The Future of PR in 2022, Trends to update your PR Strategy

For a PR worker, the most difficult time is the end of the old year and the beginning of a new one. It is necessary to summarize the results of all campaigns, conduct media analysis, combine reports, calculate the remaining budget, and also prepare a PR strategy and agree with the management. All this happens simultaneously with the selection of gifts for loved ones and the celebration of the holidays with the team.

You can, of course, forget about work and devote all the time to preparing for the vacation, but a real professional will try to approach his duties with high quality. Otherwise, he will have to entrust the SMM specialist to work more on the company’s social networks and buy Instagram followers to increase the number of clients in the new year.

The PR strategy needs to be updated every year. Communication is developing rapidly, the media landscape is changing, old tools no longer work, and new technologies are becoming commonplace. In this challenging time, the PR specialist needs to keep up with the times, adapt to market trends and audience needs in order to compete for the best results. The only thing that does not change from year to year is the ability of companies to develop their brand social networks and buy real Instagram followers to increase popularity.

Let’s take a look at a couple of trends that you can use to update or improve your strategy for the next year.

Serial thinking

Series in the context of a pandemic and lockdown have become an integral part of people’s leisure time around the world. They firmly entered life and began to influence consumer behavior, forming a new paradigm of perception, a new type of thinking. As a result, clip thinking was replaced by serial thinking.

Its specificity is that the narration of a story has become more important than its ending, people are not interested in the end, they need a consistent experience of emotions. Brands will have to integrate into this paradigm, create stories and heroes with whom they would like to share and experience every second.

Offline events

Despite the situation with the pandemic and predictions about the end of the offline era, 2022 can be safely called the term of the New Renaissance. It will kick off with an important international event called CES, the Technology and Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It will bring together leading technology brands that set trends around the world. Despite the fact that in recent days there has been news about the refusal of the physical participation of a number of companies, the holding of the event will be an important signal for the whole world to return to live communication.


Games and their streaming will gain more and more popularity, and the active attraction of celebrities will only increase the attention of users, and brands will follow them and master the virtual world. We also recommend that professionals who are considering changing the current industry take a closer look at the gaming industry.

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