Top 20+ Best Free Sports Streaming Sites No Sign-Up/Registration 2021 updated

Sports are something we all want, and because there are different kinds of sports available out there, something of this option can be found by an individual. It’s not only about your favourite sport, but it’s also about watching it.
It’s fun to watch sports and people don’t mind sitting in front of the TV these days and watching their favourite sports. Since everyone is a little busy, several sites have been introduced for online streaming. You can conveniently view your favourite live sports machines online by using those free sports streaming sites. Another benefit is that you can still use most of these channels on mobile devices, so you can watch sports anytime at any time.
Streaming sites for sports are used all over the world and millions of people use them to watch their favourite sports live on a regular basis. Although some paid streaming platforms are available, which cost real money, there are still some free sites available. Many webmasters have come up with their own streaming sports sites because of their success, and they may ask you to provide some personal and banking information. We’re going to suggest that you stay away from places like this, as they’re going to take your money and get away with it. So watch out for such sites and always think using secure streaming sites for sports.

What Are Streaming Sites for Sports?

Live sports streaming sites, as we said above, are essentially those websites or services that allow their users to watch live sports matches. People began searching for ways to watch sports online from the moment all the online craze went up around the world. A lot of major sports companies have their own streaming channels.

There are various types of places available for watching sports online, as some are free and some are charged.
Some sites are also devoted to specific sports, some of which allow you to watch almost all kinds of online sports matches (football) and tournaments without registration.

1. Fox Sports Go

You can watch live sports streaming via FOX Sports GO’s Fox Sports Network website.Since Fox Sports is the official broadcaster of several sporting events, this website offers live streaming of numerous sports matches.Even if you are not the sponsor, you can still use this website to watch live sports.

This website is also used as a smartphone app for streaming live sports from mobile phones. The app is easy to access and very easy to use, so you can watch sports anywhere. But not officially free for all, FOX Sports GO
is free of charge if you have a cable. To get access to all of the sporting events, you just need to sign up for cable or satellite.

2. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch 2020 is one of the largest and most popular free sports streaming websites. You may start using this website to watch a live stream of any sports game. On its homepage you can find all matches which you can watch live. You’ll get things like sporting names, information about team players, etc.

You can get information on the availability of content in various video formats, such as HD, 1080p, Full HD, etc.

This is one of the best ways to watch live ad-supported football, so before accessing this website, you can need to unblock Adblock. To download or watch the matches, you can also find several mirrors of the same match.

3. CBS Sports

This sports streaming platform not only features live sports streams, but also videos and news related to sports.
Much of the NBA, NFL, MLB, Football, NHL, MMA, NCAA, NGO, MMA, and so on are included. Users can also download the CBS Sports app to watch live sports from their cell phones. Users may need to sign up or register
themselves on it to stream content on this website.

You can also see live scores, highlights, timetable, match results, and other important sports-related facts on this website if you like. Since CBS is a very wide network, from this website, you can expect some high-quality and official streams. If this website has never been tried by you, then you should give it a chance.

5. Fromhot


For football fans, FromHot is among the most popular online sports streaming websites in the world. FromHot has a very beautiful and smooth design which provides every user with a great experience. While many other websites broadcast live sports that are ad-supported, FromHot does not have too many intrusive ads, which makes it a better alternative.

Instead, the main page layout is very clean and the site’s colour choices are also very eye-catching. It’s also a matter of less than a minute for first time users to understand the FromHot website. Streaming links to common sports such as basketball, cricket, football, baseball, hockey, golf, cycling, and many more are given by FromHot.

5. Stream Sports

Stream Sports is a website for streaming sports live and sometimes for free, as the name suggests. This website operates quite similarly to other websites that are listed on this page for sports streaming. On this website, you can scan and view streaming links which are played with your own media player. All major sports can be watched here, from NBA games to soccer

It would be fair to warn you, though. Right now, Stream Sports is not available worldwide. But in order to access this website, it may be necessary to use a VPN or some form of proxy. It depends on where you visit this website, as UTC is the time zone on this website. Nevertheless, as one of the largest free sports streaming sites, it is definitely worth the hassle.

6. LiveTV

The LiveTV platform provides tournament results, upcoming matches, matches that have been played in the past, live games, live streams, and many more so that sports fans can keep pace. It is internationally available, so it is not limited to particular countries. On this website, there are also messaging channels available where fans can chat about any sport.

Without signing up, LiveTV also offers the user access to live sports streaming. For quick access to on-the-spot sports coverage, LiveTV also has Android and iOS applications. Note that the streaming links available on this website are hosted elsewhere, so when streaming, you will have to deal with some pop-ups and advertising.

