Top 10 Best Video Editor Apps For Android 2023

Video editing is one of the most challenging tasks a computer can do. On computers, decent data, loads of RAM, tons of storage and know-how to make it work. Phones are not able to recreate experiences like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. However some programs can do the simple things pretty well. It’s nice enough to vlog any pro with patience. Here are the best video editor applications on Android before it becomes Android at least for Premiere Rush CC. To see the best video editors on most sites, you could also click here!

Top 10 Best Video Editor Apps For Android 2023

1.Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is two in one Adobe Video Editor applications above average. The other is the Adobe Premiere Clip closer to a typical smartphone video editor. therefor, Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the latest video editor apps on the list and it’s pretty cool. It comes with many of the required features, including multi-track times, cloud syncs and advanced editing tools. The app also needs some user experience and some bug fixes, but has a lot of promise. It is also included in the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, so if you are using this program, it’s worth shoting.

2.ActionDirector Video Editor

One of the most common PC video editing applications is ActionDirector. It’s available on Android as well. It does the fundamental stuff. You can import, edit and make video files. You can add your own music, trim and cut footage, add text, use slow motion and more. It is one of the few video editor applications that support 4K video as well. However, you will need to verify to see if your computer supports it. In the Google Play Store, the developers have a nice tool to see if yours can. It also receives daily updates.

3.Funimate Video Editor

Funimate is one of the surprisingly common video editor applications, but not too powerful. It is a great app to create music videos or basic videos from the items you already have on your computer. You can play with 15 video filters and the process of development is very painless. You wouldn’t want to use this on a serious video. It has such stuff as video effects. However, rather than real video output, it is best for short social media messages. To try it yourself, you can download it for free.


FilmoraGo is a Wondershare video editor app. It is easily one of the best video editor software. A whallop is bundled in this video editor. You can do things like trim and cut, make and so on. It also provides the ability to play back, make Instagram square (1:1) and YouTube 16:9 videos in particular. It also supports items such as slow movement, transitions, audio, overlays and more. For what you get, it’s not half bad. In-app purchases add to the battery. Most of the functions, however are actually free.


KineMaster is one of the most powerful and one of the first video editor applications available. Like any other video editors, you should do the basics. This one however, involves several layers of film, image and effect. Audio filters, chroma keys (for fans of your green screen), various video effects, transitions, and more are also available. This isn’t as effective as a total desktop editor. This is however, far closer than any other rivals. We would recommend this for the actual output of videos (at least for stuff like YouTube). You can use it for some time in test mode. But you would need a $4.99 monthly fee to have it all for ever.


InShot is a super simple video editor with a strong emphasis on filters, video trimming and shorter images. It has a fairly basic timeline editor with many video and audio sources. You also receive simple instruments such as cropping, a range of music and various other little things like fading in and out. Its collection of gadgets, sticker packs, speed limits, and other features make it perfect for stuff like YouTube, TikTok, and the like. We also like how it has a single price tag next to its subscription if you want to follow that path.


One of the most extensive video editor apps on this list is PowerDirector. It features a range of features including fast editing software, different effects and other tools, and even comes with collage makers and the support for slow motion. The gui is relatively simple to use and uses the classic form of timeline editor. It should be best known to those who edit video sometimes. It can be downloaded and used free of charge, but you have to pay extra money to get all the functionality. This is a real video editor, especially for bigger screens such as Chromebooks or tablets.

8.Movie Maker Filmmaker

Movie Creator Filmmaker is one of the best available free video editor software. You will be able to cut, crop, reorder and focus video content. The app also offers a variety of video effects and can create your own custom filters, even if it’s not extremely effective. It has the rest of the fundamentals as well like music. The app has had some bug problems as it’s largely redesigned, but still is one of the best applications for video editing. It is also totally free with advertising.


VivaVideo is one of the most common video editing applications. However, it’s a very middle-of-the-road video editor in operation. It works particularly well for short social media clips. The app uses a storyboard editing style to load, edit and trim clips when necessary and then switch to the next chapter. It contains over 200 video filters and different effects, text feedback and support for fast and slow motion. VivaVideo has a free version that provides a watermark and a time limit for any specific video. These limitations can be eliminated by purchasing the pro edition.


Quik comes from a recent video editor app generation. If you need something basic, it’s half decent. You can add up to 50 images and video clips to the app the way it functions. The app then analyzes and spreads a short video. Quik comprises approximately two dozen video styles, and before you export, you can order and customize your video. It’s not as powerful as Adobe Premiere Clip or PowerDirector, but not everyone wants something that is serious. No transactions can be downloaded free of charge.

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