Download Minecraft PE APK with XBOX live for Android

Mojang Studios has released the most recent stable update for Android, which includes Xbox Live support. With version as an update, the update comes as a welcome surprise. They didn’t just add something new this time. They also repaired a lot of defects.

So, today, we’ll talk about the new features we’ve seen here, as well as the APK download link. If you love playing Minecraft free download apk on your mobile device, you’ve come to the correct place. Let’s get this party started.

Download Minecraft PE APK with XBOX live for Android – Latest Update

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What’s New in the Latest Update

Users welcomed the update for Minecraft apk download v1 16.1 02 free as a pleasant surprise, as there had been no prior notice. In any case, we found the update to be beneficial when playing the game. We discovered new features as well as many bug fixes. The following is a list of them. You can also check stonecutter minecraft

Problem Fixes: The update included a slew of bug fixes. The game minecraft latest version does not lag at all, at least not that we have seen thus far.

Game Optimization: The game has now been optimised for all devices. There are no lags, as previously stated. The situation is very similar for devices with lower-end hardware. Check over other articles like Minecraft Castle Ideas

Quick Game Launch: The game now launches much faster than before. The opening time has been significantly reduced as the game undergoes an optimization update that includes various problem fixes.

Save Game Crashing Error: Earlier, people claimed that the game would crash frequently when they tried to save it. After the update, the problem appears to have been resolved. Players can now save their games without having to worry about them crashing.

New Honeybee Option: This option protects players from being poisoned while also keeping them from going hungry. The majority of people were looking forward to this in the update because it is beneficial in a variety of ways. In addition to construction, honeybees can carry food to the players.

New Packs: A variety of new packs have been added to the marketplace. This will assist players in buying a pack that is appropriate for their needs, allowing them to create their own world.

Server/Sign-in Issue: The update fixed the most serious server sign-in issue. This is a huge comfort because users can now sign in without worrying about the server timeout. Here you can also check Minecraft Grindstone Recipe

Performance Improvements: Following the update, performance has significantly improved. The game now uses less RAM and does not appear to take up additional memory, using less energy overall.

The update for Minecraft can be download from the link below.

Download Links Here:

Here is a detailed video guide below.

Also check

With the Minecraft update APK, which was all we had for you. As you can see, the new update appears to be well worth your time. We hope this guide was useful for understanding and minecraft apk free downloading the game. More iPhone and iPad, PC Troubleshooting, and minecraft 1.17 download Android 2021 Guides may be found here. By subscribing to our YouTube channel, you will be eligible to win a $150 prize. Please leave a comment below with your name and e-mail address if you have any feedback or questions.

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