How to Connect Xbox One Wireless Controller to Android Device

Bluetooth connection is an advanced feature that lets you transfer data with other devices wirelessly. You can also use this feature to connect with devices like headsets, smartwatches, wireless mouse, keyboards, and more. If you control an Android device, you can utilise Bluetooth to connect Xbox One Controller for playing games. Apart from the consoles, you can also connect Xbox One Controllers with Windows and Android devices. Let’s discuss the steps and requirements to connect Xbox One Controller to an Android smart mobile phone or tablet.

Connect Xbox One Controller to an Android Device

If your device runs on Android version 9.0 & higher, you can connect the Xbox One Controller with your Android device via Bluetooth. At the same time, your Xbox One Controller must have Bluetooth help for this pairing process.

The controller with Bluetooth support will have plastic around the Xbox button. The colour of the Xbox logo will match the rest of the controller’s colour. If it is in the other colour, your controller will not help to pair via Bluetooth connection.

Users should also remember that some of the Android games may not support or respond to the controller.

Steps to Connect a Best Xbox One Controller to Android

(1) On your Android smartPhone, go to Settings.

(2) Tap on the Connections menu.

(3) Allow the Bluetooth connection by toggling the slider located next to it.

(4) After enabling the Bluetooth connection on your Phone, take your Xbox One controller and long-press the Xbox button to turn it on.

(5) Presently, locate the Sync button on your controller and long-press it until the light starts to flash. You can find the sync button on the great of the controller.

(6) Get back to Bluetooth settings on your Android smartPhone (Settings >> Connections >> Bluetooth).

(7) Under the Possible devices section, you can find the controller name. Tap it to start the pairing method.

(8) When both devices get paired successfully, the controller’s light will stop flashing.

(9) Presently, you can use the controller to play the supported games.

Last Words

Once the controller is paired with your Android device, you have to pair the device again when you want to utilise it with the console. When you have a non-Bluetooth controller, you need to use an adapter that connects the controller’s USB-A male connector to the Android device’s female USB-C or Micro-B port.

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