123mkv Alternatives (2021): Top 25 Best Alternatives of 123 mkv

Do you spend a great deal of your leisure time sitting around, bored? Most people in the 21st century have to endure a long period of boredom while waiting for a ride. There are times when your daily high-speed data is depleted in some way, and you are unable to do anything until the data is replenished. Everyone in this generation, from children to the elderly, relies on the internet to fulfil one or more requirements. Have you ever thought what it would be like if you were unable to connect to the internet and were forced to wait for a cab or sit at an airport without doing anything? Certainly not! Even on your toughest days, you now have 123mkv by your side to keep you entertained. On reading this article, you will learn everything there is to know about

What is 123mkv?

Are you interested in learning more about 123mkv? Have you been bombarded with a barrage of ecstatic questions? It’s now time to let the secrets of the 123 mkv magic box out.

Today’s generation has access to a variety of apps that allow them to watch movies and TV shows for a fee. But who wants to pay for an app that costs a lot of money? You might just wait for the film’s national tv debut to air on TV. But that would just not pique your interest in the following episode of the TV show. For those with such apprehensions, has provided an appropriate option. If you’re a fan of the wonderful TV series, 123 mkv offers you a fantastic option to obtain the movies for free. There are instances when you must work long periods of time without taking a proper break.

You, on the other hand, are unable to control your excitement for a recently released film. You couldn’t attend to your local theatres at the time, and you couldn’t afford to view the movie online. On 123 mkv movies, you may watch the freshly released film without paying any money.

123mkv 2020 is a site where you may download your favourite movie. You may either watch the most recent videos on 123.mkv online or download them to watch later. There are times when you have internet access but no free time, and others when you have lots of time but no access to the internet. When you have access to the internet in such a situation, you can download your favourite movie and view it later. 123mkb can help you download the most recent Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, and even dubbed versions of major films in multiple languages. You can download the movie in any quality you choose, depending on your internet speed. From 123mkv download, you can watch movies in mp4, HD, Full HD, 300mb, and Dual Audio formats. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Now is the time to download your favourite video from 123mkv!

123mkv Alternatives (2021): Top 25 Best Alternatives of 123 mkv

In this article, you can know about Here are the details below;

The Website Features of 123mkv

You’re probably looking for reasons to choose 123mkv to other sites. From the details below, you’ll see whether you should select 123mkv new movie. The following is a list of 123mkv features:

Free Subscription: Unlike most legal apps on the internet, does not charge users to watch or download the most recent movies. The website is loaded with unbelievable features that are completely free. 123mkv has practically all of the most recent Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, and other South Hindi dubbed movies available free.

Easy to Use: 123mkv is one of the most user-friendly websites. The site is designed in such a simple manner that it can be used by people from many walks of life and professions. You can obtain direct download links for the most recent movies on the 123mkv website. The site has a distinct search bar and a special filter for users to see if a given search option is available.

Collections from a wide range of sources: 123mkv provides its users with the most significant possibility to download any Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, or Hindi dubbed version of any movie. Because of its inherent systematic structure, you will have no issues using 123mkv at any time. Users of any culture or committee can view videos from 123mkv in their preferred languages, as 123mkv .in offers dubbed Hindi versions of the most popular films as well. For the convenience of the user, Hollywood movies are now available in Hindi versions, as well as South Indian films in dubbed Hindi versions. You may also find films for other age categories, such as children, teenagers, and adults. 123mkv also offers movies in a wide range of genres, like science fiction, love, true stories, horror, and thrillers.

Download without Registration: For most cases, you must subscribe to an app in order to access its contents. It comes with a hefty price tag. Even if you are not a subscriber, you must register on the website with all of your information. If you are concerned about providing your personal details with these websites, you can use 123mkv. 123mkv does not require any personal information throughout the signup process. Without having to register or join up, you may enjoy your favorite movies for free at 123mkv. 123mkv has the most recent Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and South Hindi movies.

Converters: There are numerous high-quality movies available on the website. When you download a high-quality movie, you have to give up a lot of data during the process. If you run out of daily data, you can use the specific converters from 123mkv to change the quality of your movie from mp4 to mp3, for example.

