TikTok Is Monitoring You! 9 Ways to Prevent It

Though the short-form video network TikTok actively collects data from its users, there are ways to limit the information about yourself that is made public.

The track-sharing track TikTok has a history of aggressively collecting user data to keep users on them. The app’s allegedly deceptive algorithm makes it appear to be unstoppable. User information is compromised since it is unclear who receives and utilizes their data. This is more than enough to make me delete TikTok. But you can stop it from tracking you significantly, so use it if you must. We’ll go over some of the methods available to you below. Let’s have a look and find out what they are.

1. Avoid registering Up for Unrelated Social apps Sites App icons forming a web

TikTok, like many other apps, lets users register for or log in with their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. This makes signing up for these apps easier and allows It to collect your data and track your online activities without you ever noticing. You should avoid it.

TikTok also explicitly notes in its privacy policy that it may acquire data about you from other apps without your knowledge or permission. It may still be able to get some information about you even if you don’t sign in with your social apps, but it will have less access to your data.

When you first sign up for the app, you can use a social media profile, phone number, and email address. Note that even if you choose this option, your data will still be sent to TikTok. You should only use the email address when signing up so that your phone number doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

2. Make use of TikTok’s viewer mode.

The sheer volume of content on TikTok compels you to watch it all in one sitting. Thankfully, you can use the app without opening an account. Also, this method will allow you to see the same amount of content.

In light of how TikTok gathers information via browser and mobile app cookies, blocking its snooping seems unlikely. If you use app without registering, your data will be less accessible to the company. In addition, it gets more difficult for app to see your ProfileProfile on other social apps.

3. To disable cookie support in your browser and mobile apps.

TikTok makes it quite clear in its privacy policy that it tracks your browser cookies regardless of whether you have an account. However, mobile apps may also store cookies in browsers since they need to access the browser to perform certain functions.

You may occasionally use your browser to access social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally, these are the kinds of cookies that app could tap.

TikTok monitors your network activity and shares that data with marketers and partners so that they can serve you more relevant content and adverts across all of your favourite digital mediums. As a result, you can prevent app from collecting data by disabling cookie storage in your browser.

4. Use virtual private networks and proxy server.

It is possible to use IP addresses for a variety of purposes, including location tracking. Not only that, but neither does TikTok. TikTok uses your device’s IP address to identify your location regardless of whether you’ve registered with the app. In this way, your feed will include relevant, locally relevant content.

However, you may trick TikTok’s geolocation algorithm into thinking you’re somewhere else by using a paid proxy or a virtual private location (VPN). A virtual private network (VPN) provider can alter your physical location, while a broker can help mask your IP address. If you want the best results from TikTok, you can utilise one or a combination of the two.

5. Hide your TikTok Web Face by opening it in a private browser.

When a larger display is necessary, the most likely method of accessing TikTok on a PC is through a browser. TikTok’s access to access your cookies is enhanced when accessed through a web browser.

Using a secret browser, such as Tor or DuckDuckGo, to access TikTok is another way to mask your PrivacyPrivacy and avoid having your data mined.

6. Use a Privacy-Enhancing Web Browser Extension.

Using a privacy browser could further protect your anonymity while accessing TikTok online. Fortunately, Chrome includes a few security add-ons that can help.

Some of these add-ons prevent websites from registering your online activity, such as TikTok, while others, such as Blur, allow you to hide your email address during registration. It stands to reason, then, that if you use one of these add-ons in conjunction with creating a TikTok account, the service won’t be able to learn your email address.

7. Disable TikTok 3 image syncing with Facebook and your contacts

Setup options for syncing contacts between TikTok and Facebook and your phone

TikTok can still use this information to monitor you even though it asks to sync your ProfileProfile with your phone’s contacts and your Facebook friends lists. It may even figure out who is calling and picking up the phone.

The TikTok app makes it simple to turn contact synchronization. To edit your TikTok ProfileProfile:

  1. Achieve the gear symbol in the app’s upper-right corner and select ProfileProfile.
  2. Go to Settings and PrivacyPrivacy by tapping the three vertical dots in the upper right tap, then tapping PrivacyPrivacy, and finally tapping Sync contacts and Facebook friends.
  3. Disable Facebook friend syncing and contact syncing by toggling them off.

8. Do not let TikTok recommend three images from your account

With the account suggestion tool, TikTok can broadcast your ProfileProfile to anyone in your phone’s address book, Facebook friends, and friends of friends. Because TikTok needs to search other platforms to view your ProfileProfile, this might significantly increase the exposure your ProfileProfile receives on those platforms.

Visit your ProfileProfile on TikTok and tap the burger menu in the top right corner to disable this function. To invite other people to join your account, go to your account’s settings and click the Privacy tab. Deactivate every stage that the menu offers.

TikTok’s Hide My Email for iOS Devices: Sign Up for Free

If you’re using iOS or iPadOS, you can add an extra layer of protection against data collection by apps like TikTok with Apple’s Hide My Email option.

You may already be aware that iCloud Keychain includes a function called “Hide My Email,” which allows you to conceal your real email address while creating a new account. Thus, tracking into app with Hide My Email enabled is a long way to avoid being tracked.

You are tracking if it’s possible to stop TikTok from following you.

The technique used by TikTok to collect user data is anything but straightforward. The app was built with aggressive data collection in mind from the start, regardless of whether or not users sign up for an account and log in. When you open TikTok, it immediately begins tracking your activity.

Even though we’ve discussed ways to avoid being tracked by TikTok, completely obstructing the app from tracking personal information is quite unlikely. In any case, using these techniques will greatly limit the personal information TikTok has on you.

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