What is Grammm? Top 10 Grammm Alternatives In 2022

Grammm GmbH, based in Vienna, has released an open source platform for business communication with the same name. Grammm is a distributed communication channel campaign donor that includes a digital desktop with interfaces to common proprietary and open apps. The platform is a data protection-compliant European alternative to proprietary suites from other jurisdictions, according to the provider. Email, calendar, video conferencing, chat, data sharing, and built-in communication and collaboration apps are all included.

What is Grammm? Top 10 Grammm Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about Grammm Alternative. here are the details below;

The Viennese underline that the software is “the first fully working OutlookAnywhere and MAPI / HTTP implementation,” according to their statement. Version 2021.02 should already be compatible with Microsoft Outlook and, among other things, support the Microsoft Exchange protocols. The company slogan “groupware and much, much more” is written as grammm with three “m.” The software is now available for free download, and the community version can be used by up to five people. A commercial edition with support is available from the start-up for larger groups.

The platform’s code is written in C++, and its network nodes enable RPC (Remote Procedure Call) over HTTP, as well as the typical collaborative central interfaces: IMAP, POP3, SMTP, EAS (Exchange ActiveSync), EWS (Exchange Web Services), CalDAV, and CardDAV.

In the driving seat: the grammm admin interface (part of the software that is not visible in the public demo version)

(Image: grammm GmbH)

According to the vendor, no plug-in is required for grammm due to the adoption of native Exchange protocols: Microsoft Outlook “talks” to the application like an Exchange server from Microsoft. The architecture section of the grammm website has more details. It is also possible to access the site with a web browser. According to the statement, in production, the platform will take around a fifth of the time that comparable Microsoft Exchange environments take.

Users should be able to easily integrate grammm into their existing workflow and use it with a variety of clients: Microsoft Outlook for macOS and iOS, Mozilla Thunderbird for Android, grammm Web, and Microsoft Windows Mail may all be used together. Users can operate offline with Exchange cache mode enabled, and when they reconnect to the internet, the platform instantly syncs their data. Grammm supports Exchange ActiveSync, which gives users access to their data and shared public folders across all of their devices.

In the sample version, Microsoft Outlook “speaks” to grammm in the same way as an Exchange server does.

(Image: grammm GmbH)

User-related data is stored per user and is always end-to-end encrypted, according to the company. Users can choose their own storage location for communication data, whether it’s on their own server or with a 3rd hosting provider. On the grammm site, there is a demo installation: Interested parties should be able to access it without installing additional software using Outlook, Thunderbird, macOS Mail, mobile phone, or browser. To try it out, go to the website and enter the log-in data generated at random for test access to the demo platform.

In the grammm demo version, there is a mail interface with a randomly generated user profile.

(Image: grammm GmbH)

The next release is planned for August 2021, according to the development team’s roadmap. For this purpose, more Linux distribution support is planned, and also native apps and an extension of the admin interface.

If you’re looking for alternatives to Microsoft Exchange, there are both paid and free alternatives open. On GitHub, you can see Gramm’s repositories.

Top 10 Grammm Alternative

1: Microsoft 365

On-premise or cloud-based use of Microsoft Office applications may be authorized as part of Microsoft 365, which is a subscriber software service.

Microsoft 365 Alternative

2: Nextcloud Hub

Nextcloud is the market leader in on-premises file sharing and collaboration. Across all of your devices, you can easily share and collaborate. Nextcloud Hub removes the security and compliance risks that arise with cloud-based collaboration tools because it is an on-premises platform.

Nextcloud Hub Alternatives

  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • pCloud
  • iCloud

3: Kopano

With Kopano, all of these services are merged into a single user interface.

Kopano Alternatives

  • Zoho
  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft 365

4: Kolab Community

The hallmarks of Kolab are Software is An open Source Software (popularly known as FOSS) and Open Standards. We’ll get to the heart of why this matters to us, and we seriously hope it will for you as well.

Kolab Community Alternatives

  • Google Calendar
  • Roundcube
  • simple calendar

5: Kolab Now

Kolab Now is a user-friendly platform which provides a number of easy applications to help you simplify your daily online communications while also increasing their efficiency and security.

6: Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server is a communications and groupware platform that is one of Microsoft’s many products. For businesses that includes a greater server platform, Microsoft infrastructure solutions are a popular choice.

7: IceWarp

IceWarp combines all communications and cooperation features into a single solution. IceWarp is a fantastic tool for sharing and exchanging information and ideas whether you’re online, offline, or on the go.

8: OpenChange

OpenChange’s purpose is to provide a portable Open Source version of the Microsoft Exchange server and protocol set.

9: Kerio Connect

Kerio Connect makes managing email, calendars, contacts, and tasks easier and more cost-effective than ever before. Kerio Connect makes it simple and cheap to have quick and safe access to your conversations from anywhere, on any device.

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