Low data usage: despite downloading a full movie from 123mkv, you may now save a lot of data for personal use. The 123mkv website allows you to download a full movie from the internet for free. You may even choose the video quality of the movie while it’s being downloaded.

Details: Before downloading a movie, many people are interested in learning more about it. They can piece things together in their heads about the specific type and storey of the movie based on the many aspects of the film. The 123mkv website makes it simple to find out all the details about the movie you want to download by providing a few information such as:

    • IMDB Rating of the movie.
    • Director names
    • The Pixels of the Movie.
    • You can get the length and time of the movie.
    • You can get the Writers and producers of the movie.
    • Movies’ Box Office Collection.
    • Casts or the actors of the movie.

You may easily get an overview of the movie based on the following aspects before downloading it.

There are websites on the internet that promise to provide high-quality movies. But, once the download is complete, you will be able to view the movie’s bad quality. 123mkv provides a screenshot of a specific portion from the movie to show the genuine movie quality before download. It enables the users to assess the quality and kind of movie before download it.

How to Download Movies for free from 123mkv?

You’re probably scratching your head right now, trying to figure out how to download movies for free from 123mkv. Here’s a quick approach to getting all of the latest and older videos from 123mkv for download.

For different piracy issues, the URL of 123mkv’s website constantly changing. The following URLs can be used to find the site:

123Mkv Hollywood
123Mkv net
123Mkv in

  • You can simply search for 123Mkv on your Google page.
  • Check the links on the Google search result page.
  • From the search result box, select one of the links listed above.
  • A web page with 123mkv in blue marks in the top left-hand corner of the screen will show on your screen.
  • In the website’s suggestion box, you’ll be able to see a number of recent films.
  • A search box will appear at the top of the screen.
  • You may access the complete movie by typing the name of your favourite film into the search box.
  • You can also select from a number of filters on the internet, such as English Hollywood and Tamil.
  • After typing a search term in the search box, you will be presented with a list of movies in various video quality and size options.
  • You must select your favourite film from the many alternatives provided.
  • You can download the movie by choosing the download option.

Categories of Movies Available on 123mkv:

For the convenience of its users, has categorized its content into multiple categories. The following are the various types:

  • English Movies
  • Hindi Movies
  • South Dubbed
  • Hindi Dubbed
  • Latest Movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Serials
  • Punjabi
  • Yearly
  • Bollywood Full Movies 2021 downloads
  • Hollywood Hindi Dubbed

Top 25 Alternative Websites of 123mkv:

If 123Mkv is not available for movie downloads, you can try some of the other websites on the internet that offer the same services. The sites listed below can help you get free downloads of the most recent movies.

1. Zmovies

Zmovies is a popular alternative to 123mkv since it is cleaner and more diverse in its approach. All you have to do is create an account with your email address. Filters such as popular movies, new releases, and television serials can also be used to narrow down the selection of TV shows and movies. They also cover a wide range of genres, including Thriller, Adventure, Romance, Crime, Horror, Drama, Family, Comedy, Animation, Western, and so on.

2. Tamilgun

This site is mostly a Tamil movie streaming and download site, as the name implies. This site also has a number of Bollywood, Hollywood dubbed, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, and Punjabi movies. This service also has various dubbed versions of new movies, allowing viewers to stream in their preferred language. All of the information can be viewed and downloaded for free. The content spans a wide range of genres. The site’s UI is highly straightforward and user-friendly, which is why so many people love to use it. Tamilgun is the place to go if you’re a movie buff looking for a reliable source of information. Also check Rainiertamayo Alternatives

3. Alluc

Alluc is known for being a search engine for a variety of TV shows and movies from around the world. You can search for TV shows and movies by nation, and you’ll find categories such as Sports, Cartoons, Documentaries, Tv Shows, and Animes. You can also check another article like TVMuse Alternatives

4. Crackle

Crackle is a free movie streaming platform where you can watch a variety of television shows and HD movies. Aside from that, you’ll find TV shows and viral videos right here, all of which are available for free. The database is fairly extensive, so you should have no trouble finding your favourite series or movie. Apart from that, Crackle is routinely updated by the maintenance team and moderators, making it one of the most popular 123mkv alternatives. You can also check CMovies Alternatives

