Top 10 Best Free Softwares To Backup & Restore Windows Drivers

Drivers are one of the most important aspects of the Windows operating system, and frequent driver backup should be taken to secure their vital driver files. So, we will share some of the best cloud-based apps that can
be used to backup your drivers in order to make things simple.

Best Free Applications for Windows Driver Backup & Restore

The Windows Driver Backup app allows you to copy, backup, and extract drivers whenever you want. So, let’s explore the best tool you can use for Windows Driver Backup right now.

1. Double Driver

In essence, Double Driver is an all-in-one driver control tool for the Windows 10 operating system.The app lists all drivers that have been installed and allows you to backup, restore and save them for later use.Double Driver also lists information about the driver, such as the version of the driver, date, provider, and a few other specifics.

DriverMax is one of the best backup apps for Windows drivers you can use right now. The great thing about DriverMax is that it has a well-organized gui that can instal drivers for you or upgrade them. In addition, DriverMax also has the ability to backup and restore your system’s mounted drivers. DriverMax’s driver repair utility can be used to deal with various driver-related issues on your device.

3. SlimDrivers

Well, compared with all the others mentioned above, SlimDrivers is a little bit different. SlimDrivers is an updating tool for cloud-based drivers that also comes with a backup and restore feature. For your Windows device, this is an all-in-one driver tool to help you find the new drivers and backup and restore the old ones.

The user interface of Driver Magician Lite might not be a strong point, but it doesn’t lack any important features. The Driver Magician Lite is fairly lightweight and easy to use compared to all other instruments. It scans all the drivers loaded on your device automatically. Also, it lets you manually update the drivers.

5. DriverPack Solution

Another great tool on the list, which comes with several driver-related features, is the DriverPack Solution. It’s an all-in-one driver updating tool that can back up drivers and restore them as well. The great thing about the DriverPack solution is that it hosts Windows’ largest device driver repository.

6. DriverEasy

DriverEasy is just like SlimDrivers, another fantastic driver backup tool that you can use right now. In only three simple steps, the best thing about DriverEasy is that it can backup your drivers. The first involves searching for the drivers, the second involves picking, and taking a backup is the third one. In addition, DriverEasy can also be used to capture your computer’s hardware data.

7. DriverBackup!

If you are looking for a Windows 10 user-friendly tool to backup and restore Windows drivers, DriverBackup! Maybe it’s the best pick for you. Just guess what? The tool is able to search for drivers efficiently and can create a backup file. DriverBackup, aside from that! The command-line options were also restored and withdrawn.

8. Driver Talent

One of the best and easy to use resources for identifying obsolete drivers is Driver Talent, previously named DriveTheLife. In addition to obsolete drivers, corrupt drivers can also be found by Driver Talent. The Driver Talent user interface is easy to use and is available for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems.

9. Free Driver Scout

Another of the best driver update software for Windows 10 is Free Driver Scout, which can update all outdated drivers. Interestingly, Free Driver Scout enables users to configure daily, weekly, or monthly pre-set schedule scans. Other than that, in just a few clicks, the driver backup utility can backup all installed drivers.

10. AVG Driver Updater

AVG Driver Updater is one of the best tools to quickly repair & upgrade your system driver, although it is not free. The tool can identify drivers quickly, resulting in computer freezes, crashes & bugs, and problems with connectivity. All corrupt & outdated drivers are automatically found and updated by the tool. The AVG Driver Updater, though, is fairly expensive.

So, these are the best tools to backup and restore your Windows drivers that you can use. If you know any other tools like these, drop the name below in the comment box. I hope you have been helped by this article! Please share it with friends of yours as well.

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