The Best Gemstone Ornaments You Need to Level Up Your Jewelry Collection (2023)

Gemstone jewelry is some of the most extravagant and valuable pieces you can come across. They are colorful, vibrant pieces that add a unique aesthetic to any style one prefers. Owning gemstone jewelry is also an excellent way to make your jewelry collection stand out from the rest, as these ornament pieces are irreplaceable with the charm they offer. Not even synthetic pieces can come close to the beauty of genuine gemstone jewelry. So why not own a few to level up your collection?

If you’re someone who loves having a colorful jewelry collection that’s valuable and one-of-a-kind, then you’ve found yourself in the right place. It’s time to take your collection to the next level by adding a few beautiful gemstone pieces that you’ll never want to take your eyes off of. Here’s a look at some of the best gem ornaments for you to consider.

5 Unique Gemstone Pieces to Level Up Your Collection

Tanzanite Earrings 

Tanzanite is a rare gemstone that has become one of the most sought-after gems in recent times. Tanzanite earrings are an excellent addition to any jewelry collection, which is why you must consider getting your hands on at least one pair. Tanzanite earring studs are simple yet elegant pieces that give you a beautiful pop of color while maintaining a dialed-back look. If you’re looking for an ornament that won’t overwhelm your style, then these earrings are the best option you must consider buying for your collection.

Polki Diamond Rings 

Polki diamonds are an underrated member of the diamond family. However, they make for unique jewelry pieces, perfect for those who love trying out new colors in their outfits. Polki diamond rings work well with several styles and add a beautiful shine to every look. These pieces are also easy to wear, allowing one to wear them even on an everyday basis if they’d like. If you’re looking for an ornament you’ve never thought of buying before, then this Polki diamond piece is a must to have.

Ruby Pendants 

Rubies are one of the most vibrant gemstones to exist and offer a bold appearance to any look. One of the best ways to wear ruby pendants is to have the gemstone encrusted in a simple gold setting and hanging on gold chains. The deep red shade works well over dark outfits as it allows the gem to stand out from any other color. If you’re looking for something bold and vibrant for your jewelry collection, you must add a ruby pendant to take it to a new level.

Tanzanite Bracelets 

Tanzanite bracelets offer an elegant way to wear a beautiful gemstone. You can have a set of carefully cut Tanzanite gems in a line set over a gold or silver band. These ornament pieces are convenient to wear and also give you a beautiful pop of color when you wear them. You can pair them with several other jewelry pieces, but they also work well on their own. If you love a simple yet elegant bracelet, then you must consider owning a Tanzanite bracelet in your jewelry collection.

Emerald Rings 

Emeralds are known for their sophisticated and royal appearance. Emerald rings are an excellent way to showcase the deep green shade of the gemstone, as these pieces allow the gem to stand out from any other accessory. You can pair them with other gold jewelry pieces for a mix of colors and a bolder aesthetic for your outfits. With an emerald ring, you also have the opportunity to try out a new color you haven’t ever considered before. So why miss out on owning one in your collection?


Gemstone jewelry allows you to own unique treasures as a part of your collection. With these ornaments, you get to add a colorful touch to your looks and also enhance the overall aesthetic of different styles. If you’re looking to level up your jewelry collection with a few gemstone additions, you must consider getting a few of these pieces. You’ll not only own valuable jewelry, but you’ll also get to experiment with new looks as and when you’d like.

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