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Instagram Tips for Publicizing Your Online Meeting

Whether you’re a business owner, freelancer, professor, or anything in between, you can benefit much from participating in a virtual conference. Promoting your virtual meetings through popular social media sites can increase the number of people who join you for your presentations in  Instagram. However, certain forms of social networking are easier to navigate than others.

Are you interest in learning how to use Instagram to promote your next virtual conference? Here are seven simple suggestions for doing precisely that.

Create Together a Branded Hashtag

Create an effort to come up with a cool, memorable hashtag first. Hashtags are Instagram’s lifeblood, serving to group together posts and movements. To add to that, the proper hashtag might act as a way to unite your virtual conference’s fans in the days leading up to the event.

Create in mind that you should note up with a hashtag that is both relevant to your occasion and quite popular. It can be more challenging to associate a widely used (or “populated”) hashtag with your virtual conference, increasing the likelihood that your posts will get lost in the noise.

Make sure your hashtag is succinct and to the point for the best engagement. Create a hashtag consisting of the name of your event and the year to get people talking about it.

Share Information About Recent Updates

The next word is to use Instagram to promote your virtual conference by spreading information about it with each new post you make. You needn’t make the upcoming conference the focus of every post. However, if you add a single line to the end of every post that mentions the conference and includes the aforementioned hashtag, you will increase the number of people who visit the RSVP page.

This strategy is as old as advertising itself. Conference publicity can conveyed gradually and naturally through all your new posts. There’s no better time than now to start promoting your upcoming conference. Make sure each call to action has a working link to the RSVP page.

Using Your Computer, create Posters

The best digital billboards may either stand alone as Instagram posts or serve as supplemental content for your main account. Create professional digital posters to promote your upcoming virtual conference. Make sure they employ amazing graphics and vivid colours to create an upbeat, stimulating, and aesthetically pleasing design.

Find conference poster templates on sites like PosterMyWall if you’re at a loss for words or lack the skillset to start your own from scratch. These layouts can also be used as a starting point for creating real posters for distribution. If you think your local community might be interested in attending your virtual conference, you could put up flyers advertising it on telephone poles.

Post Up Timer Counters

Promoting the conference to wider marketing is essential as the big day approaches and anticipation grows. That being said, a week or so before the post of your conference, you might want to create some countdown posts.

Make a simple Instagram post with the number “9” and one of the digital posters indicated above, for instance, nine days before your virtual conference is scheduled to start. Repeat this process the following day, but replace the 9 with an 8. Then add your hashtag at the end.

This is a straightforward method of informing your audience of the upcoming conference date and preventing any of them from missing it.

Engage Key Opinion influencers

As a marketing platform, Instagram relies heavily on its influencers. It’s a no-brainer to reach out to and connect relationships with influencers you’re already working with within your marketing or who work in your field.

These influential people can make up about your upcoming conference on their own social influencers’ posts. Influencers can partnered with to increase marketing over the long run and to launch future campaigns.

Do some giveaways or contests.

Offer contests or giveaways to your followers and fans to get them psych about your upcoming virtual conference. Depending on the cost of admission, you may give out free tickets, gifts next Instagram post. People will take note of your upcoming conference merely for the freebies if you’re creative.

Do not forget to add the RSVP link to your profile.

And finally, don’t forget to include the RSVP page link to your profile. To get to know you, your company, or your brand, potential new followers and fans may first visit your profile page. Put the conference link for the upcoming virtual conference there.

Instagram can be a useful tool for generating awareness of your virtual conference. Use the platform’s features to its full marketing, come up with creative phrases and hashtags, and people will show up on time for your event.

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