Top 10 Best Android Apps To Identify Touch Screen Problems in 2021

Android is without a doubt the most common smartphone operating system at the moment. Android offers more features and upgrade options than any other android operating system. Aside from that, Android has long been recognised for its vast software ecosystem.

On the Google Play Store, you can find a range of applications such as productivity apps, service apps, troubleshooting apps, and so on. In this post, we’ve assembled a list of the best Android applications for checking the touch screen on your computer.

The Top 10 Android Applications for Identifying Touch Screen Problems

You will easily assess whether or not your phone’s touchscreen is running properly with these applications.
These applications will also assist you in detecting and diagnosing any difficulties with your Android touch screen.

1. Device Info


Computer Data, on the other hand, is an app that gives you information about your CPU, RAM, OS, sensors, storage, memory, network, monitor, and camera, among other items. It runs a few tests on your smartphone automatically to see if any components need to be optimized for improved results. A Monitor inspection, which detects dead pixels and screen burn problems, is also included as one of the system test options. Overall, it’s an outstanding tool for identifying touch screen issues on Android.

2. Dead Pixels Test and Fix

You can quickly find every stuck or dead pixel on your LCD screen with the Dead Pixels Test and Patch Android app. Dead Pixels Test and Patch, according to the Google Play Store definition, attempts a range of methods to handle stuck pixels. It appears to be able to remove even screen burn-in. The software is compatible with all screen resolutions and even tablets.

3. Screen Check

Display Search is an Android app that searches the screen for dead pixels and burn-in. The software is absolutely free to download and use, and it does not contain any commercials. It finds all dead or trapped pixels and shows burn-in using the nine base colors. The app is incredibly helpful, and it is extremely common with Android users.

4. Partial Screen

You can use this software if your phone’s touchscreen is missing or destroyed, and you’re having self-contact, phantom touch, or other problems. The software claims to avoid contact from hitting the tricky areas of the phone. The software is very good at preventing the ghost contact that happens as a result of a faulty monitor.
Despite its lack of success, the app is worth a shot.

5. Display Calibration


Display Calibration’s play store summary states that it will calibrate all pixels equally around the device while still eliminating dead pixels. We don’t know if this is so, but many people seem to have learned from using the software. Display Calibration will easily repair display resolution-related issues if they aren’t triggered by dead pixels. The app is highly regarded, with over 500,000 people actively using it.

6. Display Tester

This app is for those who want to run a series of in-depth view tests on their smartphone for free. The good news is that Monitor Tester can be used to test LCD, OLED, AMOLED, and other forms of displays. It helps you to run a range of tests, including Color Test, Gamma Calibration, Screen Viewing Angle Test, Dead Pixel Test, and more.

7. MultiTouch Tester

On the Google Play Store, MultiTouch Tester is a helpful multi-touch screen test tool. The app shows how many fingers your computer can manage simultaneously. When you put several fingers on the screen, the app will number them and assign each one a different color. It even maintains count of how many fingers were counted on the computer in total.

8. Touchscreen Test

It’s another top Android screen test app on the list that will help you spot the dead area on your screen. In contrast to the other apps mentioned in the post, this one is a little different. It detects dead spots on your phone screens using a special tool. When you tap the circles on your phone, the app turns green and remains that way.
You would fill up all of the rings. You’ll know if you’ve hit a dead spot because the circle won’t light up.

9. Screen Test Pro

Screen Test Pro is a new Android app that helps you to test the touch screen characteristics of your devices.
It offers you a comprehensive view of your phone’s monitor. It displays a range of data such as resolution height, pixel density, DPI value, and so on. It also senses the color rendering force of the screen, as well as dead pixels,  light spots, and other problems.

10. Touch Screen Test

Touch Screen Test could be the right option for you if you’re looking for a quick app to check the status of your touch panel. Since the app is strictly for checking the touchscreen, you must access the in-app menu using the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. It even looks at how much the phone’s screen handles multi-touch.

So there you have it: the ten best Android apps for assessing the display, quality, and color of your screen.
I hope you find this article helpful! Please move it on to your mates as well. Please let us know if you know about any other related applications in the comments section below.



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