What Is Duolingo And How Does it Works?

Students and teachers can utilise the gamified language learning programme Duolingo to pick up new languages.

The procedure of getting started is quite simple, and there are several language options, ranging from Spanish and French to Korean and Japanese. And everything is totally free.

The online tool from Duolingo focuses on four language abilities: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It is accessible on a variety of devices.

Duolingo uses points to make it more immersive and keep students motivated to use it outside of school hours because everything is gamified.

Describe Duolingo.

Online language learning game Duolingo is available. It offers a digital learning environment where students of all ages and skill levels can study numerous new languages. Thanks to clever algorithms, Duolingo can even adapt to support particular areas where they need it, but more on that later.

Both the Dualingo website and the Duolingo app are available for use with Duolingo. The students can download it to their own devices, making it very accessible. Students feel a great sense of ownership because they have this much access and the level to design their own avatar characters for video games. Duolingo helps make this a more enjoyable activity and a tool that students frequently use.

In light of the aforementioned information, controls at the teacher-level enable specialised learning objectives like language, grammar, or skills. The Duolingo for Schools edition, which is covered in more detail below, has more features. The advertising can be disabled by purchasing this, but there are also offline courses and other features.

How Exactly Does Duolingo Operate?

Students can join up for a free account with Duolingo and start using it right away. Download the app, go to the website, or use the Chrome app to get started. When utilising the program’s school edition as a teacher, you can also assign student accounts.

You can choose from more than 36 languages when you first use Duolingo. To get you started straight away for total beginners, there are introductory courses available. For those who have a certain level of understanding, a placement test can be utilised to determine where to start.

Students create own cartoon characters, play educational games, and receive prizes. The number of consecutive days spent learning using the tool is tracked by a streak count. You can earn XP points by using the app. Flag symbols denote the languages they are learning, and badges can be added to the avatar profile. Finally, gems can be obtained and used to upgrade your appearance and modify your avatar. How many words they’ve learned is shown by their total mastery level.

What Are Duolingo’s Standout Features?

The helpful self-correcting learning method offered by Duolingo alerts students when they make a mistake while immediately displaying the right response. The platform is therefore perfect for individualised learning.

Students must transition between their native and target languages while reading, writing, speaking, and listening in Duolingo. Additionally, the stories section offers students the chance to practise more conversational and situational skills.
The commercial edition has an unique adaption feature that tailors learning to a student’s errors and areas for improvement.

In the free edition for schools, teachers can create class sections, link student profiles, and monitor progress. To help students improve their conversational areas, teachers could assign stories to them or point out specific grammatical or vocabulary weaknesses.

In addition to an overall course view, generated reports that show each student’s XP earned, time spent, and progress toward goals are available for teachers to evaluate.

What Does Duolingo Cost?

There is a free, ad-supported version of Duolingo that offers almost all features. There is also a free school edition that has more features focused on teaching, goals, and feedback that teachers and students can utilise.

The monthly fee for Duolingo Plus is $6.99 following a 14-day free trial. With the addition of features like infinite hearts, a progress tracker, streak repair, practise mistakes, mastery tests, and limitless test attempts, advertisements are removed.

Duolingo Best Tips

Take guidance

To help instructors get started using the programme in the classroom, Duolingo has created a free manual that offers instructions and advice. Find it here.

Make your arguments specific.

As students’ XP levels in the Duolingo universe level, use point incentives in the classroom to provide them more privileges.

There should be camps.

For after-school and breaktime activities, divide the class into separate groups so that the kids may keep learning and growing.

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