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Publix Passport Oasis Login at

If you need to remember your Oasis employee login, you can recover without contacting Publix Passport admin. To check their schedules, even if they still need the Publix app, Oasis employees can recover their login and phone at

To enter, you’ll need to recover your Publix Oasis employee login credentials, and we’ll show you how to accomplish so.

Publix Passport: What’s the Deal?

You can shop at the Publix Passport supermarket chain in the United States. People from Publix Oasis, based in the United States, run and manage the company.

To access your Publix Passport dashboard as an Oasis employer or employee, go to and log your Publix login information. You can also download the Publix mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

The well-known retailer Publix passport features a pharmacy among its several departments. If you work for Publix, you’ll need to log in to the company’s website to access the “Sales” page and view important information, including what customers want to buy, when specific products will be delivered, and more.

Publix employees can access their login page at to view and respond to the company’s schedule remotely, saving them time and gas money.

A Publix login is required to access the Publix schedule at if you are a Publix representative.

You would be unable to access Publix, respond to the information you have at, access your login schedule, or perform your representative duties if you entered an incorrect password when logging in.

If you work for Publix and need to remember your employer password, this guide will show you how to retrieve it and receive your Passport Oasis login on your phone if you’ve forgotten it.

The inner workings of Publix’s Passport Program

People who shop at Publix aren’t like those who shop at any other supermarket. The representative can save time by not returning to the office daily, as Publix Oasis employees can work their schedules back at In the Oasis, both new and veteran employees have equal ownership.

All Publix employers work from a visa worker gateway that is available to Publix employees and their representatives. The representative from Oasis will benefit more from this.

If you sign up for the Publix Oasis, you can do remote and in-store work from the comfort of your home. Assisting customers in the comfort of their own homes is a core part of their job description. To do so from the house of their own homes, they utilize the Publix portal. The UI site is responsive on mobile devices as well as desktop browsers. Even if you don’t have access to a computer, you may still check your work schedules on with the help of the mobile Publix Passport app.

A Publix representative’s Publix passport login allows them to view pay stubs and time appointments, monitor their work hours, and perform a wide variety of other things from the home of their own homes.

An Oasis representative at Publix can do their employee from home, work time off, and even work vacation and still be considered an Oasis representative.

Employees of Publix Passport Oasis can utilize this website to respond to client orders for food and pharmacy. Your starting point should be User dashboards are viewable via the website, allowing for convenient product management.

Publix Passport employees can log their regular duties by logging in to from any home, regardless of work. If you have a Publix Passport, you can access your representative account using the Publix login and change your password.

Methods of Employee Access to the Publix Passport

Your Publix Oasis employee account is my job to show. Before we start, let me show you the ropes of logging in or creating an account.

You can log in a new one if you’ve forgotten your password but still need a password to the Publix website. To reset your password, go to the login page and select the “gateway lost password” link.

Access to Publix Requires a User ID and login.

So, to log in to the Publix grocery website, you will need the following information.

  1. Your Publix login number and password
  2.  a portable or fixed computer, or a phone or tablet running Android or iOS
  3. Connectivity to the World Wide Web
  4. it would help if you were based in the United States (but not a citizen).
  5. you can only access your Publix account over a secure connection (HTTPS) since the grocery shop takes security very seriously.
  6. It’s easy to use the Publix Oasis mobile app if you already have the Publix app on your smartphone.
  7. The last four numbers of your government-issued handicap ID
  8. The address of the page at Publix where you can access your login name and password
  9. To access your Publix login, you must know the answers to the Publix login’s security questions

Retrieve Your Publix Account Password

If you need to remember your Publix employer or employee log in or the secret questions to enter your back-end gateway, you will need to contact support to have them reset your password.

If you need to remember or misplace your password to Publix, this article will show you how to retrieve it.

  1. Visit to enter the Publix Oasis website.
  2. Access the site by clicking the login
  3. Fill up your username
  4. Type in your identification number [PIN] (4 digits).
  5. push the “Go” button.
  6. Once you click “Sign In,” you’ll be brought to your agent’s control panel.
  7. Get into the configurations
  8. change the Secret Question to One You’ll Remember by Tapping on It.

How to Get in Touch with the Publix Company

Publix provides a PO Box and phone number for representatives to use to get in touch with the company. If you have an answer concerning the Publix 401(k) benefits, a company representative will get back to you with the solution you need within 24–48 hours.

Sundays are non-working days for the business. In addition to their weekday hours of 8 am to 7 pm, Publix Oasis is open from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays.

Phone Number for Publix

If you’re in a major hurry, dial 1-800-242-1227. Your client benefit office should contact you within 24 hours of starting work.

Publix Phone Number

The 800 number to call for Publix is 242-1227.

Hours: 8 am-7pm, Monday-Friday (EST)

Time: 9 am-4pm on Saturday (EST)

The Smart 401(k) Plan Contact Information for Publix


Section of Publix Benefits

(863) 688-7407 ext. 52280


Details on how to send mail

The Publix Supermarket

Office Center

Attention: Support Staff

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