Top IPTorrents Unblocked Mirrors And Proxy Sites [100% Working]

IPTorrents is an open invite torrent service, therefore you can’t just join up for it. It would be beneficial if you could ask someone to join the website as a member. You can also register for the site by purchasing any IPtorrents subscription. Ip torrents is one of the fastest torrent sites with private trackers available.

You may now download torrent files at a rate that is 10 times faster than most torrents. The site will be updated on a regular basis with the most recent movies, TV episodes, games, and other premium material. IPTorrents is a virtual downloading gateway for premium torrent files for many people who utilise it.

Many torrent proxy links sites, including www IPTorrents com, have suffered as a result of Big Piracy and Internet Organizations. As a result, it has to be prohibited in several nations. I understand how difficult it would be to live without IPt Torrents. As a result, I made a decision today. You’ll find 20+ IPTorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites in this page. Proxy IPTorrents can be unblocked torrent mirrors using these sites.

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IPTorrents Unblock Proxy and Mirrors sites

Proxy and mirror sites for IPTorrentz are hosted in countries where IPTorrent is not blocked (yet). So, if your IPTorrents is blocked, you can use these sites to unblock it. The design, files, and even the name are all the same on IPTorrents Unblock Proxy and Mirrors Sites.

Top IPTorrents Unblocked Mirrors And Proxy Sites [100% Working]

Top 12 Best IPTorrents Alternatives

1. 1337x


1337x is arguably the smartest torrent website right now, and it’s probably how people who are not familiar with file-sharing imagine all torrent websites to look like. Despite its homepage’s modern design, 1337x has been around since 2007, serving new content to countless torrent users from around the globe. Currently, the main domain of 1337x is, however, there are also several backup domains, including:

2. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

When you hear the word torrent, the original website you can think of is the Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay is the world’s most advanced torrent site that provides access to an incalculable number of tv shows, movies, music tracks, movies, software downloads, and other shared files similar to IPTorrents. The Pirate Bay is a nonprofit organization founded by a Swedish group of anti-copyright activists in 2003. It is one of the few torrent websites that had stayed within the legal boundaries of any people. This means that it cannot be considered accountable for the copyright infringements laws or any such problems via its site.

3. Zooqle


Zooqle is an alternative for the IPTorrents site because Zooqle has many options for the people who want to download free movies and TV shows; however, what makes this alternative more excellent is it’s perfect for gamers all around the world. Because the Zooqle site has a user-friendly interface that is simple to use and agree with, it needs a few improvements that may be changed with time. But still, this torrent website has a lot to give to its users; it is worthy of searching and finding whatever you need. So far, Zooqle is among the best torrent sites for gamers and movie watchers, and if it manages to visit this way, this torrent website will be one of the best soon.

4. LimeTorrents


The LimeTorrents is a general-purpose torrent site that seems to be booming and evolving regardless of the file-sharing scene’s current stagnant nature. LimeTorrents introduced a reworked web page featuring a sleek design with big buttons for famous categories & a research bar that is virtually unfeasible to miss. Sadly, the rest of the LimeTorrents site is not nearly as well-designed as the web page. Yes, it should not break you from enjoying it. Extra importantly, what matters most is the content, and the LimeTorrents site does not discourage in this regard, offering everything from games, movies, music, TV shows, anime, and much more. Now, LimeTorrents is a famous Alternative to IPTorrents and NO.1 Best torrent site.



If you wish to see the top torrent site, you go to the ideal place because EZTV is the largest and great alternative site for IPTorrents. EZTV Torrent is a complete TV show, anime collection for years. EZTV has lost some integrity in recent years as a result of safety and also personal privacy issues. The site is also successful for many years, including new functions, filters, far better floods, etc. Keep in mind that the website itself advises individuals to use a VPN before using the solution.

Is EZTV blocked, and Are you trying to find one more method to unblock EZTV? There are numerous alternatives offered to get EZTV when it’s obstructed. But, EZTV Proxy & Mirror sites are the most excellent most likely.



RARBG is a popular alternative site for ExtraTorrents. It has a great deal of the latest movies and pc gaming collections. It gives the facility an online downloading of movies, TV shows, music, video gaming, etc. It was created in 2010. It is blocked in some nations, including the UK, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. Using a VPN will enable you to bypass these limits, allowing you to access content very carefully– while keeping in mind that we do not excuse piracy. If you’re in the state of mind to see the most advanced flicks online, then RARBG proxy may be the site that you select to use to get it if the first website is not working.


TorrentDownloads is a different famous torrent site that is an excellent alternative to IPTorrents. Most maximum of the credit goes to its tidy and organized torrent library, from anywhere one can search and watch for torrents of his option. If all extra trackers and torrents fail, this one might be just probably your great option to find movies or tv programs that you want to search for. But, there is a problem, unfortunately. It has been blocked in multiple countries like IPTorrents proxy and many search engines due to its top profile, so you might need a VPN or a proxy to access this torrent site.

