Top 10 Scariest Roblox Horror Games In 2021

Roblox is a famous online game platform and game production system that allows users to create games and play games created by others.

The Best Roblox Horror Games genre has recently gained popularity, and if you’re having trouble discovering best horror games on Roblox, this list of the top scary and Roblox Horror Games may be of support.

Top 10 Scariest Roblox Horror Games In 2021

In this article, you can learn about scary roblox games 2020. Here are the details below;

1. Dead Silence

Dead Silence

Dead Silence is one of the most straightforward story-driven multiplayer good Roblox Horror Games. Despite the fact that Dead Silence may only be played by three people at a time, playing this game by yourself is quite frightening. You are given the role of an investigator in this game, and you must collect as much information about Mary Shaw as possible.

As you proceed, further mysteries concerning Mary Shaw are revealed. After completing the eerie Roblox game, you may encounter Mary Shaw or come to the conclusion that Mary Shaw isn’t a real person.

Download Dead Silence

2. Slender Man’s Revenge Reborn

Slender Man’s Revenge Reborn

Slenderman is an internet monster who first appeared on a message board in 2009 and is the inspiration for one of Roblox’s scariest games on roblox, Slender Man’s Revenge Reborn. The multiplayer Roblox Horror Games, created by Zoidberg656 and captainjet2c, is full of darkness.

The main design aspects of Slender Man’s Revenge Reborn are blood, gore, jump scares, and disturbing moments. You must explore and survive the dark environment in order to progress, as well as find the secret pages along the route.

Using headphones will surely make the game more scary roblox games.

Download Slender Man’s Revenge Reborn

3. Project Lazarus: Zombies

Project Lazarus: Zombies

Zombies and terror have been linked since the dawn of time, and this linkage is the driving force behind the sporting event Project Lazarus: Zombies.

Logitech101’s Project Lazarus: Zombies is largely influenced by Call of Duty’s zombie mode. You’re in a community of survivors, similar to Zombie Attack, and you must defend yourself against infinite waves of zombies to survive.

Points are frequently obtained by beating zombies, and these points are then frequently spent on weapons. Having defeated waves of zombies requires a lot of teamwork.

Download Project Lazarus: Zombies

4. Horror Elevator

Horror Elevator

Another terrifying short game on Roblox is Horror Elevator. Horror Elevator, created by MrBoxz, has one of the most interesting gameplays.

The elevator will stop on any floor, and each floor will have its own horror components and murders. To survive, you must be able to fight off assailants at all times. The current game is kept interesting by the addition of new floors and murderers on a regular basis.

Horror Elevator is made creepier by scary visuals and soundtracks.

Download: Horror Elevator

5. The Haunted Imperial Hotel

The Haunted Imperial Hotel

The answer to the question “What is Roblox scariest game?” Except for The Haunted Imperial Hotel, which is unique to each player, none for me. Imperial Hotel, which is synonymous with the epithet “gateway to hell,” was formerly an important land.

Many demonic rituals took place within the Imperial Hotel prior to its closure on Halloween of 2009. Large chunks of the hotel, including several of us, collapsed as far as 30 metres into the world due to an unexplained event. The Hotel was abandoned after the disaster, and it is currently sinking to the bottom.

Download The Haunted Imperial Hotel

6. Piggy Traitor Mode

Piggy Traitor Mode

No one would have guessed that Peppa Pig, the adorable cartoon character, would ever be a neighbourhood in a genuine horror Roblox games. Following Piggy’s apparent success, designer MiniToon created the Traitor Game Mode.

One of the players in the multiplayer Roblox game is chosen at random to be a traitor. If you’re the chosen one, you’ll see a cutscene take place inside the house, and you’ll join forces with Piggy to eliminate every other survivor with a knife and a few traps.

The storey, unfortunately, does not end here. The Piggy and the survivors are not your allies. Both the Piggy and, as a result, the NPCs frequently attack the traitor. Survivors are also given a rifle, which they can use to take out the traitor and put a stop to the sport.

If the wrong person is killed, though, it will transform into a Piggy.

Download Piggy Traitor Mode

7. A Wolf Or Other

A Wolf Or Other

If you have grown-ups who enjoy horror werewolf stories, then A Wolf Or Other, a multiplayer scary games in Roblox, may terrify you. The classic mystery game, created by Otter Space, randomly assigns players to be innocent, hunter, or werewolf.

The goal for Innocent players is to avoid werewolf attacks and stay alive as long as possible. Orion, armed with a crossbow, must kill the werewolf while protecting the innocents. Finally, the werewolf is supposed to kill everyone he sees.

Download A Wolf Or Other

8. Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack

A classic zombie survival game may not appear frightening at first glance, but Zombie Attacks, created by wenlocktoad vs Indra, is one of scariest roblox games 2020.

You must team up with your buddies to defeat the challenging waves of zombies, just as in every previous zombie survival game. Killing bosses and uncommon zombies will let you earn gifts and experience points.
New weaponry and tasks are unlocked as you advance.

When you die, you respawn as a zombie, and the gamers who were previously your allies have become your enemies.

Download Zombie Attack

9. Bear Alpha

Bear Alpha

As the title implies, the game is still in the Alpha stage, and the developer, Cheedaman, is still working on it. Bear Alpha is one of the most terrifying Roblox multiplayer games available on Xbox.

Bear Alpha is a game for ten players in which one of them is chosen at random to be a bear, leaving the other nine to survive. The bear’s first goal is to murder every survivor under a 5-minute time limit. When compared to survivors, the bear has several benefits in terms of movement.

This game is truly terrifying because to its dark setting with red accents and scary tunes.

Download Bear Alpha

10. The Roblox Plague 2

The Roblox Plague 2

The COVID 19 pandemic is currently affecting the entire planet, and we advise our readers to avoid social isolation. In Roblox Plague 2, you get infected with the Roblox plague. Your goal is to infect as many people as possible with the plague.

Within the world, though, you should follow the other. You’ll run, hide, or parkour to avoid the person spreading the deadly disease.

Download The Roblox Plague 2


So there you have it, a few of the top Roblox Horror Games worth checking out. Please leave your ideas for the simplest scary games on Roblox in the comments section below.

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