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You need a Lytx login for smooth things. You’ll want to join the 1.3 million Lytx-protected drivers already using the service! Lytx also lets you buy things with your card from your phone! Read more.


With a Lytx login, 1.3 million drivers are protected from fraud. It operates in the US and Europe. Stolen credentials cannot access a driver’s car information.

Lytx managers can view detailed driver behaviour reports. On the dashboard, you can learn about past occurrences and their lessons. Push notifications and reports can help managers understand driver behaviour. DriveCam(r) Event Recorders have sophisticated machine vision and AI. This technology lets operators spot risky driving without recording it.

With Lytx’s dashboard camera, 1.3 million drivers are protected and operations are improved. Drivers appreciate in-car cameras. It could support exaggerated assertions. A good dash cam uses sensors, machine learning, and AI to prevent accidents and insurance claims. This innovation improves operational safety, lowers claim costs, and helps drivers stay safe.

Drivers can pay credit cards using their smartphones.

As automakers incorporate payments, more customers are using mobile apps. Hyundai and Chevron worked together to pay a credit card gas payment service. Other automakers are studying ways to pay for gas and parking in the car. Look at what’s happening now.

We monitor drivers.

Drivers can be banned from any track with a Lytx login. The reporting tool lets fleet managers check driver hours for payroll. Fleet managers can generate driver hours and other information using  Login.

Lytx Login requires a phone app for drivers. This app is on Google Play and Apple App Store. The platform requires a  Login. Logging in lets drivers see their driving score, recent activity, and risky behaviours. Drivers can also see  films of unsafe behaviour that could result accidents.

Fleet managers can frequently send drivers trends and rankings. This track lets drivers create and learn about their company’s safety programme. Participation will engage employees. Drivers who have forgotten their login credentials can get support from fleet managers. Forgot your password? Don’t worry. Lytx assists with account logins.

Service hour logs are centralised.

After being displayed on an external screen, the fleet carrier or driver receives the hours of service log through wired connection or data port.

The hours of service log may include today’s miles. Drivers may struggle with the system’s time and distance-based on-duty/off-duty determination.  The Hours of Service Logs Management System helps drivers follow labour laws.

The Lytx ELD service handles RODS, HOS logs, and vehicle inspections at once. It instals easily and doesn’t instal operations. Lytx ELD helps fleet managers improve driver safety, efficiency, and insurance costs. ELD technology helps DriveCam operators comply with FMCSA regulations and improve safety and output.

Fleet monitoring

Use Lytx’s fleet tracking service to track your fleet. Driver safety programmes detect drivers. They collect real-time fleet data from drivers. Lytx serves trash management, sanitation, passenger transportation, construction, utilities, and other customers. Create a My  account first. Sign in to  online tools after that.

Lytx can help you comply. Fleet managers may monitor drivers’ Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) score and identify drivers who need more training by centralising their HOS logs.

Lytx’s fleet dashcam video platform is another benefit. Managers may track driver performance and intervene quickly.  Video proof fromfleet dashcams allows managers to act promptly and improve customer service.


Lytx predictive analytics can alert fleet managers to unsafe driving before an accident. Data is collected and analysed live. The software turns data into risk-reducing information and driving safety. Lytx’s predictive analytics have many uses. They include:

First, Lytx uses multisensor fusion to improve data. It enables target factors or business difficulties.  Finding what customers desire will boost sales.

Lytx’s DriveCam software analyses data from multiple sensors to identify unsafe driving. With  Engine technology, this programme helps professional drivers go home securely at night. The company’s analytics also avert accidents and save lives. It made a terrific product on the market.


Two-lens DriveCam dash cams record both inside and outside the car. Log into Lytx to access the recording. Dashcams protect drivers.

Lytx Video Platform captures road things, including crashes. Safety and policy information is displayed. Cameras record indoors and outside. You can instal up to four cameras for better coverage.

Lytx lets fleet managers review dangerous driving videos. This helps retain drivers and improve customer service. Free! This makes Lytx dashcams the best.

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