Top 10 Best Websites to Read Comics Online Free in 2021

Let’s confess. There are moments when both of us are mad for reading comics. I can quickly remember the days in my spare time when I used to read comic books. Until 2005, comic books used to be a great source of entertainment, but things changed with the arrival of smartphones.

People now want to listen rather than to read; that’s why comics aren’t important to anyone anymore. But somehow, in our hearts, it retains a soft space because it reminds us of our childhood. It’s not that people don’t enjoy reading comics now, but usability is a big problem now.

List of Top 10 best websites for online reading of comics in 2021

It is worth noting that there are many websites out there that allow users to read online comics, but most of them are premium sites, and it is costly to read comics on those sites.

1. GetComics


GetComics will be a great place for prominent publishers like DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Dynamite, Valiant, Zenescope, and many more to download comic books from. The user interface of the site is very neat and
lists the popular categories of comics on the homepage itself.


ComiXology is a digital distribution site for comics that is cloud-based. There are over 75000 comics and more than 700 online comics on the web that you can read for free. On the website, you can find comics from many
famous publishers, such as Marvel, DC, Image, Boom, etc.

3.Marvel Unlimited


Marvel Unlimited is a platform where Marvel’s vast collection of titles helps you to read comics online.
This is not a free place, however. To access over 25,000 comics, you need to subscribe to a monthly or annual kit. There are also a few comics on the web that were listed for free, but they were less common.

4.DriveThru Comics




While Marvel and DC comics are absent from DriveThru Comics, it still has a large range of comics that you will certainly love. You can read comic books on DriveThru Comics from popular publishers such as Valiant Comics, Top Cow, Aspen Comics, etc. Not every comic, however, was free to download & read.

5. Amazon Best Sellers

Ok, Amazon Best Sellers is another great place to look for free comics online when looking for them. To discover free comics online, you can check out the top free section. To locate the comic book, users can also use filters such as genre, author, etc.

6.DC Kids

Much like Marvel, DC Kids is another wonderful website for free online reading of comics. While DC is not as famous as Marvel, the animations of the company are greatly loved.DC Kids is classified as a paid-for service for suLikelike Marvel Unlimited, you’ll love the comics, but there are many comics that can be read free of charge.

7. Comic Book Plus


Comic Book Plus could be the best for you if you are searching for a site to read free comics online. The best thing is that the website has many pages for reading comics, such as pulp fiction, non-English, magazines, booklets, etc.

8. Digital Comic Museum


Ok, if you’re looking for places to read Golden Age comic books, then maybe the best place to visit is the Interactive Comic Museum. The platform focuses only on titles of comic books which are almost 60-70 years old.
On the downside, on the web, you will not find any current comic books.

9.DC Comics

Well, if you’re a massive DC fan like me, then you’re sure you’re going to love this site.It has an Android and iOS app that helps you to read comics, graphic novels, and magazines from DC.If we’re talking about the web, before reading any comic book, the site asks users to register.

10.View Comic

For reading comics online, View Comic is one of the best and top-rated websites. The best thing about View Comic is that it allows users to read comics and sign up without registration. The user interface is fairly clean and plain, and it’s the best online comic reading site.

Eventually, you may have to know all the best comic blogs that are available on the internet after reading this article.I hope you have been helped by this post! Please share it with friends of yours as well.

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