Top 10 best Android flashlight apps in 2021

Flashlight apps are a dead species. Google started introducing them to Android so early that Lollipop and OEMs included them for even longer on their OEM skins. The need for this is diminishing, as the market share of newer Android versions is growing. We have not, however, forgotten about those of you who prefer a third-party app or smartphones too old to have a flashlight program. Below is a list of flashlight apps with bare minimum permissions to function well for you. Most of them should be just two (Internet access for advertising, and then the camera permission). There are a few who still just have the camera authorization. Here are the best Android flashlight apps!.


The most unusual name is not Flashlight, but it is a good flashlight app. It includes a basic gui, a fast on and off button and a widget, and even the phone can be shook to turn on and off the flashlight. Moreover, it has no regular permits, it is free, and there is no advertising. You can get the $4.99 pro edition if you like, but it is totally optional. This isn’t the only app on the list, but it’s easy, basic, and it’s done.

2.Flashlight Color

One of the most common flashlight apps is Color Flashlight. It has a metric ton of characteristics as well. It uses either your display or the LED flash at the back of your screen. The app will strobe in different patterns and in different colors (on screen only). Custom effects, emergency effects and more are also available. It essentially does it all. The software is absolutely free without in-app shopping. However there are commercials

3.Ruddy Rooster Flashlight

Ruddy Rooster’s Flashlight is one of the easy flashlight apps. It works with your screen as well as your camera’s LED light. The app strobes light in various patterns (on the screen). This includes topics such as Morse Code, SOS and other things. In addition, the developer describes each application authorization. This is a simple free flashlight application. Announcements are available. We’d like a way to pay to delete them. It’s not a big deal, though.

4.Classic Flashlight

Flashlight Classic is a basic flashlight program. It works as much as it does. The software uses either your telephone screen or the LED light flash. There is also a small setup size (0.9MB), no needless fluff, timer, and more. The flashlight works on the projector. There’s some attention. However, it should not interfere with functionality. It is totally open and has no unwanted permissions otherwise.

5.Torch Icon

Icon Torch is one of the few flashlight apps. It doesn’t have a user interface. This means that there are no environments, no learning or anything like that. The app icon simply unlocks or disables your LED flash. That’s it. That’s it. When the light is on or off, it does not change colors or shape. It’s just a simple button that makes your screen shine. It also has no publicity, no in-app purchases, and otherwise it is free of charge. That’s it, actually. That’s it. It’s just a super simple flashlight program.

6.HD Flashlight

Flashlight HD is another older, pedigree-friendly flashlight program. It uses both the screen and/or the LED light on the phone’s back. The app contains even home screen widgets, different colors (only on the screen) and easy design. It’s a free app with some ads, like others. A $2.99 pro edition is available without ads. The developer has a list of devices for which the app will not work in the Play Store list for any reason. If not, it’s a solid flashlight use.

7.Small flashlight

Another very common flashlight application is Tiny Flashlight. It’s a little app that’s smaller than most installers. The app includes additional functionality, although several need additional plugins. This retains the scale of the original app and adds a personalization degree. The App also features an ongoing warning toggle (usable for newer Android locking screens), on-screen flashlights support and the LED flash behind it. It’s easy, it works and it’s simple. Announcements are there, but they’re not bad.

8.Free Flashlight

Flashlight Free is one of the few completely free flashlight apps that do not buy or advertise. His list of features is a little empty. You open it, turn your LED flash on and that’s it. Nor is the interface unique. That’s all right because it’s not necessarily meant to. It’s an easy app that works just fine. His most recent update was in 2016. We hope that the developer will keep this up to date. If not, most people should still work for a while. The free and paid edition is the same. The $1.00 is an optional buy for the developer.

9.The one already on most phones

Android itself and most OEMs contain a native flashlight feature. The choice is usually in the Fast Settings menu. You just have to swip, find and engage it. Some devices such as the LG V10 and the V20 allow you to do so without your screen activation. In any case, we always advise you to offer a fair shake to the stock option before adding potentially unnecessary mix options. Many OEMs even have widgets for their flashlight features.


Torch is an incredibly successful and modern flashlight application. It uses both the LED at your back and the flashlight screen if you want to go this direction. In addition, the app features an AMOLED-friendly dark-mode, a home screen flashlight widget, a permissions (flashlight camera), no ads, no other permissions and is smaller than 1MB in size. It hits every imaginable control box for a good app for the camera. This is a simple and truthful advice.

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