Fix – YouTube not working on Vizio Smart Tv

If you have a Vizio smart tv and are having problems with YouTube apps such as YouTube not going to open, YouTube with a blank screen, frozen, when you click on YouTube, nothing happens, or YouTube loading problems, or any other issues on your Vizio smart tv with YouTube app, then you can fix this issue by using different methods, so let’s look at how to fix YouTube Not Working on Vizio Smart Tv in detail below.

Vizio TV App Black Screen on YouTube

To get to the Youtube app on your Vizio TV, simply press the ‘Home’ button on your tv remote, which will allow you to scroll right and select “YouTube” right away. After you’ve selected YouTube, you may see a blank screen with the YouTube logo on it for a few moments while it loads, but it should be quick. If you try to launch the app and all you get is a blank screen that won’t load, follow the steps below to fix it.

If the YouTube app on your Vizio TV just displays a blank screen, you must exit and restart the application. To do so, go back to your TV’s configuration menu and select ‘Clear Data’> ‘Ok,’ then select ‘Apps’> ‘Youtube’> ‘Force Stop.’

Once your Vizio TV’s Youtube application has been reset, you can return to it by pressing the ‘Home’ button to see if there is still a black screen. If the problem persists, try turning off and on your television after your application has restarted. This may result in a fast internal reset to alert the application to the fact that it has been reset.

Vizio TV No Sound on YouTube

When you watch YouTube on your Vizio TV, you naturally expect to see the right video for the subject you’re watching. The visual is necessary for the user’s experience in any application, but the video will not play without sound. What can you do if you open the YouTube app on your Vizio TV and the sound accompanying that video is no longer able to hear?

The video silencing on YouTube is commonly the cause of youTube not having sound on your Vizio TV. Some movies are muted by design within the application, or are muted without the individual’s consent. To unmute the video, simply tap the sound symbol.

If you’re dissatisfied with your video or notice that it was never muted within the app, check to see if your TV is muted. Simply press the volume up or down on your remote control to see if the sound has altered. If this does not work, power the TV by turning it off, unplugging it from the outlet, then pressing the on/off button for 10-15 seconds.

Is Vizio TV Slow on YouTube

One of the most substantial advantages of watching youTube on your Vizio TV is that you are always connected to the Internet. This application is already supported by your TV, so there’s no need to search for a WiFi network or connect your smartphone to the Internet. But, if you go to YouTube on your Vizio TV and notice that the app is suddenly laggy, might the Internet be to keep blaming?

One of the most common causes of YouTube lag on your Vizio TV is a sluggish Internet service. Start by resetting your router, then verify your connection speed if that doesn’t work. (See “Vizio TV YouTube Not Working” for more information.)

To easily stream videos from YouTube, content providers recommend a constant connection of at least 1.5 Mbps – 3Mbps and up to 10Mbps. If you want to test your connection speed on a few different websites, simply phone your provider to discover where your connection works. Upgrade to a faster connection if the connection speed is not equal.

Is Vizio TV Not Working on YouTube

You should be able to access hundreds of different apps directly from your TV screen if you own a Vizio TV, especially a smart TV. This enables consumers to access applications that extend what they may view by simply download and clicking a button rather than using their regular cable or satellite TV. What can you do if you have a Vizio TV and access YouTube, but it suddenly stops working?

If YouTube on Vizio TV isn’t working, one of the first things you should do is sign out and sign back in. Automatic registration in the YouTube app can be tampered with, requiring a simple fix to enter your username and password in the YouTube app.

If you can log out and log in but still can’t get the app to work, make sure your Internet is up and running. Check this using another home device’s Connection to the internet to see whether it works. If this is not the case, you must reset the Internet by removing your router from the power supply for 60 seconds, then plugging it it in and allowing it to reset before trying to access YouTube again.

How To Reset or Update YouTube App on Vizio TV

If YouTube isn’t working properly on your Vizio TV, or you just know there’s a new update that isn’t yet on the app, you might wonder how to reset or update it. Resetting the YouTube app, as well as updating it, can help you solve a variety of problems. Read on to learn how to reset or update your Vizio TV YouTube app.

To update the YouTube app on your Vizio TV, hit the ‘Home’ button on the remote control, select ‘YouTube,’ press yellow on the remote control, and select ‘Update.’ To reset the YouTube app on your Vizio TV problems, click back to the previous section, “how to restart Vizio TV Youtube App Black Screen.”

Fixed YouTube Not Working on Vizio Smart Tv

1. Unplug the power cable to Fix YouTube Not Working on Vizio Smart Tv

Step 1: Turn on your tv and disconnect the power cord.
Step 2: Wait 60 seconds before plugging the power wire back into the wall or any available outlet.
Step 3: Return your Vizio smart tv to its original position and open YouTube. You’ll be up and running in no time.

After a power reset, the YouTube app on your how to reset a Vizio smart tv not working should run normally without any problems, such as YouTube won’t play on smart tv Not Working on Vizio Smart Tv. If you’re still having problems, try the methods listed below.

2. Unplug All power cables to Fix YouTube Not Working on Vizio Smart Tv

Step 1: Turn on your pc and Vizio smart TV, then unhook all power cable connectors, including such your WiFi router, modem, and power outlet.
Step 2: Wait 60 seconds before reconnecting all power connectors.
Step 3: Turn on your tv, and you’ll be up and running with YouTube running properly.

3. Update Vizio smart tv Software to fix YouTube Not Working on Vizio Smart Tv

Step 1: Use your remote to get to settings by clicking the menu button.
Step 2: Select System from the drop-down menu and hit enter or ok.
Step 3: Next, tap on Check for Updates, and you’ll be prompted, “Are you sure you want to check for updates?” -> Select Yes.
Step 4: You will be notified if your Vizio smart tv software is up to date if it is.
If you don’t, it will notify you when software updates are available.
Step 5: If a software update is available, choose it and click Update. Your Vizio smart tv will then be updated to some of the most current Vizio smart tv update.

That is all there is to it. When you update the firmware on your Vizio smart tv, your YouTube Not Working on Vizio Smart Tv should work normally normally.

4. Factory Reset to fix YouTube Not Working on Vizio Smart Tv

Step 1: Using your remote, go to Menu->System->Reset and then admin.
Step 2: Select Reset to factory settings from the drop-down menu.
Step 3: When you select Reset to Factory Settings, your Vizio smart TV will switch off and on again, resetting all of its settings.

After you’ve reset the factory settings on your Vizio smart tv, everything on your Vizio smart tv will work perfectly.

Why isn’t YouTube available on my Vizio Smart TV?

This could be caused by software changes, a momentary problem, or something else else.

How do I get YouTube to work on my Vizio Smart TV once more?

You may cure this issue by removing the power cable from your Vizio smart tv, updating the software on your Vizio smart tv, and a few other methods that will help you fix YouTube not working on Vizio Smart Tv.

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