Top 10 Best Free Firewall Apps For Android in 2021

Yeah, we’re pretty sure you’re worried about antivirus andvanti-malware software if you learn about the word ‘Mobile Defense.’ Under the ‘Mobile Security’ portion, there are lots of applications, of which Antivirus and Firewall are the most relevant ones.

On techviral, we posted a post about the best Android antivirus software, and today we’re going to talk about the best firewall apps. Based on the default protection protocol, you can conveniently track all incoming and outgoing traffic between your smartphone and the web with firewall applications for Android.

List of 10 Best Firewall Apps For Android in 2021

This paper will share some of the best Android firewall applications that you can use today. So, let’s try out Android’s best firewall apps.

1. Protect Net


Protect Net is available on the Google Play Store as a relatively new Android firewall app. The best thing about Protect Net is that both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones work on it. Protect Net, like all other Android firewall software, also allows users to disable the use of both WiFi and cell data per app on the internet.
To limit data use, Protect Net depends on a VPN connection.

2. Avast Antivirus

For full all-around protection, if you have a rooted Android smartphone, you can use Avast Antivirus. Avast Antivirus is an Antivirus, App locker, call blocker, screenshot vault, VPN, Firewall multi-purpose app. Avast Antivirus’ firewall feature requires root access and will prevent apps from using the internet.

3. VPN Safe Firewall

VPN Secure Firewall also helps users to permit/block individual addresses per programme, like all other Firewall applications. The best thing about VPN Secure Firewall is that it’s totally free, and blocking apps from accessing the internet doesn’t require root access.

4. InternetGuard

Another top-rated Android firewall software on the list that runs on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices is InternetGuard. You can create custom profiles for this software to block applications from accessing the internet when linked to WiFi or mobile data. Besides that, it was the user interface that distinguished the app fromĀ  the viewer

5. NoRoot Data Firewall

NoRoot Data Firewall is renowned for the capabilities of its blocking.The NoRoot Data Firewall gui is beyond fantastic, and if any blocked software attempts to link to the internet, it will alert you. NoRoot Data Firewall also has the ability to record all network connections created by pre-installed users, aside from all of these.

6. NetPatch Firewall


Well, relative to all the other firewall apps mentioned above, NetPatch Firewall is a little bit different.This is one kind of specialised firewall app that can be used to build groups of domains and IPs, block individual IP addresses, etc. Almost all other NetPatch Firewall functions, such as disabling cell data and WiFi independently on a per-app basis, remain the same as other applications.

7. Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall

On your Android mobile, it is an innovative firewall app that you can use. NoRoot Firewall is the best thing about Mobiwol: it tells you which software absorbs a lot of your internet data. So, Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall is also one of the best app managers to use to evaluate the usage of files. So, you can block them via Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall if you see some app hogging your internet data.

8. NetGuard

NetGuard also helps you to monitor outgoing and incoming traffic, much as other firewall applications for Android. The free edition will track the incoming traffic, while the outgoing traffic log is limited to the paid version.
The software runs on both rooted and non-rooted smartphones and offers easy and complex ways to restrict internet connectivity.

9. AFWall+

If you have an Android rooted handset, you can use AFWall+ to monitor the internet activities of your user.
AFWall+ also helps users to monitor internet access on a per-app basis, much like NoRoot Firewall. Apart from all of these, AFWall+ also includes certain extra functionality, such as connecting to the tasker to execute certain predefined task sets. So, this is another of the best Android firewall applications you can use.

10. NoRoot Firewall

NoRoot Firewall is the best Android firewall app that we have ever used, by far. NoRoot Firewall is very simple to use relative to other firewall applications, and it runs on non-rooted computers too. The software provides filtering options for the hostname/domain name, fine-grained access controls, and a few other helpful tools. The software could not function with LTE, however, because IPv is not enabled.

So, these are the best Android Firewall applications that you can use today. If you feel like an important app is absent from the list, please drop the name in the comment box below. If you have been helped by this post, make sure to share it with others too.

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