How To Know If Your Dating Standards Are Too High?

Getting involved in the dating world gives you an excellent opportunity to meet potential partners and get to know others. Many people will create standards to find the right partner, but you shouldn’t make them too high. Otherwise, you could end up missing out on some great partners. You should keep these five points in mind to find out if you created too high of standards.

Refusing Too Many First Dates

You should pay attention to how many dates you go on in comparison to the number you turn down. Sometimes, women turn down more dates than they may expect, so keeping count can help them see if they set their standards too high. This means you should start keeping track and make a comparison to see how you do.

If you notice you turn down more people than you go on dates with, you should review your current standards and consider lowering them. If you do this, you should think about why you turned those people down and decide if you shouldn’t focus as much on those traits while dating.

Not Putting In Effort

If you look at dating tips for women, you’ll notice you should put in some effort. For example, you could send flirty texts and communicate with partners. This approach works as a simple way to show your interest while also enjoying the thrill of having a potential suitor value you. After all, a relationship should have both sides putting in the effort to grow closer to each other.

If you find yourself not putting in the effort, you may want to adjust your standards. Otherwise, you may feel like everyone else should put in all the effort, which could lead to you turning away people you may get along with.

Focusing on Looks

While you should find a partner you find attractive, you shouldn’t put all the emphasis on looks. For example, you may turn away a man if he doesn’t have a perfect six-pack, but that could thin out your dating pool considerably. The same applies to other features such as height, muscle mass and hair color.

While looks do matter, you need to consider other attractive features such as personality, compatibility and good habits. That way, you can find a person you get along with while also ensuring you look for someone you find attractive. In short, you shouldn’t make your search too narrow with lots of physical features and details.

Creating a Large List

Some women will create dealbreaker lists to help them avoid people they don’t find attractive. For example, some women may avoid partners with alcohol addictions, bad grooming habits or mean personalities. While a dealbreaker list can help you avoid people you wouldn’t get along with, you shouldn’t make the list too long.

For example, some people may add points like avoiding people who don’t have bachelor’s degrees. However, quite a few great people don’t have degrees, so you should still give them a chance and go on a date. It comes down to figuring out which ones are dealbreakers for you while avoiding list items that don’t matter as much.

Fixating on Insignificant Points

To go off the previous point, you may find yourself focusing on insignificant parts of people. For example, you may date a person and find out he or she drives an older car. While this may bother some people, the point shouldn’t matter that much since the car doesn’t determine if a person has value or a good personality.

Some women may find themselves fixating on points like those, so make sure you stop yourself from doing this. This can apply to points such as disliking a partner’s house, not liking an outfit and many others. Instead, you should focus on good personality traits and excellent habits for sustainable relationships.


While you should have some standards when you go on dates, you shouldn’t set your standards too high. You could end up focusing on points that don’t matter and miss out on meeting some amazing people. Make sure you find a good balance, so you can pick a suitable partner without turning away people you may have formed great relationships with.

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