5. Filmymeet

Because of its amazing features that increase everyone’s movie-watching experience, Filmymeet has become a popular source of pleasure for people these days. The most appealing aspect of this site is that all of its materials are available for free in HD definition. The site offers a vast selection of old and contemporary Tamil, Telegu, and other regional films, and most popular 123mkv bollywood movies download and Hollywood dubbed films. Users are not required to establish an account or register in order to visit this site. Because of its well-designed interface, exploring this site is a breeze. In addition, the site’s movie collection is diverse, with movies from many categories such as horror, crime, and thriller. Here you can also check Best Kuttymovies Alternatives

6. Dvdvilla

On Dvdvilla, you may watch or download any movie you want at any time. It’s an illegal torrent service that allows you free access to an endless quantity of HD movies, web series, documentaries, short films, trending videos, and trailers. Not only that, but because of the site’s exceptionally well-designed and straightforward main page, anyone can explore it. On the home page, you’ll find all of the contents neatly organised, allowing you to quickly locate what you’re looking for. The site offers a variety of movie categories, including Tamil HD movies, current Bollywood movies, Hollywood dubbed movies, Malayalam and Telegu new releases, and so on. This site supports a variety of formats, enabling you to stream and download content in the format of your option. Check over other articles like Flixgo Alternatives

7. Yesmovies

If you always say, Yes to a goods movie, Yesmovies will seem like a new home. The site permits users to rate motion pictures, and ratings are shown right on the front page, so you can see which films are worth having a look at and which are probably just a huge waste of time. Many materials are available in HD, but you can come across the periodic WEBCAM rip or SD quality release. Essentially all content on Yesmovies is available from several multiple sources, which is handy because the site does not host anything on its servers.

8. Putlocker

Putlocker is amongst the leading and alternatives to 123mkv latest movies, and the two website share many similarities. First, both the Putlocker and 123mvk can be acknowledged by their green and grey colour scheme and minimalist style. More significantly, both websites do not include too many ads that might otherwise ruin the user experience. They contain countless movies and TV programs, all of which are accessible with the click of a button and from throughout the world. We like that Putlocker places a too prominent search bar right in the centre of the page, making it simple to find interesting material to watch.

9. FMovies

Our list of the best 123mkv dilwale online alternatives was not complete without FMovies, among the oldest and most reputable streaming websites out there. Focusing on movies released in 2009, FMovies is an excellent location for discovering fresh releases of high quality. We truly like about FMovies because the site’s movie gamer can be managed using the keyboard faster ways. For instance, you can press the space to pause your motion picture, enter or leave fullscreen using the F key, or look back by one minute by pressing the J secret to see a fascinating scene once again.

10. GOmovies

GOmovies is among the very best top places online to watch movies and TV programs without registration. From action films to horror flicks, the website has whatever, and signed up members can ask for content to be added on the site. If you have always wished to see the top 100 most popular movies on IMDb, you will be pleased to understand that movies on the GOmovies can be sorted according to their IMDb rating. In that process, you can start from the best-rated film of all time and work your method to the 100th best-rated movie. Suppose movies are not your thing. You can do the same with TV programs.

11. GoStream

Are you feeling tired of seeing distracting ads on streaming websites? If so, this 123mkv option is ideal for you. Think it or not, but GoStream allows you to enjoy motion pictures free of charge and without traditional advertisements. Some links lead to sponsored sites, but those are easy to avoid even without an Adblock. When it pertains to content, GoStream has whatever from the current Hollywood hits to youth classics. To find something intriguing, all you need to do is browse the upgraded continuously choice of recently launched films or utilize the search bar to discover something particular. You can also check another article like Bobmovies Alternatives

12. WatchFree

WatchFree is not as popular as many other streaming sites included in this article. However, it’s still a fantastic 123mkv option. Why? Since the site runs fast and features a broad selection of movies of all genres. Motion pictures are often available on WatchFree even before they appear on more popular websites, showing that its admins are devoted to making the website better. The only thing we do n0t like about WatchFree is the annoying pop-up windows, which display when you click on a motion picture. Luckily, there’s nothing much more straightforward than setting up a pop-up blocker.

