Top 20 Best File Manager For Windows 10 (Latest Version) 2023

A built-in File Explorer for file management is available from Microsoft’s Windows operating system. You can quickly access the contents stored on your disk with the default file explorer. While the default file explorer is better recommended, it has features less than the third-party file explorer applications.

Another thing is that the Windows File Explorer user interface has been hardly updated once or twice. There are a number of web-based Windows 10 file manager applications that offers far more than default functionality. So if you are interested in Windows third-party file explorer software, you read the right post.

20 Best Windows File Manager 10 (Latest Version) 2023

In this article we will list some of the best Windows 10 file explorer applications with more flexibility than the native application. So let’s explore the best Windows 10 device file manager 2023.

1. CommanderFreeCommander

FreeCommander is one of Windows 10’s best and best free file managers app. FreeCommander is incredibly lightweight and carries nearly every function a file manager requires. Besides only moving through files, FreeCommander enables Android users to break and merge files, zip and unzip files, batch renaming, shred files, etc.

3. File Browser

ok if you are checking for free and easy-to-use file manager replacement for Windows then the best option for you might be File Browser. The best thing about File Browser is that it comes with material design and you can handle almost any file. Besides that, File Explorer also supports the browsing of tabbeds and multiple themes.

2. Q-dir

While other Windows file manager apps rely on the 2-pane interface, Q-dir violates the 4-pane rule. Q-dir is a free Windows file manager app you’re sure to enjoy. Q-nice dir’s thing is it’s lightweight and the gui looks pretty much like the Windows XP file explorer. With Q-dir, almost any simple file is capable of handling items such as transferring data, renaming, unzip, etc.

5. Commander of the Metro

Well, Metro Commander rely on dual-pane views, just like all other File Manager apps. Metro Commander’s dual-pane view provides improved file management experience and can really help you to quickly find your files. In addition, Metro Commander supports themes, zip tools, cloud support, FTP, and more. When you talk about file manager functionality, you can perform almost all management of files, such as transferring files, renaming batch, deleting batch files, etc.

4. +++ Explorer

Explorer++ is a file manager program with several special features that is open-source. The Windows file manager app is a little different from all the other ones mentioned in the article. Explorer++ for Windows provides dual-pane browsing on computer-stored files and OneDrive integration. In addition, the Windows File Manager software also provides few customization options.

7. Full Commander

Complete Commander is another fantastic Windows 10 file manager program that you can now use. The best thing about Total Commander is that almost all major formats are supported and compress files are even read without any other tool. In addition, Complete Commander has some advanced features such as cloud storage, etc. Not only this, but Complete Commander also allows users to pause and restart each file transfer and set the speed limit.

6. Opus Directory

Directory Opus is one of Windows operating system’s best file manager applications. Guess what? Guess what? Directory Opus comes with a nice interface which offers two viewing options for users – single panel and double panel. Much like the default Windows explorer, Directory Opus also allows several directories to be accessed by Users. In addition, Directory Opus has a powerful search feature, which can search for files across directories.

9. FileVoyager

FileVoyager is another fantastic Windows file manager with a double panel interface. FileVoyager is perfect because it carries out all simple operations like shifting through data, renaming, binding, deleting etc. More interestingly, FileVoyager is that you can easily access file compression tools or fax or email any text.

8. One Commandant

If you’re searching for the excellent option to the native Windows File Manager, One Commander can be a great choice for you. One Commander’s great thing is that it’s absolutely free and doesn’t show any advertising. In addition, One Commander provides users with two separate themes, dark and light. With One Commander, you can expect almost every file explorer feature.

11. xPlorer2

XPlorer2 is for those looking for a replacement Windows default file manager while retaining flexibility, speed and performance. Guess what? Guess what? XPlorer2 is one of the easiest and simplest Windows 10 file explorers with a dual pane. It has virtually all common file managers such as searching or transferring files. In addition, xPlorer2 also has advanced features such as shredding, file slicing, file merging, etc.

10. Multi-computer

The Multi-Commander may also be the ideal option for you if you are searching for the perfect alternative to the native Windows File Explorer. Guess what? Guess what? Multi-Commander also has a dual-pane interface, much like all other file manager applications. Multi-Commander features a wide variety of tools and plug-ins to help users navigate their files and directories.

13. Frigate3

Well if you’re looking for an easy but powerful Windows 10 file manager, Frigate3 could be the best option for you. Guess what? Guess what? You can handle your files effectively with Frigate3. It also has advanced features such as network support, FTP file management, compression of files, etc.

12. XYplorer

XYplorer is the ultimate Windows file manager that will allow you to easily handle files. XYplorer’s main highlights are its tabbed browsing, strong file search, a flexible overview and a customizable design. What is more fascinating is that because of its lightweight application, it does not require any installation. This means that you can start the XYplorer from a USB drive right away.

15. Explorer Aerize

Aerize Explorer is one of Microsoft Store’s best-rated file manager applications. Aerize Explorer provides a range of premium file management features such as locking of passcodes, custom backgrounds, various sizes and configurations, special icons, and more. This is a tool for free file manager, but it is supported by advertisements. You can easily manage files, directories and storage cards with Aerize Explorer.

14. Files Manager for Windows 10

Windows 10 File Manager is one of the best and most highly rated Windows file manager available in the Microsoft Store. This is a completely functioning file manager with tabs. You can not only handle files and directories with Windows 10 Files Manager, but also view images, pictures, edit documents, compress files, etc.

17. Mighty File Explorer

Another best file manager software for Windows 10 that can be used today is Mighty File Explorer. Mighty File Explorer is perfect because it’s speed optimized and can easily handle massive files and directories with thousands of items. Mighty File Explorer also has a column-based interface that supports the mouse, keyboard and touch screen.

16. Fluent Explorer File

Fluent File Explorer is the most efficiant and the best Microsoft store Windows File Manager applications you can use now. The best thing about Fluent File Explorer is the Fluent Nature. handsome, completely personalized file explorer with Fluent File Explorer.

19. File Browser

File Explorer is one of the best and easiest applications for Windows 10 for searching and managing libraries and files which are stored anywhere on your PC. Guess what? Guess what? You can quickly transfer and remove files with File Explorer, rename your files. File Explorer also has support for drag and drop.

18. My Files Explorer

Ok, you’d have to try My Files Explorer if you’re looking for an easy-to-use file manager program on your Windows 10 device. Guess what? Guess what? You can use my Files Explorer with a clean interface to manage objects. My Files Explorer has tabs and password protection as well.

20. HD File Manager

The last file manager app on the list that you can use right now is File Manager HD. File Manager HD is nice because it helps users to explore files in common directories, FTPs and popular cloud storage. Besides this the user interface separates File Manager HD from the crowd.

These are the best Windows 10 file managers you can use right now. It is worth noting that there are several other resources available on the Internet, but only the most common ones have been mentioned. I hope you’ve been helped by this post! Even share it with your colleagues.

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