Top 10 Best SMS Blocker Apps For Android in 2023

Ok if we look back, we will see that text messages have revolutionized contact habits. We now have the ability to connect with friends and family through text messages. However these text messages can also distract our daily lives.

Let’s admit, we all treat unknown texts and mobile calls. We do try to stop dealing with spam text messages and unwelcome calls. Fortunately, SMS Blocker apps exist to avoid spam messages. A great range of SMS Blocker applications are available in the Google Play Store to help you handle conversations and avoid SMS spam.

List of 10 Best Android SMS Blocker Apps 2023

We will share a list of best Android apps with SMS Blocking features in this post. You can connect contacts to the blacklist using these SMS Blocker apps. You will not receive SMS from those contacts once added.

1. Main Messaging

One of the best and most high quality Android messaging app available in the Google Play Store is Key Messages. The Android Messaging App features a strong spam blocker that blocks all spam messages automatically. Thanks to the Main Messages AI-based technology, spam blocking is far more effective.

2. Blacklist Calls

If you’re looking for an Android app that can help you block both calls and text messages, the best choice could be to call Blacklist. The app will block unknown or private numbers for calls and messages. Calls Blacklist offers users an SMS messager that can be used to send and receive text messages. To block the message, add the contact to the blacklist of the messenger and you won’t get SMS from the blocked contact.

3. Caller ID & Block Hiya

Hiya – Caller ID & Block is probably the best and most high-quality caller ID ID on your Android phone you can use. Hiya – Caller ID & Block also has a full calling and SMS blocker, which helps users to block unknown numbers, spammers, etc. Hiya’s best thing is that it has a database of hundreds of millions of telephone numbers. It gathers caller information from the phone number database for spam messages to be detected and blocked.

4. Call search

Call Control is both a Google Play Store Call Blocker and an SMS Blocker program. The app is very popular in the Google Play Store and is free. Guess what? Guess what? Call Control identifies and blocks spam calls and SMS automatically. Not only that the call control also provides no disruption mode, where all calling and SMS alerts are automatically covered.


5.Google Phone

Well, Google’s Phone is an Android call application that lets you connect easily with family & friends, block spam callers and know who’s calling before you respond. Google’s phone is almost identical to the TrueCaller app mentioned in the post. You may set up apps to block unknown or spam numbers, in addition to phone calls.


You need AntiNuisance if you are looking for an easy-to-use and quick call & SMS blocker program for your Android smartphone. AntiNuisance offers users a robust messaging framework that can be used to send and receive messages. Users must set AntiNuisance Messenger as a default message program to block SMS. Use the SMS Blacklist and Do Not Uninstall Mode to block all numbers and texts until completed.


Truecaller is one of Google’s best and most unique caller recognition apps. You won’t believe it but 25 million people are using Truecaller right now. The app has almost everything you need to satisfy your contact needs whether for a caller ID or to block spam and SMS calls. Truecaller also offers little intelligent messaging feature.

8.Message from Google

Google Messages is a full-featured Android messaging app. The software contains most Android smartphones. Google Messages is currently the only Android app to support the RCS message functionality. More information about RCS can be found in this article. If we’re talking about SMS blocking, you must push the number of the inbox and press the ‘Delete’ icon to block it.

9.Messenger of Mood

Well the Mood Messenger is the best option for your Android SMS & MMS app stock. The application’s user interface is very basic and easy to use. Mood Messenger includes a wide range of features for messaging features, including 100+ free thems, custom font & text size, SMS Blocker and so on. The app also features location sharing and message programming.

10.Cell dialer, call blocker, caller ID

Caller ID – Phone Dialer, Call Blocker is another best app on the list, which looks very much like the Truecaller. The Caller ID – Phone Dialer, Android Call Blocker app can be used as the default SMS to block spam and SMS telemarketing. Call Blocker offers user a call blocker, smart call logs and so on, besides SMS Blocker, Caller ID – Phone Dialer.

These are the ten best SMS Blocker apps on your Android cell phone that you can use. In the comments box below if you know any other apps like these.

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