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How To Login To Minecraft With Microsoft Account?

We will protect you and your account by enhancing account protection and providing additional security features to Minecraft. If you move to a Microsoft account, you can set two-factor authentication to make account access significantly more difficult for hackers. We will also enhance player protection features over time. To continue playing Java Version if you are using a Mojang account, you must convert to a Microsoft account. You will no longer require it! After migrating, you may use your Microsoft account to log into the Minecraft Launcher and play the game.


On your Minecraft profile page and the Minecraft launcher, we’ll notify you when your account is ready to migrate. Only if you are told that you are registered may you click the advertisement to migrate. If you cannot locate the announcement on or the launcher in Minecraft, you will not have to wait any longer; nonetheless, we will let you know when it is your turn. There are five easy steps involved in the migration procedure.

To migrate, click the advertisement. Sign up for an existing Microsoft account or build a new account if you do not already have one. Set up your profile; don’t worry, an Xbox is not required. Confirm the migration of your Microsoft account. Farewell! Now that Microsoft: Java Version is available, Minecraft can be played.


You have time to migrate; you are not required to go immediately upon receiving the email. When the voluntary migration period expires, you will be required to transfer your account or risk its closure. Not at this time. We will soon have a solution, but in the meanwhile, you can continue to log in with your old Minecraft account. Legacy Minecraft accounts were utilized throughout 2010-2012.

If you have a username rather than an email address, you are aware that you have an account. Don’t panic; the only thing that has changed is how you log into the game. We convert Mojang accounts to Microsoft accounts exclusively, granting you access to enhanced security measures. Minecraft: Java Edition will remain unchanged, and we will continue to update and promote it in the future.


First, try logging in with the login or email address and password you previously identified. Please contact Minecraft support if you are still unable to log in or believe your account has been compromised. Kindly provide our team with the original transaction ID. Please be able to answer additional safety-related questions if you do not already.

We will migrate you via your profile page and the Minecraft launcher when your account is ready for migration. Only if you are told that you are registered may you click the advertisement to migrate. If you cannot locate the announcement on or the launcher in Minecraft, you will not have to wait any longer; nonetheless, we will let you know when it is your turn.

Migration Method:

All of your information is transferred to your Mojang account, including your username, worlds, content, and capes. Move your Mojang account to a Microsoft account that has been used to play Bedrock Edition, and you’ll be able to access both games (on any platform). When you initiate the migration procedure, you will sign up for your current Microsoft account and move your Mojang account to it.

Similar to how players currently utilize a unique email address per Mojang account, you will need to move each Mojang account to a distinct Microsoft account. We have developed a new Minecraft account-switching tool to facilitate the management of multiple accounts and play sessions. You may maintain your Java Version login. During the account migration procedure, you will be required to select a Gamertag. We are working on a solution for third-party launchers and will keep you informed.

Sign Up for a Microsoft Account:

If you use Microsoft services, you have a Microsoft account (Office, Outlook, etc.). When you do not already have an account, you can build one during the login procedure. Click Register on the Microsoft homepage. Specify the email address, phone number, or Skype link you use for other services, such as Outlook, Workplace, etc., and then pick Next. Can you pick? No account for those without a Microsoft account? Build one! Produce one! Please be advised that we already recommend daily email usage. Enter your password and pick Hold me if you are the next person to enter your account.

Sign in to Minecraft Mobile using your Microsoft account:

If you are unable to register, you can also use the Xbox application to fix which Minecraft account is associated with your computer. Download the free Xbox software from the mobile app’s store. Open the Xbox program. Sign in to the account you wish to play with. Try again to sign on to your Xbox/PC/mobile device. Click here for additional information about Minecraft login. Press here for additional information regarding forgotten or changed passwords. Click here if you believe the machines that can modify your account are missing. Return to the Minecraft troubleshooting page if this does not fix the issue.

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