EaseUS MobiMover Review – Best Data Transfer Software For iOS In 2022

EaseUS MobiMover Review is explained in this article. We can also do nearly everything with our phones, from attending meetings to editing documents and taking a photo; it has made our lives easier. When it comes to switching phones, though, transferring all of the data to a new phone can be a moment procedure.

With EaseUS MobiMover software, you can easily migrate data and files from one iOS device to another with only one click. This iOS data transfer Software can do a lot more than just transfer data across iOS devices.

EaseUS MobiMover Review – Best Data Transfer Software For iOS

In this post, you can know about Data Transfer Software here are the details below;

This EaseUS MobiMover review has covered all of the qualities, benefits, and drawbacks, as well as the pricing aspect, and it should help you decide whether or not to use this software.

EaseUs MobiMover review The review is divided into sections that will allow you to examine MobiMover from numerous perspectives.

Installation and Download

EaseUS MobiMover is an easy to download and install tool. Simply double-click the most recent version of software for your operating system to start the installation in the background.

To start the setup process, you may need to click on one or two buttons, but the rest is simple, and anyone can do it without the use of guides or guidelines.

User Interface and Design

There are two themes to pick from for the display. In comparison to the dark theme, the light theme was our favourite. Because of the dark tone, several user interface options are difficult to read. Aside from the intricacy of the reading options, the rest of the UI appears to be simple. Users will find it easy to find what they’re looking for because the parts are organised by feature. There is no tooltip that appears when you hover your mouse over icons in the top-right corner of the software window; you must press on each one separately to learn about their functions.

Features of EaseUS MobiMover

EaseUS MobiMover aims to replace iTunes by, among other things, allowing you to backup and restore your iPhone in a single click.

You can download music and videos from YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, and other comparable platforms. Below, we’ll look at some of its most important features.

Make sure your iPhone is unlocked before using the software for the first time after connecting it to the PC. EaseUS’ MobiUnlock software can help you unlock your iPhone if you don’t know or remember the password. It might be able to help you unlock your phone.

Management of Content

You can manage all of your files and applications on your PC with the EaseUS MobiMover tool. Using this feature, you may easily delete, move, and copy content from your iPhone.

Transferring from one phone to another

You can quickly move all of the stuff from one iPhone/iPad to another within EaseUS MobiMover. You only need a Windows or Mac computer with both devices connected to start the transfer, which can be done with a single click.

Transferring data from a phone to a computer

EaseUS MobiMover also allows you to easily select the type of file you want to transfer. Voicemail, messages, photos, videos, and other forms of data could be included. This allows you to only transfer the files you need.

The new folder is created at the chosen location; you can use the default location or change it if you want. The administrator account folder is selected by default, even if you’re logged in with another account.

Transferring from a PC to a Phone

When transferring files from a Computer to an iPhone, choose the number of files you want to transfer and then press the Transfer button. Transferring is a simple procedure that does not require any training.

iPhone Backup and Restore

EaseUs MobiMover allows you to backup and restore data on your iPhone. You’ll need the same password to start the backup procedure if you’ve already secured an iPhone backup. The backup process will not begin unless the password is entered.

The backup is easy, and you have the option of selecting which files to back up. We were able to restore the previously created backup with just one click throughout our testing. As a result, the backup and restoration process is simple.

Manager of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps available. WhatsApp is used for some of the most important conversations, which must be backed up. You can back up and recover your communications with MobiMover software.

This app can also be used to transfer WhatsApp messages from one iOS device to another. Because WhatsApp has a built-in feature that backs up and restores chats and media to other devices, this can only be beneficial if the built-in feature is disabled.

Downloader of Videos

EaseUS MobiMover may also support you in download from sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and the BBC. You only need to copy the link and click install now. As the admin folder is the default, double-check the location of the downloaded video.

Detailed Technical Information

EaseUS MobiMover does not enable Android smartphones or Linux. You can use it on Windows and Mac for your iOS devices as long as it meets the conditions listed below.

System Prerequisites

  • Windows XP, Vista, and 7 are all supported.
  • OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later is needed.

Devices that are supported

iPhone 4s and up; iPad mini 2 and up, iPhone 4s and up; iPhone 4s and up; iPad Air, and iPad Pro; iPhone 4s and up; iPhone 4s and up;

Plans and Pricing

EaseUS MobiMover comes in both a free and a paid version. There are several constraints to the free version. In the free version, you could only send 20 files per day, and you won’t be able to recover an iPhone using the backup you created.

The free version does not support the transfer or backup of Whatsapp discussions. If you need all of the features and also 24/7 technical support, you’ll need the EaseUS MobiMover Pro version.

Monthly, annual, and lifetime plans are available in the Pro edition.

A one-month subscription costs USD 23.95, a one-year subscription fees USD 29.95, and a lifetime upgrade costs USD 69.95. If you don’t like the software or confront any problems, you can request a refund within 30 days. Given the pricing structure, we believe it makes sense to go with the lifetime option so you can keep it in your tool chest and use it whenever you need it.


Help As previously stated, if you choose a paid plan, you will have access to support 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You can easily contact support via email, live chat, or phone call; you can contact them via any of these ways and means with your questions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each product has its own set of advantages and pitfalls. In our EaseUS MobiMover review, we discovered a variety of advantages.

EaseUs MobiMover has the following advantages:

  • It is simple to set up and use.
  • There are no settings required for fast data transfer.
  • Apart from backup restoration, the free version includes the majority of the functions.
  • A simple user interface.
  • Includes a lifetime licence with all future updates.
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

EaseUS MobiMover has a few drawbacks.

  • It is only consistent with iOS devices and does not work with Android devices.
  • Several settings are difficult to read when using a dark theme.
  • The Administrator account is the default file storage location, even if you are logged in on another account.
  • There is no way to restore backups in the free version, even on a limited basis.

Final Word

In this EaseUS MobiMover review, we put the software’s features to the test by putting them through real-world scenarios. We discovered that several of its features are incredibly helpful and can significantly simplify your transfer process. You can free up space by transferring pictures and videos from your iPhone/iPad to your PC on a regular basis. If you don’t want to pay for the additional iCloud storage, this is a good option. Overall, EaseUS MobiMover is a simple iOS data transfer and installation instructions.

We were underwhelmed by the WhatsApp manager function, as the app’s built-in backup and restoration capabilities are far superior. You don’t need a costly programme to download videos from popular platforms because the video downloader is also available in a free version. All users can contact the team with questions via live chat, phone calls, and email.

Overall, the program is a great option for file transfers, backups, and backups. If you’re looking for software that supports these features on your iOS smartphone, give EaseUS MobiMover a shot.

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