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Xbox One Controller Not Working? Fixes & Solutions

The Xbox One Controller is connected but not working for the majority of Xbox gamers. This is one of the most frequently asked questions on the Microsoft Community page. The controller will connect to your Xbox console or PC without trouble, but you will be unable to navigate with it. The solution is simple. Many Xbox players speculated that the problem is due to a software glitch. But, you can get around this issue by using simple workarounds.

Xbox One Controller Not Working? Fixes & Solutions

In this article, you can know about how to pair xbox one controller here are the details below;

Things you can do to fix Xbox One Controller Connected But Not Working Error

  • Restart the controller
  • Check the battery
  • Use a different pairing method
  • Multiple devices
  • New updates

Restart the Controller

Restarting is the primary solution for the bulk of issues. Press the Xbox button on your controller for six seconds to turn it off. After that, turn on and give it another try.

If the problems continue, reboot your console and try again. This will clear your console’s temporary cache files, enabling your controller to connect freely.

Check the Battery

Check the batteries in your controller if you’re pairing it using Bluetooth. Replace them with new ones if they are old. Delete any used batteries from the controller.

There’s no need to check the batteries if you’re using a connected connection. The controller is charged by a micro USB cord. When using wired connections, remove the batteries.

Use a Different Pairing Method

The Xbox One controller won’t turn on can be connected or connected to a PC in three ways: by Bluetooth, micro USB cable, or wireless adapter. There are two ways to pair the controller with an Xbox system. If one method isn’t working, change to the other.

Check out our articles on how to connect Xbox Controller to PC and how to Sync Xbox Controller not connecting to pc for more details of various connection methods.

Multiple Devices

Remove all external devices can be connected to your PC or console, including such headphones or a tracking pad, and try again. The controller’s connection may be interrupted by these external devices.

You can connect the other external devices once the controller is connected and working.

New Updates

When new updates for Xbox and its controller are available, install them straight away. There may be some minor problems and faults in the old software. Issues like these will occur frequently if you do not upgrade your devices to the latest release.

If you’re having difficulty navigating with the controller, connect it to a friend’s console and update it.

Our opinion

When your Xbox One controller won’t connect is connected but not working, you can try the following solutions. You can fix your controller if you try all of these solutions. If you’re having trouble with your Xbox One controller bluetooth, let us know in the comment section and we’ll help you out.

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