Top 10 Best 14 Inch Laptop in 2020

While 15 inch laptops are typically the standard middle of the road for customer based designs, that doesn’t imply it’s the choice readily available to you. A best 14 inch laptop is one of the best choices if you want something you can carry with you all over, and the fact that a best 14 inch laptop tends to cost less than its bigger counterparts is just icing on the cake.

Our guide will assist you understand the most crucial specs and functions to pay attention to when you’re looking for a 14 inch screen size laptop. We also provide devoted evaluations for 10 of the best 14 inch laptop models, so you do not need to go hunting through standalone reviews or outdated analysis to get the results you deserve. Keep reading to discover whatever you require to know.

Best 14 Inch Laptop in 2020

1. Acer Swift 3 Laptop

Acer Swift 3 Laptop

A discrete GPU is one of the most pricey additions for a new laptop, which is what makes the Acer Swift 3 such an unique 14 inch screen size laptop. The GeForce MX150 packed into this laptop will not have you playing the latest video games at the highest settings, however it uses you entry level video gaming at an attractive cost point of under $700.

But if you’re searching for a 14 inch laptop that’s focused more on performance than having fun, you’ll find it with this laptop too. The 8th generation i7 processor offers sufficient muscle for the average expert, and there are a complete 8 GB of RAM for assisting with more complex operations and specifically multitasking. This laptop might not be the most attractive around, but the smooth aluminum frame and virtually bezel totally free screen reveal a laptop that’s professional, to the point, and extremely portable.


2. Dell Inspiron 14 5481, 2 in 1 convertible Laptop

Dell Inspiron 14 5481, 2 in 1 convertible Laptop

The small but not too little perceptiveness of a laptop with a 14 inch screen size make it an excellent choice for a two in one design.The Acer Spin 3 satisfies that niche with aplomb. With the capability to swap in between a touch display screen and a complete sized keyboard flawlessly, this laptop stands out at using you the best of both worlds, and it assures among the best prices for the worth around.

This 14 inch laptop doesn’t consist of the most effective specs, however the quantity of effectiveness it uses is frankly quite unexpected. The keyboard is light and responsive – making it one of the very best choices for faster typists. And those meager specs manage to provide pretty decent efficiency without running too hot, even if you routinely find yourself at your laptop all day long. And with a 12 hour battery life, you’re well within factor to utilize this laptop throughout the day.


3. Lenovo IdeaPad 14″ Laptop

Lenovo IdeaPad 14″ Laptop

Hardware innovations have allowed manufacturers to market laptop designs at low rates that would have once been unprecedented, however the very best of the very best in budget laptop style may just be the 2020 IdeaPad from Lenovo. It’s far from the most effective laptop, however that $150 price tag is virtually unprecedented. And Lenovo has actually taken some smart options to optimize your efficiency. The most noteworthy is the inclusion of a dual AMD processor for a good balance between main and visual processing.

And in spite of the cut rate spending plan cost, this laptop comes with the latest version of Windows 10 Pro as well as using a full 12 month membership to Microsoft Office 365. And those lightweight specs in fact feature a benefit too. You can expect a fast start-up and vivacious performance, so long as you keep your processing needs relatively low.


4. ASUS VivoBook S Thin & Light 14″ Laptop

ASUS VivoBook S Thin & Light 14″ Laptop

A 14 inch laptop doesn’t have to be basically stripped down, and the ASUS Vivobook S15 is proof of that. ASUS has actually handled to squeeze an Intel i7 core into this laptop while still keeping a type factor that’s incredibly smooth and portable. And the addition of a discrete NVIDIA GPU supports modern-day gaming, albeit not on the scale you ‘d discover from a laptop completely devoted to gaming.

However the screen is most likely the star of the program here. It may not have as much realty as some of its laptop contemporaries, however the color reproduction is incredibly vibrant, and the ultra thin bezel helps immerse you in your favorite films or games. Further broadening that immersion is a top of the line ASUS SonicMaster sound system. When looking to link devices to your laptop (or your laptop to a bigger screen), all the key ports are here.


5. HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 Laptop

HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 Laptop

The fact that the HP Pavilion uses an x360 uses a Core i5 rather than i7 processor might raise some eyebrows offered the $800 rate point, but there’s an approach to the option. By selecting a less effective processor model, HP has actually managed to make the most of the most recent 10th generation Intel innovation. And while it doesn’t come with a discrete graphics card, this is a laptop that clearly puts work productivity over video gaming.

