Top 100+ Best Free Proxy Servers List 2022

Do you have trouble viewing some websites on your computer? Is YouTube prohibited at your school? You want to check out your favourite social networking sites while at work? Your network administrator, ISP, or nation may have blocked your IP address from accessing certain sites.

This is how you do it:

Proxy sites or proxy servers work as the go for you and the end server, allowing you to access whatever resources you need from a remote website without exposing your true identity (IP).

If you want to see a complete list of the best current proxy sites in one place, this post is for you. For you, I tested over 1500 top unblock proxy sites and compiled a list of the best, free proxy sites. Check it out! You can also check Movcr Proxy | Movcr Unblock | Movcr Alternatives

Top 100+ Best Free Proxy Servers List 2022

In this article, you can know about unblock proxy sites. here are the details below;

100+ Best, Free, and Top Proxy Site | List of Fast and Secure Proxy Servers (100% FREE)

Top 5 Proxy Sites

1. Hidester Proxy

Hidester is employed for a number of purposes. It’s possible that governments, institutions, and cybercriminals are all watching you. You could also wish to go to websites that aren’t allowed at school or work. With Hidester, nobody’s business except yours. Hidester is an easy-to-use application.

To encrypt your connection immediately, simply open your browser and type There is no need to install any software or download any apps. Hidester is a mobile-friendly solution that is quick, safe, and dependable. As a result, it is rated second on the list. Check over other articles like Best Sites Like Movies Flix 2022

2. Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass is one of my favourite free proxy sites because it makes visiting blocked websites simple. This web proxy 4ever connects to any website using SSL/HTTPS, keeping your information safe online. It gives you a huge number of IP addresses from various countries, allowing you to bypass site filters and geo internet limitations. A Chrome extension is also available. What’s more, there are no intrusive popups or third-party ads. You can also review another article Skytorrents Mirror & Proxy 100% Working List to Unblock

3. Skull Proxy

Skull Proxy is one of the internet’s most popular, fast, and secure best proxy sites. This will allow you to access websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and IMGUR, even if firewalls prohibit you from doing so. It swiftly locates the information you need. You should try this out. You can also check another article like Best CMovies Alternatives To Watch Movies Online

4. TOR

TOR is a paid proxy service that is often used by torrent users. The monthly rates start at $5.99 and contain unlimited features. Here’s why I chose to include it: There aren’t many proxy for sites that allow you to securely download torrents. The Tor guard service is in charge of this. You’ll also receive access to more than 2000 new proxy sites (premium proxy IPs) from 50 different countries.

All operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, are enabled by TOR Proxy free websites. It also enables HTTP/SSL encryption on all devices. You can quickly set up TOR on your computer with the help of KB tutorials for uTorrent, BitTorrent, Vuze, and deluge. Their customer service is also excellent, with experts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also review another article Best Movie4k Proxy And Mirrors Sites 

5. Kproxy

You can download Kproxy, which is a browser. It’s a portable Firefox browser that includes the Kproxy Extension.

As a result, there is no need to install anything; simply unzip and surf. Kproxy is one of my favourite top proxy sites on the list.
This website is really consumer. They come with complete instructions, so even a beginner can use them.

It comes with a Chrome and Firefox plugin that lets you access your favourite websites without having to go via the proxy site every time. What if you don’t have any of the above browsers? Here’s how it works:

Kproxy is a browser that you may download. It’s a portable Firefox browser with the Kproxy Extension installed. As a result, no setup is required; simply unzip and surf. Check over other articles like Free Proxy Servers

NewUnblock Proxy Sites List

Please let us know if any of the proxy websites on this list do not work for you in the comments section below.

  1. IP Switcher –
  2. Filter Bypass –
  3. Surf Proxy –
  4. Proxy –
  5. Anonymizer –
  6. Proxyfuse –
  7. Jet Proxy –
  8. Hide My IP –
  9. Web Proxy –
  10. Stealthify –
  11. 4Ever proxy –
  12. Surfland –
  13. Proxybrowse –
  14. Unblock Proxy –
  15. Gonewind –
  16. Zfreez –
  17. New IP Now –
  18. Unblocker –
  19. Ninja Browse –
  20. Safenet Browser –
  21. Proxysite –
  22. Proxify –
  23. Zalmos –
  24. Fish Proxy –
  25. Xitenow –
  26. Anonymizer –
  27. Proxyone –
  28. Quick Proxy –
  29. VPN Book –
  30. Blewpass –
  31. Facebook Proxy –
  32. UC Proxy –
  33. Rapid wire –
  34. England Proxy –
  35. Whoer –
  36. Zend2 –
  37. Free YouTube –
  38. Efree times –
  39. Yellow Proxy –
  40. Stardoll Proxy –
  41. Anonymouse –
  42. Unblock YouTube –
  43. Xroxy –
  44. Ninja Cloak Proxy site –
  45. Anonymmster Proxy –
  46. VPN Mag –
  47. Spy Surfing –
  48. Ocaspro –
  49. Bypasser –
  50. Pxaa –
  51. Vector Proxy –
  52. My Unblock Sites –
  53. Public Proxy –
  54. Video Unblocker –
  55. Proxymesh  –
  56. Yxor proxy –
  57. Proxyfor –
  58. My Proxy –
  59. Fast USA Proxy –
  60. Hidden Digital –
  61. Working Proxy –
  62. NNTime Proxy –
  63. Proxyo –
  64. Free Proxy Server –
  65. Free YouTube Proxy –
  66. UK Proxy –
  67. Hide the Internet –
  68. Fast School Proxy –
  69. Extreme Proxy –
  70. Proxy websites list –
  71. Monster Proxy –
  72. Mega Proxy –
  73. See Proxy –
  74. Remove Filters –
  75. Sporium –
  76. KrProxy –
  77. Fb Proxies –
  78. Pk Proxy –
  79. Suede Proxy –
  80. America Proxy –
  81. Brazil Proxy –
  82. Canada Proxy –
  83. Kingsurf Proxy –
  84. Zacebook –
  85. Just Unblock –
  86. Network Bypass –
  87. Singapore Proxy –
  88. Intercloud –
  89. Orange Proxy –
  90. Push Proxy –
  91. Proxytube –
  92. SSL Proxy –
  93. Euro Proxy –
  94. Private surf –
  95. Browse this –
  96. School Proxy –
  97. CA Proxies –
  98. Browse Sneak –

Proxy Sites for YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video site, with a diverse selection of entertainment, sports, tutorials, and other material. Sadly, YouTube will be blocked in several places, including schools, colleges, and businesses.

To watch YouTube in restricted areas, please use the mirrors listed below.

Also Check

Types of Proxies

Elite: Http Elite proxies Are the most secure proxies accessible. This is because the server refuses to communicate with any of the desired information.

Your IP address is obscured by anonymous proxies, but they return data that could reveal your identity. Socks: They are mainly used for software. They act as a buffer between the web browser and the server. Transparent: Transparent proxies don’t hide your IP, but then you can use them to speed up your internet. They are more efficient at work. What do you recommend? It depends on your usage. Choose the best one for your needs.

Now you may ask;

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