10 SharePoint Development Companies In 2022

The top sharepoint development companies will be discussed in this article. SharePoint is used by businesses to create internal websites that are both quick and effective. All you need is a web browser such as Web Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox to access SharePoint sites and portals within the business. SharePoint is usually used as a community platform, which is why it may be modified and integrated. SharePoint ensures that all of your employees, customers, vendors, and business partners communicate and work in unison. You can figure out the optimal arrangement of the service for your business and achieve optimum productivity inside your business with the help of specialist analysis performed by SharePoint Development Companies.

10 SharePoint Development Companies In 2022

In this post, you can know about sharepoint development companies here are the details below;

Businesses generally take use of Microsoft SharePoint’s benefits and expanded options at work. If you’re looking for a SharePoint Consulting Partner or a SharePoint Development Company to help your business expand, check out the top 10 SharePoint Advancement Companies in 2021. We’ve put together a list after conducting extensive research and have only picked the best SharePoint consulting companies that offer both SharePoint consulting and SharePoint development services. So, without further ado, let’s look at the value of each of these 15 groups.

1. Code Creators Inc

Code Creators Inc. is a leading SharePoint consulting and development firm with offices in both the U.s. Code Creators Inc. is a brilliant software company that was founded in 2001. Since its inception, it has grown greatly in scope and now supports a wide range of IT solutions. Code Creators Inc. has successfully delivered custom SharePoint solutions to over 200 companies across the world. The business believes in offering software development, consulting, and support services to a variety of industries, including banking, retail, manufacturing, health care, communications, home entertainment, and education. More than 45 Fortune 500 companies have integrated Code Creators Inc.’s business list.

Costs – $25– $49/ hr.

2. Science Soft

Science Soft is a different fantastic software business that has actually grown itself on the planet of IT, with an expertise of more than 30 years. Science Soft has a long number of well-known clients, including eBay, IBM, and others. Customers all across the world have benefited from the business’s 150+ successful SharePoint implementations. Science Soft also works in a variety of markets. The business is based in the United States and works around 500 people.

Costs – $25– $49/ hr. depending on the services.

3. Unily (BrightStarr Formerly)

Unily could be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a business that will serve you well in the long run and provide actual value. When it comes to enhancing your SharePoint talents and capabilities while fulfilling tasks and requirements at peak times, Unily is an excellent partner. Unily is incredibly versatile, despite its small size, to support even large, sophisticated, and global enterprises with complex needs. Unily helps you create a complete digital workplace for your company by seamlessly integrating Workplace 365, Skype for Business, Yammer, SharePoint Online, and One Drive for Business. Unily has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Costs – $150– $199/ hr.

4. Iflexion

Iflexion is another well-known software development company with experience in the market. The business is known for providing a full-cycle service that includes all aspects of the software application development business. Iflexion has over 20 years of experience. Their in-depth technical skills and comprehensive understanding of the company enable them to constantly provide unique, tailor-made SharePoint solutions to clients.

Costs – $25– $149/ hr. depending upon the services used.

5. AIMDek Technologies

AIMDek is a worldwide business that provides consultancy, policy, digital, and IT outsourcing services to its clients. AIMDek has extensive experience working with small companies and start-ups to solve their problems using digitally creative alternatives and products. AIMDek focuses on the automotive, healthcare, sports, fitness, education, banking, and production industries, with customers from a range of businesses.

Costs – $25– $49/ hr.

6. Affirma Consulting

Affirma is a full-service technology firm with offices in the United States, India, and Ireland. Affirma’s specialities include Cloud, Mobile, Intelligence, Innovation Infrastructure, Visual Design, Staffing Solutions, and SharePoint. Starbucks, TreeTop, and Children’s Medical Facility are among Affirma’s customers.

Costs – $100– $149/ hr.

7. Viftech Solutions

Viftech Solutions is another renowned name in the industry, with the ability to manage business of all shapes and sizes. Viftech Solutions specialises in providing custom SharePoint solutions to its customers all over the world, thanks to its extensive expertise and experience. Standard Chartered Bank, Coca-Cola, Nestle, and J&J are just a few of Viftech Waters’ outstanding customers. If you’re looking for a general IT partner, Viftech Solutions is a great choice.

Costs – $100– $149/ hr.

8. Aufait Technologies

Aufait is a Bangalore-based Indian innovation business. Aufait is a highly focused digital office that aims to improve employee quality and customer experience. Aufait has helped innumerable clients with their customised MS Workplace 365 SharePoint and Enterprise Mobility Solutions as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Aufait has a team of dedicated designers, UX engineers, designers, business analysts, quality assurance teams, and program managers.

Costs – $25– $49/ hr.

9. Binary Republik

Binary Republik is the key to your research if you’re looking for a service that works closely with its customers. Binary Republik is a well-known SharePoint consulting firm that handles the full range of SharePoint settings available to the SharePoint community. Binary Republik’s SharePoint Consultants are always bringing the best to the table, guaranteeing that your SharePoint system becomes the most intuitive and efficient in terms of interaction and enterprise content needs.

Costs – $25– $49/ hr.

10. WebFX

WebFX is an online marketing firm that offers a complete range of innovative cloud and business solutions to small, medium, and large businesses all over the world. WebFX is a specialist at creating cloud site choices using SharePoint, as well as being a leader in web makeover. WebFX provides a comprehensive set of approaches and solutions to help business and increase conversions, exposure, and income by combining innovative digital channels.

Costs – $100– $149/ hr.

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