Top 10 Best Apps To Mirror Android Screen To PC in 2023

Android is without a doubt the most common smartphone operating system today. Android offers much more customization opportunities and functionality than any other smartphone operating system. Mirror android screen of one computer to another through a remote connection, such as Android to PC, PC to Android, and so on.

10 Best Android Screen Mirroring Apps for PC

Users must use screen mirroring software to remotely share an Android device’s screen with a PC or another Android device. On the Google Play Store, you can find hundreds of mirror android screen applications that can cast your Android to your PC or other Android phone. We’ll go through some of the better Android screen mirroring options in this post.

Top 10 Best Apps To Mirror Android Screen To PC in 2023

1. MirrorGo

If you want to play your beloved smartphone game on a larger computer, MirrorGo is the app for you. MirrorGo allows you to mirror Android screens to larger devices, monitor your handset from a PC, and wirelessly switch data. You can also use a keyboard and mouse to handle your Android computer until it’s been mirrored. You will also handle stuff like SMS, WhatsApp messages, and other things.

2. Screen Cast

It’s yet another top Android app that lets you to share displays between several devices. The good news is that Screen Cast will attach to several devices. To link to your PC, you can use WiFi, Mobile Hotspot, or Mobile Data.
Aside from that, Screen Cast now has the power to capture the screen of your mobile device.

3. Miracast Display Finder

The software allows you to share your phone’s screen with Miracast/Wireless viewing items like smart TVs, laptops, and computers. It shows content from cell phones to systems such as Windows and MAC PCs, Smart TVs, and so on. What’s more, it will broadcast HD and 4K Ultra HD images while still embracing the majority of video and audio file formats.

4. Mobizen Mirroring

Mobizen Mirroring is a screen mirroring tool, but it focuses on streaming gaming rather than anything else. You can conveniently monitor your Android smartphone from a PC using this software. That means you can use a keyboard and mouse to monitor your smartphone and play games, watch videos, and look at pictures on a larger screen. It supports 3G, LTE, WiFi, USB, and other wired/wireless interfaces for screen mirroring. Other capabilities of Mobizen Mirroring include full-screen mirroring, capturing the screen of a smartphone from a PC, and easy access to important smartphone keys, among others.

5. Mobile to PC Screen Mirroring/Sharing

Mobile to PC Screen Mirroring/Sharing is one of the best screen sharing apps for Android, despite its lack of fame. Mobile to PC Screen Mirroring, unlike the other applications on the list, does not entail the installation of any desktop software. Simply join all devices on the same network, launch the mobile app, and take care of the IP address. Then, on your laptop/desktop, open any window and type in the IP Address. In a desktop web browser, you’ll be able to see the smartphone screen.

6. Screen Stream Mirroring

You can consider Video Stream Mirroring if you’re looking for the right way to mirror and broadcast your Android screen to a PC in real time. You can conveniently share the computer live, much like a dual-screen, with Screen Stream Mirroring. The greatest part of Video Stream Mirroring is that it casts the screen over WiFi rather than USB. Aside from that, mirroring across the screen stream offers a few extra features, such as streaming it to YouTube, Facebook, UStream, Twitch, and other platforms.

7. AirDroid

If you’ve used Android for a while, you’re already familiar with the AirDroid software. AirDroid is a file sharing program with screen mirroring capabilities. Only the desktop client has the screen mirroring function, and it only mirrors the calls and message alerts. Users of the pro edition will also open the camera remotely, switch on/off built-in features, and so on.

8. ApowerMirror

On the Google Play Store, ApowerMirror is one of the most common screen mirroring apps. This software allows you to mirror your handset to a PC, Mac, TV, or other handheld computer. Aside from screen mirroring, ApowerMirror has other helpful features such as manipulating smartphones from a PC using a mouse and keyboard. You’ll need to update ApowerMirror’s desktop app to mirror your phone’s view to your PC. On the drawback, much of ApowerMirror’s valuable features are only available to paid users.

9. Vysor

You can use Vysor if you want to clone your Android screen on your PC in a simple way. The screen mirroring software is simple to use, and once replicated, Vysor allows you to play sports, use applications, take screenshots, capture screen, and more. Users must first download the Vysor mirroring client for Windows and the Vysor version for Android in order to use Vysor for screen mirroring. Connect your Android to your PC using a USB cable and accept the USB Debugging prompt. The PC app will identify the device and cast the phone’s screen to the PC in a matter of seconds.

10. Teamviewer Quick Support

It is one of the best and most highly praised Android applications for mirroring your Android screen to your device. Teamviewer Fast Support is awesome because it runs on both rooted and non-rooted computers. Mirroring, transferring files, and pushing and pulling WiFi settings between devices are all possible with Teamviewer Fast Support. As a result, Teamviewer Fast Support is one of the most successful Android apps for mirroring your Android screen to your PC.

So, these are the perfect Android smartphone mirror android screen applications for Windows PC. Please let us know if you know about any other similar applications in the comments section below. I hope you found this article useful! Please pass it on to your mates as well.

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