7. LiveScore

The name says something about the website LiveScore. This website was originally launched to provide live scores of sports matches, but the developers began showing live streaming of sports on this website because of the rise in popularity. You can also download the LiveScore software for mobile devices if you like.

This website’s design is very basic and easy to use. You can get a list of all sporting events that are live right now
right on the homepage and you can move around to check for upcoming matches. You can watch live matches of different sports such as soccer, hocket, tennis, basketball, and many more using this website.

8. Laola1

Laola1 is a sports streaming website located in Austria that allows you to watch free live streams of sports from around the also has computer and mobile smartphone applications available.By downloading an APK file from it, you can also use these applications on your tablets and smart TVs.For anyone who is not into paying streaming services, this amazing website must be visited once.

Laola1 Premium membership is also available, offering full HD resolution live streams and content, no video advertising before and after streams, and immersive live-stream replay.While watching live sports streaming on Laola is completely free, you can also go for a paid membership.

9. Stream Woop

Streamwoop is yet another free website for live sports streaming that makes it easy to watch sports online.

In accordance with its schedule, each sports show has been organised so that your favourite sporting event can never be missed. As compared to other sites, they warn you any time a live sports show on the website goes on stream.

They have a variety of categories that you can use to scan for various sporting events, including current sports, trends, highlights, and sports news. What’s cool is that you don’t have to log on to this website. Stream Woop has made it easier to watch sports live than ever.

10. Watch ESPN

If you can’t find any appropriate website, Watch ESPN is a top choice for sports streaming online. We all know that ESPN is one of the most influential networks worldwide when it comes to sports coverage. There is a good chance that you’ve already heard of ESPN because you’re a fan of sports. WatchESPN is recognised as an ESPN network product, and this website has been created to broadcast all sports.

ESPN Watch is currently not available in every country. So, if you are from a country where this service is not

available, you may need to access its content using a VPN service. You can still use Watch ESPN to watch certain sports online without registration, no matter what sports you want to watch live online.

11. SportLemons


SportLemons is an Asian online portal with a comprehensive broadcasting infrastructure that illustrates all sporting events without intrusive ads that interferes with the experience of live viewing. After registration on the website, you can also opt-in to get HD live streams of sports and enjoy a few more features.

In addition, there is a convenient interface on this website where you can browse to watch your favourite sport live. SportLemons offers a wide variety of free sporting events that are not available elsewhere. If you like, then you can also save or save matches to your account for offline viewing after creating your account.

12. Bosscast

You do not need to register to watch live sports free of charge on Bosscast. This website focuses primarily on sports such as basketball, baseball, hockey, WWE, rugby, and golf and is aimed at the audience in North America. It is not free-form advertising, for example, and when using it, you may need to bring some advertisements. If you are not bothered by these unwanted pop-ups, Bosscast will certainly be a good option among the free sports streaming sites listed in this article.

This website provides live streaming of sports in different video formats and you can choose one according to your requirements. The match’s live score is updated right on the home page, so you don’t even need to open a stream to just know the scores. For each match, multiple mirror links are provided and you just need to click on any sports match to reveal them.

13. Roja Directa

The Roja Directa website is another website we recommend for free live sports. This website is fairly old, so you can rely on it to support both registered and unregistered users for stable streaming links. Then you should consider using Roja Directa without thinking twice if you are searching for stable and secure sports streaming sites.

This platform provides you with all the video links to watch each game. As this website serves its content in many languages, the Roja Directa website is very popular. Roja Directa’s user interface is also clean, so when searching for live streaming links, you will not face any sort of problem.

14. VIP League

One of the world’s oldest and most popular sports streaming sites is VIPLeague. On this page, there are so many game streams available, so you don’t have to look for them. The home page lists all of the games that are available on it. You only have to click on a game and it will show the live streams of that sport right away.

To watch it online or read news about it, you can then click on any match. In several nations, the ISP and government block VIPLeague. You can suggest using this website with a VPN or you can try using any other VIPLeague website with other domain extensions if you face the “VIPLeague Servers Blockage” issue.

15. SportSurge

Compared to other sites on this list, SportSurge might be a new sports streaming website, but it is certainly worth visiting. Currently, this website offers live streaming of various sports, such as football, hockey, basketball, motorsports, MMA, and boxing. The streaming connections are embedded from other sources of streaming.
There are no advertisements on the interface on this website, but you can get some ads during the streaming of sports. They screen commercials, according to the creators, mostly to make up the costs of operating the website. It doesn’t matter where you are from, you can still watch live sports without registration by using the SportSurge sports streaming website.