13. SolarMovies

If there were awards for the most refined streaming website, we’re sure SolarMovies would get it. Undoubtedly, SolarMovies feels like a premium website, although it doesn’t even need a simple registration. You can get in the name of the film you wish to see, click its thumbnail, and press play. Each film page includes a quick summary, IMDb score, period, and other information to help you choose if you’ve made the right choice. SolarMovies also suggests similar content based upon what you’re currently viewing, making it nearly too easy to wind up on several hours long binge.

14. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is everything about video entertainment, whether it’s movies, TV shows, or viral videos. Yes, viral videos. The site includes material from FailArmy, The Pet Collective, and Individuals Are Remarkable, offering you something enjoyable to enjoy when you don’t have time, even for a single TV show episode– let alone a feature-length movie. Popcornflix updates its material every day and categorizes whatever according to class. New approaches have their group, so you can quickly inspect what’s new and pick something intriguing to see without checking out IMDb first. You can also check Project Free TV Alternatives

15. Vumoo

Vumoo’s homepage may be fundamental. However, the simple front hides one of the most significant collections of films on the internet. Many individuals have already discovered this excellent content source, and traffic data suggest that most keep coming back for more. What so many individuals like about Vumoo, apart from its substantial choice of motion pictures and TV shows, is its reliability. When you press on a movie, you can be sure that it will start playing without long buffering and regular disturbances. The website itself is exceptionally snappy and loads quickly, even on mobile phones. The people behind the Vumoo know what they’re doing.

16. Primewire

Primewire inhabits the last place on our list because the site might frantically use a redesign. Compared to lots of other streaming sites, it looks quite dated and unpolished. That stated, some users, in fact, like the fact that Primewire is still using its original design instead of changing it every couple of years. Content matters the most, and Primewire doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The website even has curated playlists, including everything from area motion pictures to westerns to motion pictures about slavery and many more. If you want to, you can even create your playlist and share it with your best friends.

Check other alternatives:

  • 9xRockers
  • Extramovies
  • TamilMV
  • DownloadHUb
  • 123Movies
  • Katmoviehd
  • Filmywap
  • 7StarHD
  • Movierulz


The websites on the internet which have piracy problem are illegal. It is possible to be prosecuted for downloading movies from pirated websites with copyright issues. The website is not liable for any future criminal conduct resulting from the use of the site to download different movies from the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the recent movie leaks on 123Mkv?
On the 123Mkv movie website, a great couple of recent movies are available for download. A couple movies from the most recent hit list are also included in the list of leaked movies. The following is a list of the items on the list:

1. Sahoo
2. Kodaram Kondan
3. Dear Comrade
4. KGF
5. Thappad
6. Street Dancer 3D
7. Joker
8. Chappak

The above list contains all types of new movies released in 2021. Movies in Tamil, Hindi, and English are available on the menu.

2. Is going to download a movie from 123Mkv safe?
Other sites, such as 123Mkv, exist. It does not provide users with a permanent URL. Due to piracy problems, the URL of the 123Mkv site is altered on a regular basis. Due to different piracy difficulties, the site may become damaged. It is not safe for customers to download movies from such websites since it puts their passwords and personal information on their cell phone at risk.

3. Is it illegal to download movies from 123Mkv?
Usually, websites with piracy issues and those without copyrights to movies are not subject to government limitations. Piracy is an issue on such sites. It is illegal to download movies from websites that have piracy issues. As a result, downloading videos from such websites is prohibited.

4. What are the different types of movies that can be found on 123Mkv?
123Mkv features a variety of categories where you can find practically all of the most recent and leaked videos. There are drama, horror, thriller, vampire, cartoon, action, and love categories on the website.

5. Is 123Mkv a free service?
The above topic falls within the area of frequently asked questions. The subscription of the 123Mkv website continues to pique people’s interest. However, 123Mkv does offer for the free download of the most recent movies from a wide range of genres. The movie downloads are available for free on the website.

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