Improving Faster Your Typing Skills: Tips and Apps

Having a fast typing speed increases productivity by a factor of ten. The addition of extra time is a welcome bonus for this effort. You could use that for something more important. We can also provide you with additional information regarding typing speed.

Some services, such as transcription services, can only be considered professional if they guarantee a fast typing speed. Yes, without it, good human transcription services are impossible.

Do you want to create something so valuable on your own? We offer helpful tips and apps for learning how to type like a professional transcriptionist. So, let’s begin at the beginning.

Begin with These Basic Pointers

So you’ve made the decision to work on your typing skills. What are the most important things to keep in mind?

  • Start with a good posture – you must take a good position to make any learning process comfortable.
    Relax and sit up straight. For that, you’ll need a good chair and desk. You should not distract yourself with any inconveniences you may have inside the process.
  • Track your time – even if you enjoy the process or are serious about learning new skills, you should still set aside a specific amount of time for it. To improve typing skills, take short breaks and gradually increase the time spent typing.
  • Try not to look at the keyboard – looking at your keyboard will make the learning process slower and less effective. Yes, it’s possible you’re already used to it. But, you should leave that gradually if you want to reach better results.
  • Take enough time – if you don’t get prompt results, don’t become upset. Again, build your skills gradually and be cool about that. It is good to build an understanding of how the typing process should be arranged in your day-to-day real existence, sans apps you may employ. By the way, we have fantastic app suggestions for you too.

Look at These Good Apps That May Help You

There are so many wonderful software designated to help in acquiring improved typing skills. We have picked for you good recommendations in this regard:


This is a good service that delivers online tutoring combined with testing. To start utilizing this platform, it is necessary to sign up with your email or use your Facebook account. Only subscribers have access to the platform’s free resources. Aside from workouts, the service provides tutorials and may give you with vital information about your gaps, posture, monitor distance, and, of course, finger placements. For people who desire to improve their typing skills, this is an excellent collection of materials, exercises, and examinations.


This is a useful tool because it has been altered to look like a racing simulator. This could make the procedure more enjoyable and efficient. All of the activities’ texts are taken from well-known books and games. These activities are graded based on their difficulty. Registration is required if a customer wants to track their progress.

Master of Typing

This is a good typing course that is tailored to the needs of the customer. It has about 10 hours of typing exercises in it. The main goal of this course is to double or even triple your typing speed. The course is structured in such a way that each lesson introduces new practice combinations. Its keyboard is color-coded to assist customers in learning quickly. The service also guarantees a real-time evaluation. This is done in order to provide the exact customization of service that a customer requires in order to succeed.


This tool is useful because it first gives a brief explanation of how it works before redirecting a customer to typing exercises. Its diagrams also show you when you should rest your fingers. This application makes it simple to track your progress because it gives you smaller pieces to practice with the option to extend them later. This tool includes a wide range of exercises, and its algorithms are well-designed to tailor the process to the needs of users.


This is one of the most basic apps we’ve come across. It’s still useful for organizing the learning process.
It ensures that you go from simpler to more difficult exercises. As a result, users can simply improve their talents.
When a user needs to take a break, the website allows them to do so. It also keeps track of the process and generates detailed reports on its progress. The good news is that the service has struck a decent mix between free and paid lessons. As a result, all potential users may benefit from some practice.

Final Thoughts

If you want to improve your typing speed, follow our helpful tips and download the programs we recommended.
This multi-pronged approach may yield greater outcomes. If you’re having trouble with this and need to have your typing work done quickly, you may always hire a professional transcriptionist. You can simply convert audio to text and video to text with these tools. You’ll also be able to improve your typing abilities in a more relaxed and unhurried manner.

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