Top 15 Best Rimworld mods To Download Updated in 2021

It’s tough to tell which Rimworld mods are the best. Rimworld is a colony management game that has a simple goal: you must make sure that a group of people, each with their own unique skills, backstories, and quirks, stay alive.

I think it depends on how the AI storyteller is set up. Depending on what you do, you could have a “healthy farming game” or a “relentless cascade of disaster.” There are a lot of the best Rimworld mods out there that can add extra features and make the game easier to play.

You can make your colony more efficient or arrange it better with some of the changes. Other changes include hygiene and children, and a few completely change the game by introducing magic or outer space.

We think it’s best to start out without any mods and gradually add them as you finish a few vanilla Rimworld colonies and get over the disturbing stories that came out of your adventures.

It happened when one of your people got sick and your doctor fed the body right away. Or when everyone got food poisoning on a road trip and the only upright coloniser, who had vowed never to use violence, was died by a mad squirrel.


These are the best Rimworld mods:
  • Rimworld Multiplayer
  • Hospitality
  • EDB Prepare Carefully
  • Colony Manager
  • Realistic Rooms
  • Interaction Bubbles
  • Common Sense
  • Wall Light
  • Grim Reality
  • Dubs Bad Hygiene
  • Children, School and Learning
  • Save our Ship 2
  • Vanilla Expanded
  • A Rimworld of Magic
  • Combat Extended

How to install Rimworld mods in 2021?

It’s easy to add Rimworld mods to your game by going to the Steam Workshop. But, some of the more complex mods require you to install Harmony and sometimes Hugslib. These are both libraries that help your mods work better.

Mods must be installed in a certain way, and library mods must be installed before the core game. There is an auto-sort option in the best Rimworld mods 1.1 update that will put them in the right order. Some of these mods will let you keep playing the game the way it was before you saved. Most of them will tell you to make a new file.

At the time of this writing, each of the mods on the list should work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Keep an eye out for mods that also need the Royalty or Philosophy expansion packs, so you can play them.


It’s a good place to start if you want to try out the best Rimworld mods 2019 with some friends. It can be used with the most recent patch and the Royalty expansion, and it can also be used with other mods, such as those that make the game interesting. The multiplayer guide for best mods for RimWorld can help you learn more about how this game works.


One of the things we didn’t like about earlier game modes was that visitors didn’t do anything. They’d walk into your map, stay for a while, and then leave. They’d usually stay in front of the turrets or outside in the rain, and then leave. In the beginning, there were only a few traders.

Having a room for guests, trying to tell guests where they can and can’t go, making items in an area buyable, and getting someone to love a faction can fix this. A lot of new things can happen, like opening a hotel and serving beer made in the colony, or running a great human trafficking ring.

EdB Prepare Carefully

Have you ever spent a lot of time refreshing your group of start-up wackos, looking for someone who knows not to hold a knife by the pointy end, or who can bandage someone without putting your colony in danger? EdB Prepare Carefully lets you choose your colonists and items to get off to the greatest feasible start. There’s also an optional points cap to keep you from making colonists who are too good.

Colony Manager

Fluffy’s Colony Manager lets you choose a colony manager who will automatically assign jobs to colonists so that the colony is always full of wood and meat and that your livestock is so well. As a result, you won’t have to worry about running out of supplies, because they’ll be brought back to you as quickly as possible. Make a new save to use this mod. It adds a new work form to the game.

Realistic Rooms

In light of the fact that they’re trying to get through a crash landing, colonists have some pretty great standards for the size of their rooms. Realistic Rooms makes it easier to make small bases that don’t bother your pawns by making the required room sizes closer to reality. It can also be used with save games.

Bubbles of interaction

If you don’t keep an eye on the social log, your colonists are always saying intriguing and weird things to each other, which you’ll most likely not notice. In Jaxe, when your colonists talk, you’ll see these quips and questions over their heads. This is thanks to Interaction Bubbles from Jaxe, so you’ll never miss an interaction again. Any time you want, you can add or remove it, and it won’t hurt your save files.

Common Sense

People in your colony aren’t always so smart. When they have Common Sense, their actions are a little more, well, sensible. They won’t rush to get all the ingredients they need, or cook in a dirty kitchen. No one will be harmed if they put it on and then take it off during middle of the game.

Light on the Wall

Lights that hang from the ceiling. With a Wall Light, you don’t need to have any ugly lamps that take up space. They are sleek and don’t look like they belong on the wall. It’s also possible to look into “Coloured Lights,” which will let you turn your colony into an over-the-top nightclub.

Grim Reality

You have to keep your colonists alive on the Rim, but if they get rained on while hungry or have been rejected by the same person for the fifteenth time in vanilla Rimworld, their moods and opinions quickly change.

Your colonists will still be imply to them because their face is a little wonky, even though the doctor who saved their lives and cooked them a good meal of Ibex meat and rice saved them. Grim Reality gives your pawns a sense of realism, which lessens the impact of small flaws but increases the impact of truly terrible events.

Dubs Bad Hygiene

Toilets are the only thing you don’t have on your trip to Rimworld. Dubs Bad Hygiene is a game that has a way to keep clean. If you want to keep your colonists clean and waste-free, you’ll need to build sewage and plumbing systems. This add-on also has a lot of other things. It has irrigation canals, hot tubs, and heating systems. In the past, it could be added to the already save. After that, trying to remove the save would be very hard to do.

Children, School and Learning

Adds pregnancies women and babies to the game. Dylan’s Children, School, and Learning mod makes them look like teenagers, which is something we strongly advise you not to think about when you play the game, though. Their help right away is a good thing. You can build blackboards and school tables for your colonists to use to teach their children how to do things. They can only learn for a year before they are becoming adults.

Save Our Ship 2

Rimworld is a game about constructing a ship and getting it off the planet. Save Our Ship significantly expands the mid to late game by letting you drive your own ship. You can take colonists and other things on your ship and go to other planets, leaving your colonies in the hands of other groups. You can always come back.

During your journey around a planet, you’ll see other ships. Some of them will be more friendly than others. Then, you can make “crittersleep” capsules and even bring your pets on your trip with you.

Vanilla Expansion

The Vanilla Expanded modpack is a large collection of mods that make the game more exciting and enjoyable in a lot of different ways. They’ll all work together because they were made by the same team, and they’ll add a lot of new things, like texture mods, more furniture, more armour and weapons, and so many animals. They’ll also improve cooking, fishing, plants, factions, and books.

A Magical Rimworld

It’s one of the best Rimworld mods of Magic, and it completely changes how you fight. There are 12 magic classes and six fighter classes, each with their own abilities and game trees. There are also a lot of new clothes and equipment, as well as a lot of new events. As fun as it is to play around with magic, some people say it’s too powerful. You can change some of the settings in-game to make things a little more difficult.

Extended Combat

Armour and shields, injuries, melee and projectile fights, and other parts of Rimworld’s combat system, are recalibrated in Combat Extended. There is now a ballistic model instead of a percentage-based shooting system that made it hard to get good shots. Every way, it’s a huge improvement. The only problem is that you have to start over with a new game, it can’t be removed from your save files, and it interferes with other mods.

So load up your digital plate with the best Rimworld mods we’ve found and see if you can figure out why your game won’t start. It’s best to start with one or two at a time, because they’re almost certainly not going to work around each other.

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