Top 10 Best Whatsapp Alternatives that Actually Respect Your Privacy in 2023

If you’ve been reading tech news for a while, you might know that WhatsApp has recently revised its privacy policy and terms. WhatsApp also requests that the information be shared with Facebook and other third-party providers, according to the revised policy.

If you’re not pleased with the improvements, then it’s best to continue using alternatives from WhatsApp.  As of now, the Play Store has plenty of WhatsApp solutions available that take protection and privacy seriously. We will share a list of the best WhatsApp alternatives for Android in this post. You can exchange text messages with these applications, make voice & video calls, etc. Let’s take a look.

Top 10 Best Whatsapp Alternatives that Actually Respect Your Privacy in 2023

Signal Private Messenger is an instant messaging app that is very serious about security and privacy. When we speak about the characteristics of Signal Private Messenger, it enables you to exchange text messages, make voice & video calls, etc. There are also other privacy & protection features, such as app lock, screen capture block, etc.

When it comes to WhatsApp alternatives, Telegram is undoubtedly the best instant messaging app. The reason why we placed Telegram at the top is that it provides better functionality than WhatsApp. With Telegram, files up to 1.5 GB in size can be shared. Telegram also makes it possible for users to build groups of up to 200,000 members. Rather than individual chats, Telegram focuses more on groups.


Another great WhatsApp option on the list that can be used for exchanging text messages is Thread. Along with text messages, you can also make free voice and video calls with your friends via the LINE app. LINE also features end-to-end encryption for voice and video calls, much like WhatsApp. It also has a Line Pay service which is intended to send/receive payments.

Discord has been recognised over the years as the best place to talk with your fellow gamers. Discord, however, is significantly more capable than that. You can send text messages, emojis, emotes, GIFs, videos, etc with the personal message function of Discord. It enables you to make voice/video calls, too. It also makes it possible for users to create groups of up to 10 members.

5. Wickr Me

Wickr Me is an instant messaging app built for people who are aware of privacy and protection. All is completely encrypted on Wickr Me, from voice calling to file sharing. According to the Google Play Store page, using advanced vetted end-to-end encryption, Wickr Me encrypts your messages with a new key. Even Wickr Me can’t access your messages or your contact list due to such encryption.

Kiki Chat Messenger, while not popular, is still one of the best and most reliable private messaging apps that you can use today. You can use Kiki Chat Messenger, much like WhatsApp, to exchange text messages, make private phone calls, share private media files, etc. In addition, after the set time, Kiki Chat Messenger also hasa self-destructing messaging feature that deletes chats automatically from both ends.

7. Viber

Ok, Viber varies a little bit from WhatsApp. This is because of this multi-device support for messaging app bundles, which WhatsApp lacks. Other than that, Viber is close to WhatsApp quite a lot. The app allows you to make free international calls, send text messages, open a group chat, and more. It is one of the most secure messaging and calling applications.

One of the easiest and most stable instant messaging applications you can use on Android is Threema. The positive thing about Threema is that all the material you share on the site, including media files, documents, etc., is encrypted. The app even provides some encrypted backup solutions to securely back up the chats, along with that.

9. Voxer

Another great instant messaging app on the list is Voxer, which helps you to send encrypted messages end-to-end. That means that no third parties can read or alter the messages that you have exchanged on Voxer.  Unlike WhatsApp, however, Voxer doesn’t have a video calling feature.

10. Keybase

Keybase is an application for messaging, but it is very distinct from all the others mentioned in the article. With Keybase, you can securely write to any user of Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Github. That simply means that any email address or phone number is not needed for Keybase. All messages exchanged via the app are secure and are encrypted end-to-end.

So, in 2021, these are the Ten Best WhatsApp Alternatives. I hope you have been helped by this post Please share it with friends of yours as

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