How To Verify Your YouTube Account & Channel in Simple Ways

YouTube is a free online video streaming platform. You can upload your video, and stream video live in it. It is a platform to showcase your talent and can be viewed all around the world. You can also earn cash on YouTube by uploading your videos and based on the views. Like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and different social media, you can verify your Youtube account.

Need to Verify Your YouTube Account

It is necessary to get verified on YouTube to upload videos over 15 minutes or stream live videos. It also gives you the ability to claim copyrights if your video has been posted on different channels. Also, you can use custom thumbnails for your channel.

Eligibility Criteria to get verified Badge on YouTube

  • To apply for verification on YouTube, your channel must have 100,000 subscribers
  • Your channel should be a real brand with unique content. So use some original names.
  • Your channel should be public and viewable for all users on YouTube
  • Your channel should also have a channel banner, channel description, channel icon (use top-quality image), and be active on YouTube.
  • Always maintain your channels look professional.

How to get verified on YouTube?

You can verify your account on YouTube in two steps, and they are

  • Verify your account via YouTube (
  • Verify your account via YouTube Studio

How to Verify your account via YouTube (

(1) Open YouTube in your Desktop Computer.

(2) Match on Settings in the left panel of your YouTube.

(3) Under Settings, click on “Channel status and features” in account settings.

(4) You will be directed to the Features webpage

A quick tip: You can get to this page directly by skipping other steps by typing in your search bar.

(5) Under status and features, you will find your account name under which there will be a verify button.

(6) Agree on the verify button, you will be directed to account verification web page (step 1/2)

A quick tip: you can get to this step directly by skipping different steps by typing in your browser search bar

(7) Choose your country in the verification page.

(8) Presently select how your verification code should be delivered via message or call by checking the box.

(9) After checking it will ask for the support of your choice, click confirm.

(10) Presently it will ask for the language and the phone number to send you the verification code and click on submit.

(11) After submitting, direct to step 2/2 verification page and type the verification code.

(12) Click on the submit button, and your account will be verified.

How to verify your account via YouTube Studio?

(1) Start YouTube Studio in your browser.

(2) Click on Settings from the left panel of YouTube studio.

(3) Under settings, click on the channel.

(4) Now click on Advanced Settings in the channel

(5) Click on status & features under different channel settings

(6) By clicking it, you will be directed to the Features homepage.

Now follow the steps 5 to 12 to verify your account via YouTube ( and get your account verified.

Note: You cannot verify your YouTube account via YouTube and YouTube Studio app on your smartphone Mobile. However, you can verify it by using your browser by

Free browser –> Search for –> Click on chrome menu –> Choose desktop website –> Now follow the process of “Get verified your account via YouTube (” given above.

You can soon get your YouTube account verified, and you will also get verification badge once you fulfilled all the eligibility criteria provided. Let us know which way you chose to verify your account in the comment section below.

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