16. VIPRow

VIPRow offers you an incredibly easy to use interface, as the website is very easy to navigate and user-friendly

people choose to use it over other similar sites. The name says something about this popular online sports streaming website. This website offers live streaming links to many sports, including soccer, basketball, baseball, handball, and many more.

On this website, there are hundreds of sports videos you can watch and you can even upload your own sports footage. It can be a little distracting, because this website shows a lot of pop-up ads. Then try using an ad-blocker when visiting this website if you want to get rid of them. It even deals with sluggish connections to the

internet, so you don’t need to think about that.

17. Hotstar

In 2020, Hotstar was one of the top free streaming websites for sports. Different sports, including cricket, sports, baseball, swimming, tennis, and badminton, and many more, are streamed live. Live sports streaming can be done on HotStar in HD quality and on both computers and mobile devices as well.

It has a mobile app that provides sporting events with easy access. However, this website and app can only be

accessed by users in the Indian Geographical Area. You can access your free content service through a VPN without being in the Indian area. Star Networks, which is the official broadcaster of many leagues and matches, owns Hotstar.

18. CricFree

Crickfree is mainly a sports streaming platform focused on cricket.This website, however, offers streaming links for many other sports, including NFL, Basketball, Cricket, Boxing, Baseball, Formula 1, WWE, as well as MotoGP.Any of this website’s content has been scraped from third-party websites so you can get advertisements in the centre.Crickfree has an interface which is very easy to use.This website is blocked in some jurisdictions, so try using a VPN.

A problem factor that may interfere with streaming is the frequent pop-up ads that often happen at intervals.
The use of ad-blocker plugins and applications can also not fix the problem, so you’re going to have to bring those advertisements. Besides this, for sports fans, particularly cricket enthusiasts, the Cricfree is definitely a good streaming website.


Another entertainment network that also has the distinction of providing material available in various languages is This includes football, handball, boxing, tennis, NBA, NFL, NHL, athletics, etc. This website not only shows sports, but also shows live TV shows and series that can be viewed after registration on the website. has a live match-only channel and an essential list of recent sporting events. The operation of the website is very simple to understand and visitors can easily access live TV shows and sports matches after registration. Since it has a responsive interface, the website can also be streamed on Android and iOS.


Streams hunters is another list of free sports or football streaming sites.Streamshunters will complete all the requirements for live streaming free sports online as a football, NFL or NBA lover.

Streams hunters are the huge sports streaming hub with Multi Genres. Streamshunters Football, basketball, baseball, handball, hockey, moto, soccer, NFL, tennis, volleyball, box, and many more are a free streaming platform. Streams Hunters There are some live streaming connections to different sports on the home page.
The unwanted pop up advertisements, however, irritate you for some time. Fast speed HD streaming and never having any registration are the two things about this streaming platform.

21. BBC iPlayer

With an impressive graphical user interface, BCC iPlayer is a highly ranked, free sport streaming website in the world. It offers a broad range of online sports streaming links that can be accessed online by individuals and it also has features that enable users to use social media to communicate with other users.

On mobile devices, the BBC iPlayer website might not work perfectly. Besides that, it is an excellent streaming platform for sports. We all know how big the BCC network is, so for your sports streaming requirements, you can rely on it. If you like, then you can also download the BBC mobile app to watch sports from your smartphone on your Android and iOS devices.

FAQs Related to Streaming Sites for Sports

How do I stream for free live sports?

This is one of the most popular questions asked by sports fans around the world, and if you have any questions, then let us tell you that you can watch live sports for free using the websites listed above. We also included both free and paid sports streaming platforms, so you can use the free ones if you don’t want to pay anything to watch live sports matches. Sports availability is in doubt because the live streaming of the sport you want to watch might not be provided by several websites. But if you can not find such a website, then you can ask us for assistance so that we can provide you with a true and free website to watch your favourite sport online.

Are Streaming Sites for Sports Legal?

There are several streaming platforms for illegal sports available out there and that is why we have prepared this list. On this list, we have only included safe to use and legal sports streaming sites, so you do not have to worry about anything when using them. Some of the websites mentioned on this page also offer sports streaming apps,

so you can download their apps for live mobile sports streaming if you like. We will continue to update this list of free sports streaming apps and will delete the ones that stop working, so you will still have sports streaming sites working for you.

Free Sports Streaming Sites Final Words-

So this is all about websites without registration to watch sports online and we hope from this page you have found some decent sports streaming sites. There are several live sports streaming sites out there, but the websites we have mentioned on this page work best and you should probably try them once.



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