Top 15 Best Free Software Updaters For Windows in 2023

 Sometimes an up-to-date operating system is not enough to deter hacking or malware attacks from our computer. Malware can access your device by mean of email attachments, software installs or installed software.

Since we never think about upgrading apps that are already on our computer, malware developers frequently try to push malicious files with old versions of apps. However, upgrading the obsolete software will easily remedy these things. But if you are one of those who have loads of software on a PC, it can be a tiresome job to update each software manually.

15 Best Windows Free Software Updates 2023

So to make it a bit simpler we will share some of the best free software updates that can be used to upgrade all of your Windows software simultaneously. So let’s check out some of your Windows 10 computer’s best free software updates.

1. App Manager for FileHippo

Well, FileHippo App Manager, which was previously known as the FileHippo update checker is another top-of-the-range update of Windows 10 and can be used to update all of your Windows PC’s outdated software. It scans and lists all outdated software with an update connection automatically with FileHippo App Manager. FileHippo Software Manager uses its own file update database.


This is one of the world’s leading software upgrade tools for Windows 10. The app has a feature called “autopilot,” which checks and upgrades all obsolete software automatically. In addition, you can also schedule apps to review product updates on a regular basis.

3. Software Updater

As the tool’s name suggests, the software updater is intended to upgrade obsolete software. The best thing about Software Updater is its simple interface and free of complex configurations. When discussing the functionality, Software Updater checks and lists the latest version of all installed software. Software updater is another best edition of Windows Software that you can use right now.

4. Ninite

It is another fantastic software update on the list that can be used on Windows 10. The software is known for its sleek interface and functionality. Ninitie also tests and upgrades system drivers in addition to software updates. This is probably the best Windows software update tool you can use.

5. OUTDATEfighter

Well, OUTDATEfighter is another free software update that displays the name. OUTDATEfighter is perfect because it can load updates and install them in just one press. In addition, OUTDATEfighter automatically scans virus configuration files for stability.

6. Patch My PC Updater

Unlike any other update software, Patch My PC checks the PC for obsolete software. The sirprising thing about the tool is that it checks and installs available updates for you automatically. In addition, the tool can also be run according to the schedule.

7. Kaspersky Software Updater

Kaspersky Software Updater is best because it’s a security business because it checks and only installs updates first. This means that the tool also focuses on safety. So a further best free Windows software updater to use is Kaspersky Software Updater.

8. Notifier Update

If you are looking for an easy-to-use Windows 10 update, update notifier might be the best option for you. The positive thing about Update Notifier is that it scans the available software automatically and gives you the link to download from official websites. This means that you must download the updates through a web browser or download managers.

9. Free Thor

Well this is essentially a guide to keep the security programs up to date. Thor Free has a feature called ‘Autopilot’ mode. The mode essentially allows users to automatically update all compatible programs. Thor Free runs background and downloads and installs modifications and patches of software silently.

10. IObit Software Updater

If you’re searching for a quick but powerful Windows 10 computer update, then IObit Software Updater might be the best option for you. Guess what? Guess what? The IObit Software Updater has every feature of a software upgrade tool that you expect. The tool lists the current version and the new version of the installed software. In addition, IObit Software Updater supports single updates, mass updates and automatic updates.

11. SUMo

Ok, SUMo for the Software Update Monitor is another best software updater for Windows 10 that you can use right now. The software effectively scans your software hard drive. The scanning is a little sluggish, but after it has been scanned, the users will see which programs to be modified. It also enables users to manually update software.

 12. UpdateScanner Downloadcrew

The tool has a huge software database which enables users to pre-configure the scanning process. For example, users can prepare an UpdateScanner Downloadcrew to search for updates at a specified time of day.

13. Glarysoft’s Software Update

This is a little different from all the others mentioned above. It checks the software updates on your computer and shows the result in your browsing. The result page also contains direct download links to the updates of the Glarysoft Software Update.

14. Avira Software Updater

If you are looking to upgrade all software using Windows software, Avira Software Updater may be the right option. Guess what? Guess what? Avira Software Updater checks obsolete software in just one click and informs you which software to upgrade. It is available free and premium in two models. The free edition is just a limited version of the paid version with some extra features.

15. Radar Sync

If you are looking for software to ensure that your machine runs smoothly, then Radar Sync could be your best option. The software searches for obsolete drivers and software and provides modified download links. Radar Sync is a high quality product, however and users must buy the software for at least 1 year. Apart from that, several high-tech sites such as Lifehacker, PC World, PCMAG, etc. recommend the Radar Sync software.

This is the 15 best software updater for Windows that you can use at this time. If you know of any other apps, let us know in the comment box below.

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