Linkello Audio And Video Calls Made Easy

From your favourite device at any time, Linkello makes it simple to create an infinite number of audio or video calls. Screen sharing or mirroring, limitless audio or video talks, and private chats at any moment are all features of the slickly designed programme Linkello.

A primary web browser is needed and no account is required to use the Linkello programme, which does not allow the installation of any software. A highly compatible browser can be used to access the Linkello service from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Whenever you choose, you can use its beautiful and interesting user interface to instantly connect with all of your family and friends.

For rapid video or audio discussions, text messaging, and screen sharing, Linkello App features a user interface and process that are simple. A strong encryption process protects all of your communications and chats, guaranteeing the utmost level of privacy. The Linkello app enables you to schedule appointments without taking a car or flying, which also helps the environment.

Linkello Audio And Video Calls Made Easy

Linkello: A Brief Introduction

No account is required to participate in a video conference, making Linkello one of the most user-friendly video calling services. One can generate a free web link (URL) to a video call screen using the official linkello website. Once it has been formed, the link can be seen via an internet browser on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

To join the call, the user must submit a name that will be stored in the system throughout the call. Particularly if the elder is starting the dialogue, it might occasionally be difficult to create a link and send it out. You can create a persistent link in a paid version that anyone can use to join the video conference at any time.

Feature of Linkello

A few features that Linkello provides that might not be available in other solutions to improve the video meeting experience. These are a few of its attributes:

  • You may connect with a large number of individuals all around the world using Linkello, a social networking software.
  • It has distinguishing features that let you communicate with friends, family, and total strangers over long distances. However, all praise must go to its superb video experience, which keeps a subpar interface from jeopardising your crucial business meetings.
  • It’s good news that this programme is accessible to users of Android and iOS.
  • In order to add friends, this software does not request any further information from the user.
  • There are no concerns in this social networking programme that could interfere with zoom meetings.
  • It allows for video conferences with up to 15 people.
  • You can communicate with friends and coworkers via text messages utilising the Linkello in-call texting feature.

Setting Up A Chat Room Linkello usage

Planning an online meeting for a conversation is simple with Linkello. But first, you have to follow a few rules. Use the steps listed below to create a useful online conversation place.

Start by going to, the official Linkello website.

  • You must first enter a title for the online communication (such as “marketing strategy”), choose the audio or video call you want to set up with your friends or coworkers from the drop-down box, and then click the “create” button in order to start an audio or video call.
  • You will be given a special URL after pressing the start button that is valid for 24 hours. Give this link to friends or coworkers who want to attend the meeting and participate in the discussion of the plan. You have the option of sharing this link directly or by email.
  • After inputting their name in the new tab that opens when the link is opened, those using this link will be able to join the call.

The Benefits of Linkello Audio/Video Solutions

The time-consuming process of setting up an online communication space is eliminated with Linkello, which enables simple online meetings.

Gmail accounts are no longer required to participate in business meetings or communicate with former coworkers. So let’s look at a few benefits of scheduling meetings with Linkello

1. Simple To Use

From your web browser, establish a link to an online communication platform. Nothing has to be set up.

2. Fast

A link to your discussion area is generated as soon as you type your name into the appropriate field on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can also place phone and video calls and send documents.

3. Reliable

Linkello adheres to the GDPR and uses the “Privacy by Design” philosophy without collecting any data. End-to-end encryption of all data transfers is achieved as a result of the French environment’s creation of all facilities and services.

4. Employers Relish the Situation

Employers might sigh when they adopt Linkello, especially in the wake of the worldwide pandemic when even office job has gone digital. But now that Linkello has been introduced, all of the company’s managers and executives will be more content than ever because they can plan meetings with personnel at once, independent of their strategies and ongoing projects.

5. Use Linkello’s technology to communicate with your team from anywhere.

With your team (of up to 15 people), you can have one-on-one meetings or organise video conferences. Even in low-bandwidth situations, it offers HD video and audio quality, allowing your team to communicate, connect, and collaborate more effectively.

6. Meetings, phone calls, webinars, and chat all in one place

Utilizing a single tool for conferences, webinars, phone calls, and meetings will be appreciated by your coworkers. You’ll never have to worry about looking for a different communication solution because the Linkello platform is constantly improving to meet companies’ growing demands.

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