How to Change Passcode on iPhone [Step by Step Example]

Apple iPhone is found to be one of the most secured smartphones ever. Despite the iPhone’s built-in protection, users can add an extra layer of security to their device in the form of a passcode. If you aren’t a fan of advanced bio-metrics like touch ID and face ID, you can still utilise the passcode irrespective of the iPhone model. With the passcode as the security, no one except you can access your device. So, those prying on your personal data will not be able to steal your personal information. Just like setting up the passcode, any iPhone users need to change it at regular intervals. Whether you haven’t changed your iPhone passcode in a while or want to use a unique passcode, check out this section.

How to Change Passcode on iPhone?

The procedure given below will let you quickly change the passcode on all iPhone models. Ensure to update your iPhone to the new version for the latest features.

(1). Continue to Settings.

(2). Scroll down to agree on Face ID & Passcode (iPhone X and later) or Touch ID & Passcode (iPhone 8 and below).

Change Passcode on iPhone

Press Touch ID and Passcode

Note: If your iPhone doesn’t have a touch ID, then agree on Passcode.

(3). Provide the current passcode utilising the on-screen keys.

Change Passcode on iPhone

Provide Old Passcode

(4). Navigate to the bottom to agree on Change Passcode.


Tap on Change Passcode

(5). You should provide your old passcode once again.

(6). Then provide the latest passcode and verify it to approve changes.


Change Password

Note: iPhone uses six-digit code as the default passcode option. To change it, you must agree on the Passcode Options link. Now, select between Custom Alphanumeric Code, Custom Numeric Code, and 4-Digit Numeric Code.

Choose Passcode Format

Select Choose Passcode Format

Note: In the case of a forgotten passcode, you need to reset your iPhone passcode utilising iTunes or iCloud or restore the device from recovery mode.


If you consider securing your digital belongings on the iPhone, then you shall change the passcode. It is better to change the passcode once in a while so that others won’t access your iPhone.

Have you got any problems while changing the passcode? Ask it as comments below. Visit us on Facebook for the most advanced articles.

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