Top Internet Setups for Working from Home

Working from home has earned a tremendous amount of acceptance from people across the globe since the inception of COVID-19. The breakout of this deadly viral disease had confined life and all the activities within the premises of the home. Despite being the ideal solution for keeping life active in almost every aspect, remote working still has several issues that need to be discussed if we want to attain optimal benefits from this style of working.

The internet speed is the rolling issue that is contributing a lot to either accelerating or deaccelerate the overall performance while working remotely. No doubt, your top priority should be your safety and that is why you are working sheltering in your home. However, it does not mean that you need to settle for patty issues like internet speed.

When there is a will there is a way! The same goes for internet speed. Several techniques and tips are out there that can help you to achieve the fastest internet speed. But before rushing towards the speed issue you need to know what type of internet connection do you need to have a seamless internet experience while working from home.

So, let’s begin the journey to get the best internet setup for working remotely.

What Sort of Internet Do You Need While Working Remotely?

First, you need to identify the sort of internet that meets your requirements while working from your space. For that, you can either contact your current internet service provider (ISP) or can go through research working incorporating your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family. Moreover, you can also search over the internet where you can find a poll of information that may help you to find the perfect match.

Although, we would like to provide you with some essentials that you should keep in observation while going through different plans and packages at your current ISP or else in the market.

Download Speed

Always prefer to go with the packages or plans that offer higher upload and download speed because it will help you to avoid delays in completing and submitting your work daily. For instance, if you need to have heavy software on your system to carry out your office work or you are required to frequently download documents go for TB/month data at least.

Upload Speed

Like we have already mentioned you to go for plans or packages that provide fast uploading and downloading speed. So, you need to properly evaluate each internet plan that an ISP is offering to make sure you get what you desired. The higher the uploading speed the fastest you will upload any document attached in an email. Similarly, it will facilitate a trouble-free zoom conference.


You can consider it as the core aspect of performance that your internet may give as a whole. Data is something that you require to do almost every activity on the internet. From downloading a pdf file or attachment or uploading your assignments and work all you need is data. So, be practical and rational while finalizing data limits and caps.

What Internet Speed Do You Need While Working Remotely?

Once you have decided on the sort of internet that you need to set up at your home and other aspects including downloading, uploading, and data limits its time for you to decide on internet speed. Internet speed is also very important for you especially if you are working remotely. Because it contributes significantly to having an overall perfect internet experience. Your work nature, the number of internet users, and the number of devices you opt to connect with an internet connection determine what speed you need to have in your internet plan.

So, let’s dig down the three major internet speeds to know which one is best for you.

50 Mbps

If your job is to send messages via WhatsApp and you are the sole user of the internet at home, this internet speed is for you while working from home. This speed is good for light tasks with one user only.

100 Mbps

Somehow this internet speed would be ideal than the above one because it gives smooth performance even if you have more than one user at home. Users at your home will have a smooth experience while watching episodes of favorite TV shows and playing online games at the same time. Also, if your work nature demands you to have heavy software this speed is good to work perfectly even amidst a family of internet users.

200 Mbps

But if you have a family of highly active internet users who remain glued to the internet round the clock and use the internet extensively then this internet speed is for you. So, if you have such family and want to stay carefree either your family is big, watch live TV shows, play online games, work remotely 24/7, or else this internet speed will suit you best.


Still skeptical to select the right internet for your internet plan? Take your time to examine each speed till you get the perfect fit! The trial version will serve you best so contact your ISP. You can also take a trial of Xfinity Internet Speed.

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