What Are The Current Trends In Wedding Invitation Design?

Your wedding stationery is the first official opportunity you’ll have to share your unique love story with guests. Not only that, but the save-the-dates and invitations you decide on will really set the tone for your upcoming celebration—sounds pretty important, right? With all of that in mind, choosing the perfect stationery might feel like a lot of pressure. To help lighten the load, we’re sharing the top 2022 wedding invitation card trends that are inspiring couples right now.

This save-the-date lets your favourite photo take centre stage. Add your image and text, then customise it to your liking, choosing everything from size to paper type to shape. The best part? You get a free wedding website with your purchase! Plus, free change-the-date stationery currently comes with all save-the-dates and invites, which is a major win if plans need to change.

Each and every year, we look forward to creating a list of the top wedding trends for the upcoming season. It’s a labour of love for our team, and always exciting to hear from pros about the unique ideas that we can expect to see in the months ahead. However, we can’t ignore that this has been a wedding season like no other. Events are back in a big way (hello, wedding boom!), and with gathering restrictions loosened, couples can have more flexibility in terms of guest lists and seating arrangements. But with the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and shortages rocking the industry, anyone who’s planning a wedding right now deserves a major round of applause (and perhaps a strong beverage).

Guest-Centred Mindset

As we’re going into another wedding season, there’s been a significant change in the business. And negative, it doesn’t have anything to do with variety plans, subjects, or style — it’s a real impact on mentality. “We’re quickly creating some distance from a couple-focused festival to a visitor focused mentality,” says Kristy Rice of Momental Plans in Wyoming, Pennsylvania. “Couples are getting back to ways they can spoil their visitors, causing them to feel at ease and really focused on. Couples understand that their wedding is whenever numerous families first emerge into the universe of gatherings once more and are especially delicate to this reality.”

But Still Keeping it Personal

At the same time, when it comes to decor and style, couples are eschewing tradition and making decisions based on their own personal taste. “The trend we’re seeing unfold is one of artistic freedom,” says Kristy Rice. “Many couples have postponed, changed, rearranged their lives and finances to finally celebrate their dreams, so they are no longer making as many concessions for family expectations and demands. And what is coming out of this trend? Some of the most aesthetically courageous events we’ve seen in years!”

Bold and Bright Colours

When it comes to the hot colour scheme for 2022, there’s a bit of a dichotomy between bold brights and earthy neutrals. What is consistent, however, is the idea that colour schemes are loose and flexible—couples are choosing a wider, more malleable palette of six to 10 hues, rather than picking two or three Pantone chips and never straying. And with the supply chain issues of late, flexibility and a focus on seasonal, sustainable choices are key, says Amy Shack Egan.

Destination Weddings

Alongside a wedding blast, we’re likewise encountering the start of a movement blast. Why not join the two by facilitating a marriage at an exotic location? “The greater part of my clients are presently married at an exotic location,” says Keith Willard of Keith Willard Occasions in Post Lauderdale, Florida. “That is a gigantic change from only a year prior. At the point when I ask my couple for what reason they decided to go somewhere else, the greatest reaction is that we simply needed to get out! Following 18 months of being cooped up and furthermore setting aside cash, the couple is prepared to travel.”

Fun with Food

Yes, guests are looking forward to watching you wed, but they’re also in it for the food. In 2022, expect to see couples and their caterers take cuisine to the next level by adding a sense of whimsy to every course. We’re seeing couples infuse their menus with both cultural and sentimental dishes (riffing on the food from the restaurant where they had their first date or a favourite childhood dish).

Tech Focus

During the pandemic, couples who were forced to shrink their guest lists utilised live streaming technology to include loved ones who weren’t able to attend. And while most gathering restrictions have been lifted, live streaming is here to stay. “There’s definitely a rise in new streaming companies and videographers are now adding this service to their current packages,” says Natasha Celestin. “Pre-COVID, guests had two choices when it came to accepting an invitation—yes or no. Now couples can offer their family and friends a great alternative to attend their wedding.”

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