizes sound decrease because you still experience disturbance with it.

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