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How To Delete All Messages in Discord

Discord is a fantastic programme for communicating with your friends and forming close bonds. It might be tough to manage old messages, especially when you wish to remove inflammatory or unacceptable remarks, which is one of the administrative hassles of running an active Discord server.

While many people use Discord primarily for its audio chat feature. The platform’s text chat features are also extremely popular. Although Discord is primarily a game tool, it has grown in popularity, making text chat more significant.

Thousands of messages can flood your text chat depending on the size of your how to delete discord messages if you wish to get rid of any inaccurate messages or just start over. It’s critical to understand the quickest technique to clear your server’s backlog.

In this post, I’ll teach you how to manage your Discord server’s message backlog, including how to delete all messages.

How To Delete All Messages in Discord


Direct Messaging and Channel Messages are the two forms of text messages available in Discord.

Messages to Individuals:

These are two users having a private conversation.

Messages on the Channel:

These are text chats that are shared across the entire group on a specified channel.

Each form of message works in a different way and follows distinct guidelines. When Discord was launched, administrators could bulk delete or erase messages using the Discord app’s native UI. The Discord databases suffered as a result of too many admins mass-deleting messages at the same time.

As a result, this feature has been removed from the native UI. Fortunately, while it’s not as simple as it once was, you may still erase all messages from your Discord clear chat server.


A Direct Message on Discord cannot be erased technically. All you have to do is dismiss the chat panel to prevent messages from appearing, and you can even erase your message copy to remove it from your history. The message, however, remains on the other person’s chat window as well as on the Discord servers. Here’s how to erase your local copy:

1 Step:

Right-click the individual with whom you’ve exchanged direct messages, and then pick Message from the drop-down menu.

2 Step:

Hover over the chat in the Direct Message window on the left side of the screen and tap the X that appears.

3 Step:

At least on your end, the conversation is winding down. Make sure there isn’t a confirmation dialogue, and don’t touch the X on any communications you want to keep.

If you only want to hide a few Direct Message exchanges, that’s all there is to it. If you want to remove channel messages, follow the steps below.


Channel messages, like direct communications, can be removed in a variety of methods.

There are 3 methods to remove channel messages in Discord.


The first method is to manually discord delete all messages. This is how it works:

1 Step:

To begin, open the text channel containing the message you want to delete.

2 Step:

Hover your mouse over the message until the three-dot icon appears on the far right. Select Delete from the menu after tapping the symbol.

3 Step:

This will prompt you to confirm your option in a new window. To delete something, press the Delete button.

This works nicely if you only have a few problems with messages to get rid of.
However, it’s certainly not the best way to get rid of a big number of text messages.

If you want to delete messages, use one of the ways below.


Using a Discord bot created exclusively for erasing messages is the second way how to Clear Discord Chat. You can choose from a variety of Discord bots. However, among Discord server administrators, the MEE6 bot is now the most popular. The MEE6 Bot is simple to install.

1 Step:

To begin, go to your Discord server and log in.

2 Step:

Then go to MEE6’s official website.

3 Step:

Choose Add to Discord and touch Authorize to let the bot work on your server.

4 Step:

Select the most suited server.

5 Step:

MEE6 will then request permission to erase messages from your account. Tap the Authorize button when prompted.

6 Step:

From the MEE6 control panel, enable the Moderation Plugin. With MEE6, you may erase mails and more using a variety of commands.

Once you’ve allowed some commands, you can use them to send clear messages. Use! To delete a user’s previous 100 messages, type ‘clear @username’. Use! Use the apostrophe! To delete the latest 1000 messages on the channel, type clear 1000. The number can be modified to reflect the number of messages you want to delete, but 1000 is the limit.

This is by far the simplest method for deleting a large number of messages at once.


If the MEE6 clear chat alternative does not work for you, the last option is to clone the channel and remove all of the messages on it. This necessitates a new duplicate of the channel, but it does not copy the channel’s old message history.

1 Step:

To begin, make a list of the bots you have on the channel, as cloning a channel does not always copy them.

2 Step:

Then right-click the channel you want to clone and select “clone.”

3 Step:

Choose the Clone Channel option.

4 Step:

After that, rename the cloned channel if desired.

5 Step:

Simply press the Create Channel button.

6 Step:

Delete the old channel.

7 Step:

Add any required bots to the new cloned version channel.

Cloning a Discord channel will also include all of the users from the previous channel and regenerate their permissions. Also, starting from scratch is easier than starting from scratch with a new channel.

All of the messages from the old channel have gone, and your new channel has the same settings as the old one.

Final Word:

Here’s all you need to know about Clear Chat or Remove Chat in Discord. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know in the comments section below!

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