How to Prepare for KBC Offline Quiz

Kaun Banega Crorepati is commonly known by its acronym KBC is an Indian Hindi language game show on television. Nowadays, there is an offline form of it that is very famous. So today we will talk about how to prepare for the KBC Offline quiz.

Presented by the all-time favorite Amitabh Bachchan, this is the Indianized adaptation of the globally famous ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire,’ As we are well aware of the format, here you are to answer the question by picking the right one from the given choices.

So the winner can bag an amount in millions in Indian currency. Cashing the fame behind this theme SonyLiv has started an offline quiz with the same name.

So what is KBC Offline Quiz?

Once you go through this article, you can participate in KBC Offline Quiz today, right away.

Launched by the television station as 27×7 Quiz or KBC Play Along this is an amazing quiz that gives the player chance to win cash in millions each day. With the great completion for consumers of content, the companies are coming up with different ways to attract people.

Sony TV, which runs the show Kaun Banega Crorepati has its own application where you can consume the content produced under its various banners. These include TV Shows, seasons, live sports, and many more.

So to get people to know the banner and download its application, they have launched a quiz program that is open for all people. Who can then participate and try their luck in winning the money?

This all started from Season 5 of the show where they introduced a segment named ‘Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot’, this allowed the viewers in front of the TV screens to send their answers to the questions through SMS or using the SonyLiv App.

The prize was 100,000 INR. This has transformed into the present form where it is available on the application. In KBC Play Along or the Offline contests as they call it, you are asked ten questions. Which you have to answer within the allotted time period.

This opportunity is available for you from Monday to Friday of each week. You can visit the application and put your answer there. If you manage to get all of them right, it is your chance to win a cash prize in hundreds of thousands of Indian rupees.

How Can You Participate

If you are interested in this show and want to compete. You will have to follow the simple steps given below.

Get the SonyLiv App from the PlayStore or App Store for your Android or Apple iPhone.

Install the application and open it.

Sign up using the basic information, the same as you do on other platforms. Such as putting your name, gender, DOB, Mobile phone number/email/social account.

Once you are done, the interface of the application will be displayed in front of you, Now the next step is to find the ‘Play Along’ section.

Here you will have to sign-up again for this section in particular. The process is simple and the same as before.

Once done, you have two options here you can choose between the KBC Play Along Gold and KBC Play Along Regular. The first one is for the app subscribers and the latter is for those who have no subscription.

After choosing the right option, it is time to select a 24X7 quiz.

One here, it is time to get ready and answer the questions.

How to prepare for the contest

Before we reveal the option for preparations it is important to describe the terms and conditions for the competitions. The first thing you need to remember is that to answer each question put to you, you have only thirty seconds to answer it.

Secondly, you will proceed to the next query, only when you have selected the right option in the first one. But the good thing is that if you are not sure about a given query, it is very easy to get a clue by using a lifeline.

To tell you, it is not easy to make the right choice every time. The queries put to you here are curated from a diverse range of general knowledge. So to be right each time, you have to know a lot.

It could be about history, film, television, general knowledge, sports, current affairs, or other such subjects. To be ready and to make the right choice every time you will have to study a lot.

This could be done either by reading books, watching TV, especially the news channels, reading the newspaper, or consulting other sources of information regularly.

Even more, there are websites that publish the previous day’s question on a regular basis. If you visit them you will get a general idea about the queries. Or you can take help from the internet for a given question at any time.


KBC Offline Quiz is one of the genuine and famous contests that people can avail each day. The thirteenth season of the show is currently underway and you can participate too. We have described all the necessary details in this post. If you want to add anything, just comment below.

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