8. Torrentz2


Torrentz2 is a potent web place search tool and the premier torrent site with the most recent motion pictures and song collection. is a matching recipient and a replacement of made use of to be among the most effective alternatives to IPTorrents. It is a harsh and terrific torrent meta-search engine– connection arises from loads of torrent websites. Torrentz2 appeared many days after the initial Torrentz.EU site. With a large 75 torrent sites in their index and an overall of 55 million gushes, it has differed handling. Simultaneously, additional count features like gush top quality voting (fake, password, virus). And a recap of the most recent tested songs, flicks, and also TV gushes.

9. Kickass


The website is not obtainable almost everywhere; it has been removed from Australia, UK, and others. Kickass Torrent is a preferred and safe and secure portal. But, by interacting with a server at a particular place, you can prevent geo-blocks anywhere with a VPN and remain secure while surfing IPTorrents.

The site fasts and spontaneous to scan for all your favored series, movies, and product. You will likewise get any comments of over 165,000 customers on the internet if you do not locate what you are watching for.

10. YTS


YTS is an excellent alternative for pirated movies and tv shows. If you are interested in film, then YTS is precisely what you need to use. It is of the best IPTorrents alternative. This site focuses entirely on movies only, and it allows its users a massive variety of movies collection and a fantastic layout to use. One of the most important advantages of this site is choosing to download from YTS to make it easy on your availability because of its fast and light service.

11. TorrentFunk


TorrentFunk is an additional viable leading IPTorrents proxy for mac or any other device, thinking about the variety of torrents it provides. The site also consists of verified spurts that you can download and install without troubling with copyright problems.

12. Torlock


Torlock is just one of the most effective gush sites for movies and also TV collection fans. Nonetheless, it also includes different files like a computer game, tunes, applications, digital books, and anime. It has a big collection of movies and also a TV collection. You can locate high-grade and uncut videos with their quick download web links on this 1337X substitute site. You can use this site if you do not mean to choose any fake gush information. It is extensively used in all nations aside from Australia, India, and the UK, with over four million spurts.

Proxies don’t work? Hither’s this Solved:

Using a proxy site is the first step in unblocking any banned site. The issue is that proxy sites do not guarantee privacy or data security. Modern firewalls can easily identify them as well. As a result, we desire to continue our efforts. Use a VPN, for example.

VPN, or virtual private network, routes all of your internet activity through a fake IP address, masking your true identity. This implies your network or Internet service provider (ISP) has no idea what website or app you’re using.

IPTorrents Alternatives List of Private Trackers

1. What.CD

What. CD is the most expensive private music tracker. Yet, like PTP, What, their home page is mysterious and makes you want to join. CD has always performed admirably. This site has remained relatively unchanged over the years, which is a good thing. It’ll be around for a long time.

Visit What.CD

2. BitMe

BitMe.ORG is an E-Learning tracker that includes E-learning, Training, Instructional videos, instructional e-books or audiobooks (professional, self-help, etc.), e-novels, documentaries (covering documentaries from PBS, BBC, and Discovery), college lectures/courses, design plugins, web design templates, stock photos/images/fonts, multimedia production volumes/models.

 Visit BitMe

3. PassThePopcorn 

Pass Popcorn is an alternative to IPTorrent proxy and the only movie proxy site you’ll ever need. You can watch popular films, classic films, and well-known international releases, all of which are provided in high-definition wherever feasible. It is one of the biggest private movie torrent sites on the internet, with over 380K torrents and 35K users.

 Visit Pass The Popcorn

4. Redacted – Private Music Torrents

Redacted offers it all: individual songs, whole discographies, and albums. Redacted is a relatively new website that covers a wide range of musical styles and genres. It is one of the most popular private music trackers, with over a million torrents and 27K users. So if you can send out an invitation, you’ll be ready for music!

 Visit Redacted

5. Bibliotik

Known for its private E-book torrents. It has over 300,000 torrents and a 7000-member active community. Bibliotik features a large selection of popular, classic, and unusual books in a types of genres.

Visit Bibliotik

6. AnimeBytes

AnimeBytes is a major private torrent site with over 141K torrents to select from and over 16K users. If you’re looking for a series that isn’t available on public torrent sites, look no further than AnimeBytes.

 Visit AnimeBytes


Another excellent TV tracker is TV Torrents. The shows are categorised and sorted by name, current status, and category. This private tracker has over 162K torrents and a 50K-strong subscriber base.

 Visit Tv Torrents


Then, with latest article on IPTorrents Unblocked Proxy and Mirrors Sites, How to Unblock IPTorrents, and IPTorrents Alternatives, that’s all there is to it. I wish it were more important. If there’s anything I’ve missed, please let me know in the comments section below. Thanks.

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