Top 10 best Fitness Tracker Apps for Android in 2023

Fitness monitoring is an integral aspect of the workout. It helps you to see your success over months and years. It also helps to inspire you to do your best to boost your statistics. There are a host of other reasons to monitor your fitness. Apps for Fitness monitoring come in multiple types and sizes. Some are basic workout logs such as FitNotes and even simpler monitoring software such as Leap Fitness’ move counter. Moreover, you have complete choices such as MyFitnessPal and Google Fit or software with compatible hardware such as Fitbit. There are a lot of choices, but we will assist you in choosing the best. Here are the best Android fitness tracker apps!

Top 10 best Fitness Tracker Apps for Android in 2023

1.Fitness tracker implementations for OEM

Some Android devices offer fitness tracker applications. The examples of Samsung Health and LG Health are exceptional. These apps will control your steps, track your diet and more. Samsung’s health can also monitor things such as blood pressure and blood glucose levels. The characteristics differ between devices. If, however you have a fitness monitoring system built in, we suggest that you try to find out if it works for you. After all the phone manufacturer funds it directly and costs nothing. Technically, here too Google Suit suits. You can install it on everything, however so we did not include it here.

2.Strong: Gym Log Exercise

Strong: Exercise Workout Log is a FitNotes-like gym log. All your workout routines can be entered and monitored over time. It contains several special instruments such as a warm-up computer and tips on how to boost the power of your previous numbers. There are a lot of additional features from something like FitNotes, but you are making it a little easier to use. The user interface is also clean and quick to use. Through this subscription, you can fork out the whole app once for $99.99 and buy it with a lifetime licence.

3.Runner Runkeeper

Runkeeper is a runner fitness tracker app. It tracks things like distance, rhythm and running frequency. The app supports Wear OS devices and other software such as MyFitnessPal. It’s pretty good. Basically, you hit the go button and start to run. The app does the rest. It includes also a stopwatch mode for stuff such as cardio indoors via a treadmill. It also has Spotify integration but we’d still like to integrate with other music applications. In any case, you can get something free like MyFitnessPal. If you like it there is a subscription for the rest of it. It’s good for runners, but it’s good for runners.


MyFitnessPal is an all-in-one fitness and diet solution. It has a range of resources to monitor your diet and any workout you enjoy. It also supports more than 50 other diet and fitness applications as well as a range of hardware. This is one of the heaviest and most expensive solutions on the list. But it really does just about everything. The user interface is really very good considering how many things the app can do. The free edition has some features. There’s a subscription that unlocks it. It’s costly, but it’s three applications so it’s something to remember.

5.Leap Move Fitness CounterLeap 

Move Fitness CounterLeap Fitness Step Counter is a fine, easy step counter app. It monitors your steps, does not require sign-in or GPS monitoring for your steps. This makes it a perfect app for privacy and convenience. It just follows your actions, monitors your progress and ensures that you accomplish your goals every day. There are some options for backup and reconstruction along with some thematic options. There is a free version and a professional version which removes advertisements. For those who need something simple, it’s a competent phase tracker app.

6.JEFIT Workout Tracker

JEFIT Tracker is a good fitness tracker app with several features. The app provides fitness monitoring, cross-platform support (Android, iOS and Web), training programs and little items like training timers. It supports more than 1,300 workouts and you can track them. You can also set goals, view video samples of all training sessions and monitor your progress over time. The app has a free version, which is all right. There is a singular $4.99 pro version that adds additional features and some subscription options which open everything up.

7.Google Fit

Google Fit is the fitness monitoring solution for Google. It needs an easier, less granular fitness monitoring method. It tracks some super basics on both your smartphone and Wear OS smartwatch. Google Fit uses metrics such as heart points and step points to indicate whether you get enough workout. You gain moving points and heart points by upgrading your heart rate. It can also monitor those exercises. This is a nice option for beginners and intermediates together with people who do not want super boring fitness tracker applications.


FitNotes is a fitness tracker easy and basic. You can use it for a range of training forms, including bodybuilding, cardio, running and everything. You also get calendar features, personalized training routines and cloud backup and restoration storage options. For those who want nothing super heavy or packed with too much feature, it’s fine. Moreover, you can essentially keep track of any workout you can think of. If you want to support growth, the app is free with an optional $4.99 donation version.


Running Distance Tracker Fitness22 is just what the name suggests. If you want to walk or to run, it tracks your distance. It provides a variety of standard features, such as total distance, average speed, pace per kilometer, running logs, and other nice features. You can also transfer your music for some inspiration via the app and the app tells you when you’re running a mile, and how far you have been in the mile (or kilometer). Most of the fundamental functions in the app are free. There are a number of training routines that require a subscription or a lifetime purchase.

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