What Is Long Division?

In Mathematics, long division is a method used for dividing one large number (usually 3 digits or more) with another (two-digit or more) number, often leaving with a remainder. To solve long division, you should know three mathematical terms namely multiplication, division, and subtraction thoroughly. While performing long division, the number inside the bracket is split into a smaller number, which makes the division process easier.

What Is Division?

The division in Mathematics is the method of splitting a group of things into equal parts. The division is an inverse process of multiplication. The division is primarily performed to see how many equal groups can be formed or how many people or objects are there in each group when shared equally.

Define Long Division

In Mathematics, the long division is a process generally used to divide large numbers into steps or parts, splitting the dividend into a sequence of easier steps.

Terms Used In Long Division

Dividend: The dividend is the number you are dividing.

Divisor: The divisor is the number you are dividing by.

Quotient: The quotient is the number that is obtained by dividing one number by another number.

Reminder:  The remainder is the number that is left over after the division process.

How To Do Long Division?

The three Mathematical operations such as multiplication, division, and subtraction are used in the long division process. A tableau is drawn to divide any large number using long division. In the tableau, a divisor is separated by the dividend with right parentheses or vertical bar, and the dividend is separated by the quotient with an overbar.

Long Division Steps

The 5 steps used in the long division process are:

D – Divide

M – Multiply

S – Subtract

B – Bring Down

R – Remainder or Repeat

Long Division Example

Example 1: If 2250 cookies are placed in 50 packets. How many cookies will be placed in one packet?


Total number of cookies = 225

Cookies are equally distributed in 5 packets.

Total number of cookies in one packet =  225  5


Dividend = 2250

Divisor = 50

Quotient = 45



50) 2250

– 200

2 50

– 2 5 0


Remainder = 0

Therefore, 2250 cookies will be packed in 45 packets.

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