In that regard, this laptop truly sings. The solid state drive provides a full half terabyte of storage, and the Intel processor offers rapid performance even when running multiple tabs or applications. And we have not even gone over the two in one design that enables you to move in a second between the keyboard and the touch screen display screen. You may use the former more than you ‘d anticipate, given how responsive it feels under your fingers.


6. LG gram 14″ Laptop

LG gram 14″ Laptop

The LG Gram is among the most spoken about laptop designs of the previous couple of years, but the 14 inch design might simply well provide you the best bang for your buck. Portability is one of the biggest talking points of this laptop, which is ultra thin in design and weighs hardly over two pounds. But that smaller sized size doesn’t imply this laptop in uneasy to work on. The fleet and responsive keyboard goes beyond what you may expect for a 14 inch laptop.

This laptop comes with some of the best battery life around. And while that’s a terrific accomplishment in its own right, it’s particularly surprising in the context of how great the screen looks. Ultra thin bezels highlight a panel that looks bright and offers some incredible color reproduction. The keyboard is completely backlit and provides a dedicated fingerprint reader for the very best security around.


7. Huawei MateBook X Pro Signature Edition 13.9″

Huawei MateBook X Pro Signature Edition 13.9″

The premium 14 inch laptop may be a relatively little market, but it’s still alive. The Huawei MateBook X Pro is easily among the best laptops if you can afford to drop over a grand on a 14 inch model. The internal specs here aren’t at the absolute top of the line, however the inclusion of a Core i5 indicates that Huawei has space to suit a discrete GPU, indicating this can function as a decent video gaming laptop.

That also means that Huawei has had the ability to spend lavishly on the screen. Pressing past the basic restrictions of Full HD, this 14 inch laptop rather provides a crisp and vibrant 3K resolution. That only bolsters its worth as a gaming laptop. And this is one of the best laptop computers we’ve discovered in regards to size too. It’s slim, sleek, and contemporary in such a way that fuses performance with form.


8. HP Stream 14-inch Laptop

HP Stream 14-inch Laptop

If you’re questioning which is the very best laptop for students and older (and less tech savvy) customers on a budget, HP may simply have the best response. The Stream may be light-weight in regards to efficiency, but HP has done a good job optimizing the capacity where possible. The storage has mainly been shuttled off to cloud storage (in the type of OneDrive), and the battery life of 8 hours is more than affordable.

A variety of choices have actually been made to make this one of the most easy to use laptops around. In addition to a complimentary year of OneDrive, users also get a full year long membership to the complete Microsoft Office 365 suite. And because this laptop is developed to run in Windows 10 S mode, less tech savvy users don’t need to stress over relying on external anti-viruses software for security.


9. ASUS 14″ Premium High Performance Laptop

ASUS 14″ Premium High Performance Laptop

Signing up with the crowded field of budget level 14 inch laptops is this 2019 model from ASUS. The specs here are clearly budget, but they’re going to be ample for less power extensive users. An AMD Radeon R4 GPU is combined with a 8th generation AMD CPU, so it’s not too behind the curve, and it’s well matched with a memory size of 4 GB.

In an unusual option for a laptop (but a probably smart choice for shaving down the expense), this makes use of a standard hard drive. For individuals with a great deal of files to store, you’ll get a storage capacity that’s primarily just attained by significantly more premium 14 inch laptop designs. All of the contemporary ports you might anticipate – including an HDMI for connecting to an external display screen – are included, And ASUS has actually pulled out all the stops to ensure that this budget design is stylish.

10. Lenovo Yoga C930 2-in-1 13.9″ Laptop

Lenovo Yoga C930 2-in-1 13.9″ Laptop

Like the name would recommend, the Lenovo Yoga is an extremely versatile laptop. This 2-in-1 laptop can transition in between tablet and laptop mode with ease, however the specifications reveal a gadget that’s a lot more than simply a toy. The i7 processor draws from Intel’s eighth generation, and while the Intel UHD graphics card isn’t all that great for video gaming, it’s counterbalanced by a whopping 12 GB of memory. For company efficiency, this laptop truly excels.

And if you wish to utilize it to listen to music or watch movies after a full work day, the Yoga has you covered. The stereo is top of the line for laptops in this rate variety, and the backlit screen provides supremely high color clarity without draining the battery life too much. Mentioning battery life, this laptop can run for 12 hours on a complete charge.

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