How To Set-up and Watch Fibe TV On Apple Tv

Fibe TV is an IP-based television service in Canada to watch more than 500+ channels, including famous ones like ABC, BNN Blomberg, CBC, FOX, CBS, NBC, and more. Along with that, it additionally streams tons of on-demand shows and movies. All the contents can be streamed in 4K format, and you can additionally pause & rewind the live shows. Like other services, it additionally helps to record TV shows for offline streaming. This section will discuss the requirements and procedures to install the Fibe TV app on Apple TV streaming devices.

How to Get Fibe TV on Apple TV

After setting up your Apple TV, follow these steps to install the Fibe TV app. Ere that, have a look at the requirements to install this streaming app.

  • Fibe TV service allowed with a PVR or Satellite TV service.
  • Fibe TV is only installable on Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K (fifth generation)
  • The media content inside the app can be streamed only if you have a regular internet connection.
  • Visit this support web page and sign-up for a user account.
  • Finally, an iTunes account.

Step 1: Turn-on your Apple TV and launch the App Store.

Step 2: Using the search bar, search for the Fibe TV app, and download it.

Step 3: After installation, you can find the Fibe TV app on the home screen. Launch it and log-in to your account.

Step 4: After logging in, choose, and play the channel that you want.

Alternative Method!

As the Fibe TV app is additionally available for iPhone, you can watch Fibe TV on Apple TV by utilising Airplay technology. This method is additionally compatible with third-generation Apple TV models.

  • Connect your Apple TV and iPhone to the same network.
  • Launch the Fibe TV on your iPhone.
  • Choose and play media that you want to watch on bigger screens.
  • Tap the Airplay icon on the media player.
  • Choose your Apple TV, and the media will play on your TV screen.

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