Trade Binance Coin to Fantom — No KYC & No Sign-up in 2022

Looking to trade your BNB for FTM? You’ve come to the right location. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to convert BNB to FTM on anonymous crypto exchanges. We’ll also go through how to select crypto exchanges that don’t have any KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements and don’t require you to sign up.

What Is Binance Coin?

Binance launched BNB in 2017. BNB was initially an ERC-20 token. The founding team received 40% of the proceeds from the initial coin offering, with 10% going to angel investors. The remaining BNB offerings were given to interested members of the general public.

The crypto exchange Binance uses Binance Coin as a utility token. You can pay for transactions and trading fees with BNB at a lower rate than with other coins.

Binance Coin can be acquired by selling or exchanging other coins on the market. You can also pay for it with fiat currency.

It’s worth noting that some crypto exchanges haven’t added BNB to their platforms. The coins have their own blockchain networks that they run on. Only platforms that are compatible with Binance Smart Chain, a decentralised finance platform, can purchase BNB.

What Is Fantom (FTM)?

The Fantom blockchain network is a decentralised open-source platform for decentralised apps with smart contracts. It went live in 2019 as an Eth ecosystem.

Its native utility token, FTM, is the engine that drives the whole blockchain ecosystem. FTM tokens can be used for network governance, staking, and payment of fees. Fantom can be bought as an ERC-20 token, a Binance BEP-2 token, or an Opera Mainnet token.

FTM has a lucrative and dynamic staking structure for you. Staking FTM tokens with a validator node can earn you rewards, and if you want to lock your tokens, you can take full advantage of the network’s Fluid Rewards.

FTM tokens can be obtained by converting existing cryptocurrencies on an exchange like Binance. You can also use an anonymous crypto exchange to convert BNB to FTM and benefit from Fantom’s high-performance network.

How to Define Best Anonymous Crypto Exchange?

You can trade or convert your virtual currency for another on anonymous platforms. While most exchanges require you to register and comply with KYC standards, anonymous exchanges allow you to trade cryptocurrencies with no restrictions.

Before diving in, some parameters should be checked. These are some of the parameters:

Coins are chosen

Some exchanges offer a larger variety of coins to trade. Others just trade a limited number of altcoins and those with well-known names. Instead of a select few currencies, the greatest exchange should offer a wider range of coins for trading.

Fees are low.

The cost of transactions and trading fees are two key aspects to consider. Although most exchanges have a large assortment of coins, trading fees can be extremely costly. Low fees can help you save a lot of money when trading cryptocurrencies.

Speed of Trade Execution

The pace with which trades are performed should be swift. Crypto exchanges, especially anonymous exchanges, can, on rare occasions, slow down. However, the overall execution speed should be available to prevent wasting too much of your time.

Digital Currencies and User Data Security

Decentralized anonymous exchanges provide peer-to-peer services. Due to decentralized, traders come and go, transactions are direct and transparent, and user data is safe in the event of an attack.

BNB to FTM can be converted at Godex anonymous exchange that offers rapid trading services at set rates with no volume limit.

How to Swap BNB to FTM With No Verification or ID?

On this page, you may quickly and securely convert BNB to FTM. The execution does not necessitate any authentication or identity. Simply show the amount of BNB you want to exchange for FTM, and it will calculate the quantity of Fantom you’ll receive. The conversion process is simple, reliable, and secure, and there are no KYC requirements.

Final Word

With anonymous exchanges, changing BNB to FTM has never been easier. You may trade tokens on the move without having to worry about third requirements interfering with your transaction. Before trading, make sure to review the parameters of a reputable exchange platform to ensure that your assets are safe and that you are getting the best deal available.

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