How to Use Pinch to Zoom on YouTube

To inspect fine details in any video, use the pinch-to-zoom feature on YouTube. To zoom in and out on your mobile device, follow these steps.

It’s simple to examine every little detail in videos from your favourite creators thanks to YouTube’s pinch-to-zoom feature. On the YouTube mobile app, you may pan and zoom in on video material.

To examine incredibly minute details, you can zoom in up to eight times. The pinch-to-zoom feature for YouTube videos on mobile and tablet devices will be demonstrated in this tutorial.

How to Modify YouTube’s Zoom Settings

Whether you’re watching wrestling videos on YouTube or free online programming courses, the pinch to zoom feature comes in handy. Without going closer to the screen, you can see the lecturer’s whiteboard or the game better.

How to enlarge or reduce the zoom in YouTube videos

  • By touching on the YouTube video and then the rectilinear box in the bottom right, you can switch to full-screen mode.
  • Use two fingers to touch the screen twice inside the video, assuming you’ve enabled full-screen mode. You must place your fingers over a specific area of the video in order to zoom in on it.
  • Spread your fingers apart to make extra room while they are still in touch with the screen. The zoom level is visible at the top of the screen while watching a YouTube video. When you’ve reached the desired zoom level in the video, let go of the screen.
  • Use two fingers to touch the screen twice in various locations, then move your fingers collectively to zoom out. You’ve reached the video’s original resolution if, after playing it again, the word Original appears where a number typically would.

YouTube makes it simple to move the playhead to the precise video you want to examine in-detail after you’ve zoomed in. You have to touch the video with your finger and move it to the appropriate location, much like looking at a zoomed-in photograph.

On YouTube, any video may be analysed.

You can obtain a better feature of the action on Youtube thanks to the pinch-to-zoom function. Whether you’re watching a sports highlight reel or a tutorial, take advantage of the feature whenever you need to zoom in on a specific area of the video.

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