Top 5 best HuniePop App for Android | Games Like HuniePop

HuniePop  Android isn’t available yet, but here are the greatest adult dating game alternatives.

HuniePop is an adult dating simulation game for PC, Mac, and Linux. It’s a mix of dating sim, puzzle game, light RPG, and plenty of plot. A fun adult game on PC and consoles.

If you want to play HuniePop  Android, you’re out of luck. The game is just on PC. You may play a HuniePop-like game on Android with this HuniePop replacement for Mobile.

Similar Games Like HuniePop

Here are the Best HuniePop Android Games.

1. Roommates

Relive your high school days and relive the happiest years of your life. You can choose between Max and Anne in Roommates. It’s an anime dating sim like HuniePop. It’s important to get along with others. Of course, a romantic context exists.

2. Hatoful Boyfriend

The popular PC game goes mobile. You are the lone person at St. Pigeonation’s Institute. Get lost in the halls between courses. It won’t be easy. Enjoy twists and birds to find romance in the magical school’s corridors.

3. Mystic Messenger

This RPG game is perfect for girls. You can receive phone calls and texts from virtual guys, depending on how close you get to them. Each character has unique traits that add to the tale, making it a suitable dating app like huniepop android

4. C14 Dating

You’re Melissa Flores, an anthropology student. You get to dig at a real prehistoric location that has previously uncovered Neanderthal remains. If you are a student, then C14 Dating is the greatest Adult sim anime game for Android.

5. ACE Academy

In the year 2049, military robots named GEAR were built. Due to GEAR’s versatility, it has become a general sports tool known as Cenorobotics. You, the protagonist, are sent to ACE Academy, Japan’s leading Cenorobotics school. Finding a squad ready to accept your obsolete “American” GEAR. Until he discovers a crew of pilots looking for a new member. Your narrative begins here.


If you enjoy the HuinePop Adult sim dating game and want to play it on Android, there are several options listed above. Please contact me if you have any more apps or suggestions.





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