Find the Perfect Desk Hutch

Are you looking for a new hutch or desk or both for your office? Then you’ve come to the right place. A hutch is a great way to organize with additional storage. So what are the main points to keep in mind when buying a new hutch for your desk?

Selecting a desk hutch can be difficult if you’re searching for custom-sized hutches. The base of the hutch should be smaller than the desk you’re placing it on top of. So take plenty of measurements, starting with the space between the desktop and the ceiling. Next, figure out how much clearance space you want between the bottom shelf of the hutch and the desk surface.

Both of those measurements will enable you to find a hutch that is the right height for the desk. Keeping an ample amount of clearance space between the surface of the desk and the bottom of the hutch ensures you’ll have plenty of room to easily work on projects.

Remember that a hutch may make your desk surface area dimmer, so you might want to consider a hutch with lighting options. Do you keep classified files that need to stay locked? Then cabinets or drawers that lock are a feature to consider.

Are you unsure about where to buy your hutch? Then get your hutch desks here at 1StopBedrooms. Visit the site and you’ll notice the pricing is much lower than other stores. Why? Because they deal directly with the manufacturers and don’t pay middlemen to get your furniture to you.

You don’t have to worry about expensive overhead costs being a part of the pricing strategy. The strategy is simple, charge the customer what the furniture is actually worth. That way, you can get the hutch you need at a deeply discounted rate.

Find pieces with markdowns of up to 75% off of the retail price. And the great part is you aren’t skimping on quality. The trusted name-brands that are carried have been in the furniture industry for years. Shop brands like Ashley, Coaster, A.R.T., and more.

On top of that, you also have the option of free in-home delivery. Is the expense the only thing holding you back? Then finance your order for up to 36-months and make small payments. This way you can stay within budget and not settle for a hutch you didn’t really want.

Don’t forget, you have to see the hutch every day, so it should be something that is not just pleasing to your eye, but also functional in every way. The main reason for having a desk hutch is to organize your work items. Make sure the one you purchase has those capabilities.

If you need adjustable shelves that’s a feature you can type into the search box to narrow your choices. Do you have large binders you need to store? Make sure the depth of the hutch meets your needs. Visit 1Stop today and purchase a hutch that will make life simpler.

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